If this seems vaguely familiar it's because it also comes in Nick/Greg and Snarry flavour... I don't own the boys or the songs, though I'm sure there's a cassette tape or CD around here somewhere...

Sequined Shorts

Spike watched with open amusement as the younger man, clad only in a pair of sequined shorts that barely covered his arse, bounced, swayed and shimmied about the room to the loud music, blaring from the speakers of the stereo they had just gotten to work two days ago. Construction and a better diet had done wonders for his boy.

The song ended, something about a hound dog, and Spike took the opportunity to snort in amusement, 'and what exactly was that?'

Xander, who'd had his back to the door, jerked around and tripped over nothing, landing in a sprawl on the soft carpeting, letting out an undignified squawk.

When he'd gathered himself again, he glared weakly at his older lover.

'Jerk,' he muttered, picking himself up off the floor.

'Why is Elvis being blared from our new stereo that you had to have?' he asked, moving to turn down the volume of the not so loud song, but Xander stopped him, wrapping his arms around his chest and pulling the vampire away from the stereo.

'Love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go,'

Now, normally Spike would have sneered at the maudlin act of sappy sentimentalism. This time, as they swayed together to the simple melody, he couldn't and he blamed the velvety smoothness of the voice that sang of undying love.

The too short song ended and Xander pulled Spike into a heated kiss. Spike grabbed Xander's arse and hoisted the bigger man into his arms, pushing him into the wall beside the stereo, where Elvis was singing of loving his girl too much.

'What do you do to me, Whelp?' because in truth, Xander had a unique effect on the older man, he always had. "The Whelp Effect," it caused him to act out of character. He had tried to figure it out once but all he'd gotten was a splitting headache that had been cured by a spectacular blow job. He now tried to figure it out at least once a week.

'Nothing you don't do to yourself,' Xander replied, though not verbally, since that was difficult at the moment, what with Spike' stealing his breath away. They had started the consort bond, a side effect was the ability to communicate telepathically, something Angel hadn't even known.

'Waxing philosophy?' Spike asked, with a raised eyebrow.

Xander shrugged, 'If you don't want to have sex, I can go do something else,' he replied as he tried to wriggle free of Spike.

Spike had Xander naked in a flash, the sequins scattering across the floor as the fabric fairly disintegrated.

Out in the living room, Elvis was all shook up.

AN: The track list for this story is actually the list for Elvis: 30 #1 Hits; tracks 3-6. I was making breakfast and the news people on CBC radio announced that it was Elvis' birthday today and this is what my mind replied with. Now in Snarry, Nick & Greg and Spander flavour.