This is Where the Party Started

By: M14Mouse

Summary: AU: Vida hated these things. Stupid little alliance parties. But she found her someone under a table to keep her amused.

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AU Bingo Prompt: F+S: Werewolves

Schmoop Bingo Prompt: Office/workplace party

PR_AU 100 Prompt: 30. Music

Vida hated these things. It hasn't changed for the last 200 years but it was important for the alliance. The whole thing started out as a way to stop the wars and allow the various clans of vampires, werewolves, and many other races rebuild after centuries of war. In order to maintain communication between the clans, they decided on a festival during what humans called Christmas. Who knew that the alliance thing would turn into such an office party?

Who is dating who? Who got promoted within their clan? Who married who? Better yet, who is screwing who.


Her eyes darted over to Xander, who was busy flirting with a pixie. She grinned at her long time friend. For an elf, that guy was so horny. He hit on everything…male or female. At least, he was never boring.

She smiled and waved at her sister. Maddie instantly waved back. Her sis developed quite alliance with the mermaids. Hell, they wanted to adopt her. Her eyes drifted over to her Queen who was chatting to one of the werewolf clan. Werewolves don't live as long as us but it was close. She thought that the guy's name was Leanbow. She didn't really care. As much power as the vampire queen had, she still scrambled around for more.

She has yet to decide if that was a bad or good thing. She saw something flashed out of the corner of her eye. She grinned slightly at the sight of Leelee and Phineas, the oddest couple ever. She wasn't dumb either. They were totally in love with each other….even if they were so sickly sweet about it.

She heard a loud howl and twisted her head to see Daggeron enter the ballroom. His two sons and the rest of his pack were following in his footsteps. Rumor has it that his sons were fighting over who will be alpha when Daggeron was gone. There has been a lot of in-group fighting among the pack. By the look at his face, those rumors looked like to be true. Another rumor has it that Daggeron's foster son might be taking the reins.

Blah…she hated politics.

She was going to get some blood punch. All of this thinking made her thirsty.

She walked over to the table and poured herself a drink. She heard the mindless chatter of some of the fairies. They talked way too much. Then she heard this strange beeping noise. She thought that it was a cell phone. No such luck. She listen everyone closely and couldn't figure out that damn beeping noise. Once, she realized that it was coming under the table. She looked under to the table and she blinked.

The damn foster son of Daggeron was playing Nintendo DS under the table. He looked up at her and blinked. He kind of looked liked a deer caught in a spotlight. She looked around for a second before ducking under the table with him.

"Good hiding spot," She said.

"Uhh…Thanks," He said.

She offered her hand.


He smiled and shook her hand.


"I thought that it was Charlie."

He made a face.

"Only Uncle Daggeron does that…and only when he is angry at me."

She giggled.

"So why are you hiding?"

He sighed softly and turned off his DS.

"Because my uncle wants me to find a mate. I don't know…it just seemed so stuffy and fake. Who is dating who? Who clan got a shiny new car? I rather have a new comic book."

She covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing.

"So, why are you hiding?"

"Same deal…but without the comic book. I prefer music. This music could put the dead to sleep. Trust me…I am dead and I am sleepy."

"I know…I can smell."

He didn't sound upset or angry. He just flashed a happy smile at her. Damn…She wasn't supposed to like the guy but she does.

"Sharp nose, wolfy."

"Thanks, pointy."

"Okay, geek. Like I didn't catch the Buffy reference."

"Most vampires just stare at me like I am crazy."

She smirked.

"Most vampires aren't as awesome as me."

"I can tell."

"I knew that I like you for a reason. So tell me all of the good gossip from under the table?"

"Uhh…Necorali and Leanbow are supposed to be…you know," He said as he made a face.

She made a face right along with him.

"I am not going there."

"That is a bad picture in anyone's head. I know…sorry."

"So…tell me how you become Daggeron's adopted son."

He looked down and started picking on his pants.

"My parents died…during an attack. I…I was the only one to survive."

Damn it. He wasn't supposed to make her heart ache either. She touched his knee and he looked up and smiled softly.

"I lose our village to disease….Don't ask me which one…I can't remember. It nearly took me and Maddie. If our Sire hasn't passed by, we would have…"

"But you didn't…and now you are here."


He tilted his head for a second.

"What is your favorite music?"

"I have lots. Ever heard of Captain Jack?"

He started shaking his head. She grinned as she pulled out her Ipod. Oh, the things that she could show him.


Daggeron frowned as he scanned the room. He couldn't find his nephew anywhere. He was hoping that Chip would meet someone. He didn't care if they were a friend or potential mate. The boy needed to get out more. He passed by the punch table.

He smelt a familiar sense hit his nose.

He paused and looked around. He sighed as he looked under the table. He blinked in surprise to see Chip and a vampire listening to music. Chip's eyes lightened up when he saw him.

"Uncle Daggeron! Can Vee come with us to the hunt tomorrow?"

He almost laughed to himself. He did want his nephew to meet someone. Just not like this.


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