Disclaimer: I don't own Better With You or any characters in this story. This is a prediction of what would have happened if Maddie and Ben had got married, Six months after Ben proposed to Maddie they were finally getting married. Maddie was wearing the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. Joel guided her down the aisle and gave her away. They said their vows and started the honeymoon. "Ready to go?" Ben asked. "yep let's go" replied Maddie walking out the door. They boarded their plane and headed off to the Florida Keys. Finally they entered the hotel. "This place is really nice," said Maddie as she walked into the room. "Yea it really is," replied Ben. Maddie dropped her suitcase and pushed Ben on to the bed. "Let's try out the bed," she said seductively. "Fine by me," Ben replied taking off his shirt. Two hours later they were laying down cuddled up together. "This is nice," said Maddie. "Yea," Ben said sleepily. "Let's go to bed," she said but Ben was already asleep. Four days and a lot of well… you know they were heading home. "Why do we have to leave?" "Because we will be broke if we stay much longer," said Ben. Maddie sighed "Fine."