Practice Makes Perfect


Use me, love me and seduce me. Learn what you can, but please don't break me. Do everything else, but don't do that Sakura. (Series of one-shots)

. . . .

Chapter 1: Test Me

Her hand coiled tightly into a fist full of hair. My hair, and I should have been annoyed by such rough treatment. But even thinking straight became such a problem. She pulled on it harder; I had no other choice but to tilt my head back. Teeth lightly grazed my throat, barely leaving behind a mark. Honestly, at this point I wouldn't have minded if she did.

The sweet pain she was giving me now was very welcoming.

A soft growl left my lips as my entire body trembled. Since when have I become the submissive pup in heat? I felt the hold she had on my hair loosen, the warmth of her hands sliding down my chest. Pushing me against the tree, her lips parted against my neck.

Her hands began to trace beneath the edge of my shirt.

The softness of her hands brushed along my flushed skin, such a light touch left trails of burning heat in its wake. The sound of tearing cloth filling the silent night.

The summer breeze felt cool against my skin, my shirt long forgotten, thrown into the bushes behind me. She nipped slightly harder against my neck.

Oh god…

"Stop that..!" I groaned. Yet inside, I wanted her to bite me just a little harder then that. Leave bite marks all over me if she wished to, and I wouldn't have stopped her.

"Why should I?" she purred as she tilted her head forward, kissing along the collarbone. The tip of her warm tongue flicked across the skin lightly, enough to make me arch. "I love how you're reacting to me…"

I love how you taste me.


"You told me to test my skills on you. Because you're the unbreakable.." She looked at me, a small cunning smile starting to form. "That you wouldn't feel anything from me…"

Dammit, and I was been punished for it.

This would be the last time I would ever call her a weakling or a less deserving kunoichi. Proving me wrong became her top priority; the torture that followed became the final sweet icing. Feeling powerless and at the same time burning for more, I couldn't bring myself to touch her. I wanted to touch her, but the only way for me to be able too.

I had to beg for it, like a dog.


"Please what Kiba?" she already started to unzip the front of my vest.

"Please let me touch you."

Just like that, she pulled away from me. A look of triumph in her eyes that made a whine slip past my lips. If anyone else saw this, by Kami I would have made sure it would have been the last. The tip of her ruby red nails lightly grazed along my bare hips. Teasingly tugging at the belt of my pants.

Knowing her, this wouldn't be the last for me either.

She'll keep touching me like this, testing me until I had no semblance of control whatsoever, and only then. Would she let me touch her, the way I wanted too. To have her be the one pressed up against the tree, her shirt lost in the bushes.

I wanted to pull her hair, and leave marks along her neck. Have her slender legs wrapped around my hips as I show her who was in control.

But right now, she's the one in charge.

Testing me.

. . . .

Personal Note: If you enjoyed reading this, let me know and I will push forward to more pairings. Honestly for me, I feel this is a little bit of a payback that she's giving to the men. Except Naruto, for him I believe its something more ^_^

But this was just a practice one-shot for me. Make sure to keep an eye out on updates in my blog. You'll find the link in my profile. Cheers!

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