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My siblings and I decided to prank the Poseidon Cabin (I know we might sound like Hermes kids but hey we can have some fun too.) because we pranked about every other cabin here so it Poseidon's turn. We can't really figure out how to prank the cabin so we will wait till our mom gets here today. The gods decided to visit their kids now every so often.


We were all seated at our table eating, when the gods came in. I would've thought the walls would explode with all this power in one room. I watched as each god approached their children. All the gods (including my mother) didn't really care about greeting their children warmly like hugging and laughing except Poseidon and Percy. Everyone's eyes were on Poseidon and Percy laughing so loud that almost anyone in a 50 mile radius could here them. Then being as dumb as they were they stooped their laughter and looked at all of us and said, "What? Whys everyone looking at us like that?" they said at the same time. Then they looked at each other again and burst out laughing. As they started turning interesting different shades of colors and gasping for breath, Zues screamed, "Poseidon! Percy! SHUTUP!" then they both stopped and it got dead quiet.

It was our turns to laugh now. Then they turned to each other and smiled, and bolted out the door. Mr. D just sighed and said, " He has a mini-me!" Then we started laughing again and followed Zues out the door. We didn't know what they planned on doing. They ran to the lake. Of course! Where else would they most likely be going!

Then we watched as big waves formed from the lake. Then Poseidon threw Percy some keys, and put them in the water. In the keys place were surf-boards. They had Poseidon and Perseus on the in Greek. With their pictures and other things on it. I watched as people had their mouths open. Even some of the gods. " Dude! That's awesome!" Apollo yelled. Which followed with some whooping and whistling from his kids and some of the others.


I was so glad that my dad came. It was starting to get really boring. I dint realize who hugged me so I made my drink into a little wave and threw it into the person. Little did I know it was me dad! "I'm soooo sorry ! Sorry-" I got cut off by a wave in my face. Then me and my father started laughing. " You know that soda tasted pretty good right?" then we started laughing again. My dad and I noticed that everyone was watching us and then asked, "What? Whys everyone looking at us like that?" and then me and my dad turned to face each other and we started to laugh again. I could barley breath while I was laughing. It felt so good. "Poseidon! Percy! SHUTUP!" We heard Zues yell. Then I heard everyone laughing. Then my father's voice was inside my head: 'lake?' he asked. "yeah!' I thought back. Then we smiled and ran to the lake.

When I got there my dad tossed me some keys. We put the keys in the water and in their places there were beautiful surf-boards. They had our names written in Greek on them.

On my dads it has a picture of him with his palace and his trident in his hand. It had gold trim and was green.

On mine there was a picture of me with armor and riptide and an army of mermen and other sea creatures with weapons and armor on. My surf-board had silver trim. Then we heard Apollo yell, "Dude! That's awesome!" We just smiled. "No using your powers." I said so it will be fair. "All right." he said and nodded. Then my dad snapped his fingers and we had on our swimming trunks and paddled out into the wave. We started riding the wave when I saw my dad go under. "what the he-" I started but got pulled under.


We watched as they swam out into the water and then they were riding the wave. We were watching them and then saw Poseidon go under. Which caused some laughter. Then we heard Percy say, "What the he-" then we saw him go under. The waves started to get bigger then they just crashed down and everything went still. It went really silent. "What happened?" asked Apollp. Then out of no where a big wave came and then we saw the two of them hanging on to their glowing surf-boards and they were laughing.


When I got pulled under I saw my dad laughing and trying to catch some naiads that got his shirt. Then he looked at me and started laughing harder and came over. I then realized I was tied up without a shirt also. Apparently they are very good with this stuff. I kept struggling because these ropes were tight. 'calm down' my father said. So I just sat there and waited for him to come. After he cut me lose we found are surf-boards and went back up. Without our shirts. Wow. This was embarrassing. Then I realized my board was glowing and I hung on tighter trying not to get pulled back down by the naiads. When we got back onto land I guess the waves didn't really stop fully enough because they hit Athena and her kids which got them really mad. 'uh oh' I thought. " Were so sorry! We didn't mean it!" me and my dad said. Why do we always say certain things at the same time like that? Athena looked about ready to explode until Apollo cut in. "What happened out there?" he asked. "Ask the naiads." Me and my dad said pointing to the group giggling. And they weren't the only ones. Aphrodite and her girls were too. I mean we didn't look bad. I had a six pack and my dad had a eight pack. We watched as the naiads waved to us then giggled again and held up our shirts. Then everyone laughed. We said goodbye to some people and then ran to our cabin to get we stayed there till it was time for dinner.


After Percy and his father hit us with water on 'accident' and I had to admmit Idid get a little jealous when Isaw the naiads with Percy's shirt. Yes! I Annabeth Chase got jealous! So once we got back to our cabin I got dressed in dry clothes. "I'm gonna get them!" my mother kept murmuring."Then do you wanna help us prank them?" my half-sister said as I walked out the bathroom door. The last prank we did was on Aphrodite and Zeus's cabins. We switched their styles. When Thalia woke up all of her punk clothes were replced wiith pink shirts, skirts, high heels and her makeup. All of Thalia's clothes, makeup, pants, and everything else was in Aphrodite's cabin. The next day everything was back to normal. I was snapped out of my thoughts when my mother said, " Hell, Yeah! What do you guys have so far?" "Um...actu-" I never go to finish because my younger sister answered,"Maybe something to do with the water or fish or both!""Thats a good idea!" my mother said. "I'll convince Mr.D to do something to the fish creatures!"she said after a minute or two.