Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! My name is Pinkshuchan but you all can call me Shu. Have any of you had that moment when you have a few stories you need to finish but you can't come up with anything involving them and you end up having a new idea? Well, that's what's happening to me. It's sad and it'll mean I'll have a lot on my plate but I have a new story here for you. This came to me while I was watching some anime involving demons. And I thought 'I should do this.' This included lots of studying too. And of course, this story is starring Yuki and Shuichi, but Shuichi won't come in until later. You'll know when. I don't own Gravitation or its characters. They belong to Maki Murakami. So without further adieu, I give you Feudal Journey. Enjoy!


The Beginning of a Young Monk's Journey

The Feudal Era; also known as the Japanese Medieval Era. It is a time where militaries were controlled by samurai and creatures called yokai roamed the land. Humans and yokai had been in peace with each other for many centuries, but one day, the yokai suddenly turned on the humans. Humans tried to reason with them, but after the yokai destroyed many human villages and kidnapped the most beautiful of women to be their wives, it came to the point where humans and yokai were against each other. Every yokai seen by a human would be killed. Even the yokai that had not done anything involving the war were killed. Eventually, humans were too weak by themselves to defeat the yokai and came to the point where they believed that the yokai could never be defeated. That was until that day.

There was a powerful yokai in the form of a snake called a hebi that many were afraid of and that would never challenge him even if their own lives were threatened. The yokai's name was Yuki. One day, Yuki decided to attack a Buddhist temple and kill every monk that lived there. Of course, none of the older powerful monks would fight him but he knew he would still have some fun. But then, a young monk in training who was no older than 16 stood in front of the yokai and challenged him. The yokai laughed at the young boy and decided to accept his challenge. Both yokai and monk fought to the death. It seemed like the yokai would win until suddenly, the young monk threw a paper scroll at the yokai and began to chant. The chant and the paper scroll caused great pain and suffering to the yokai and he plummeted into the nearby lake and into his death. The other monks cheered for the boy and thanked Buddha for giving them a gift.

Word of the boy's victory had spread across all of Japan. The humans began to see the light and knew there was hope for them all. They began to believe that the boy was destined to save the humans from the yokai and from extinction. And so, because he defeated the most powerful yokai of all of Japan, the young monk was named after the yokai; Yuki.

When he became six years older, he was well trained and ready to go out and cleanse the country from darkness. The monks prayed for his success and wished for the best. And so, this is how our story begins. The young monk may have learned that he must destroy all evil, but is the evil really all the yokai or something else?

Pinkshuchan: Well, I hope that was a good way to start off this story. How will this story go on? You'll find out soon. Read and Review everyone!