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Throughout the second Galactic War, many soldiers became 'infected'.

Whilst the 'uninfected' began to lose sight of their pasts, and simply gazed into the seemingly endless future of hopelessness and rivalry that choked the thirteen year battle, it was the 'infected' who, somewhere amidst the violence and gun smoke, were the ones who lived for the battle, their blood lust strong and forever growing, never sated.

On the field, it was these savage individuals that were referred to as the RS327 class.

The new 'Reavers'.

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Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE/xxxHOLiC characters (technically X/1999 and Tokyo Babylon as well, but we'll ignore those details for now) in the Firefly universe.
The only confirmed pairing featured in this will be SyaoSaku (which will be very apparent soon...) - other pairings will only have hints, as I'm trying for a CLAMP-ish sort of theme...

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