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After the first of many Dom-related daydreams, Ariadne slept that night without dreaming of him once — that's a new record! She went to sleep peacefully, trying to forget what occurred just hours ago. Amber had yelled at her for losing her key and making her pay an extra $2 to get a new key.

On her desk laid Dom's shirt, the one she forgot to give back. Amber hadn't noticed and Ariadne was glad. She promised herself to return it in the afternoon, after she got home from school.

In her neighbor's condo, Dom couldn't sleep. He felt such guilt over Ariadne, his little friend he had come to love and be overprotective of. But Dom knew he didn't have the strength to hide it anymore; he had those romantic feelings, the ones that didn't belong to a simple crush but more of a relationship.

And he hated himself for feeling that way.

She was fourteen years old, after all! He could pose as her father, or even an uncle, for god's sake! Dom needed to get rid of the feelings as soon as possible.

The morning came quickly. Ariadne did her normal routines and left the condo, forgetting to wait for Dom to come out at the same time. Instead, it was Dom that was looking out the peephole, waiting for Ariadne to leave her condo before him.

When she did, Dom slowly followed. He took his time getting to the elevator, but a man saw him and held one hand out in front of the steel-colored doors to let Dom get in. To his utter dismay, Ariadne stood in the corner of the little squared elevator, her brown eyes simply hidden with her bangs. Her kind-of-short hair look disoriented than most mornings. Dom, avoiding eye contact with her, thanked the man and got inside, sliding the opposite corner.

Unfortunately, the man left two stories down and left Ariadne alone with Dom. Her heart started to beat tremendously, feeling weak to the bone as she tried her fucking best to not peek at the gorgeous, blue-eyed man.

Dom, ignoring his conscious, was about to say something to Ariadne when there was a ding and the elevator had reached the lobby. In a hurry, Ariadne left him. Dom, a bit hurt, sighed and also left, not bothering to look back over his shoulder to not notice Ariadne stare at him as she climbed the stairs of the bus.

She missed her bus… on purpose. Ariadne didn't feel like going on the school bus. Actually, she preferred the city bus. She liked seeing other people she never met instead of seeing the same faces five days a week. Telling the teachers she was a walker, Ariadne ran from the school to the streets of Manhattan, waiting in line with the old and young for a bus to come. It was a bright day, unlike the previous night.

Sighing, Ariadne saw the bus come and paid the tip. She sat on the right side, behind an old man with his wife. They were holding hands, and Ariadne noticed the man had blue eyes, almost as blue as Dom's…

She growled under her breath, wanting to forget about Dominic Cobb forever. Wish he wants alive so he wouldn't hurt her. Wish she wasn't alive…

There was a skull-splitting noise coming from the side of the bus and the people screamed, yelled and shrieked in pain. Ariadne turned her head, seeing another bus colliding with hers. She gasped, putting her knees up to her chin as the buses moved to the right. Her book bag fell to the floor, followed by a series of misfortunes. Windows cracked and shattered broke, sending flying shards passing around Ariadne as the bus continued to move to the right, being pushed by the other bus.

Everything was happening in slow motion. Ariadne could feel her soul leaving her body, a bright light blinding her vision as her head twisted to her right and saw they were going to hit a wall. She let out a fearful gasp, the air getting stuck on her throat as the bus jumbled, creaking, bouncing from the side to side as the right side of the bus crashed to the cement wall.

Blood splattered everywhere. The old couple in front of her flew from her sight, Ariadne spilling gushes of tears for them. She felt the window next to her explode like fireworks, shards of glass pierce her head, hands and shoulders. Ariadne screamed, her body going air born and thrown to the other side. More windows popped, shards of them falling on her body. Ariadne hit her head on the floor, Dom's smiling face flashing through her eyes as she slowly closed them, seeing a black shade top her vision.

Amber and Dom were waiting in the hospital lounge. Amber, unlike Ariadne, had very long brown hair and amber eyes, hence her name. She had dried tears on her cheeks as she talked to her mother over the phone. Dom was next to the window, staring endlessly at the parking lot. He wanted to cry badly, wanting to see Ariadne's face. It broke him that she almost died. More than half of the people on the bus died; she was one of lucky seven.

He looked down the hospital corridor, practically running to the doctor when he came closer to him. Amber put the phone away and got up, wiping a few fallen tears away.

"Is she ok, Dr. Connors?" her voice was hoarse.

With a clipboard in hand, the doctor's eyes swiftly checked the board and said, "She fractured her entire leg and we had to put a cast on that. She punctured three ribs and slightly fractured her pelvis. If it wasn't for that chair that landed on top of her, she might not have been alive."

"So she'll live?" Amber asked.

Dr. Connors nodded. "Yes."

Amber jumped into Dom's arms who thought it was her father before embarrassingly getting out of his arms and turned to the doctor.

"Can we see her?"

"For only a few minutes."

Amber went to see her first. Dom was next. Once reaching the room, he slowly twisted the doorknob and the first thing he heard was a beeping noise. He realized it was the monitor balancing her heart beats. She was laying still, sheets around her body except her right leg. Sniffing, Dom got closer to Ariadne, sitting in the chair left by Amber, and took her hand, which was cold.

He felt her stiff, eyelids moving but unable to open. Without warning, Dom leaned in and gave her a quick, passionately kiss on the lips, touching his forehead to hers. Then let go and left.

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