E/O Drabble Challenge: flank
So, last week was crack, and this week is super depressing (fair warning). Funny thing: I'm in a better mood this week. When I feel great, I write angst, when crummy, I write comedy. I amuse myself. Set at the end of the Pilot. Oh, Sam!
Word count: 100

She Never Knew

Jess never knew why Sam hated Halloween. She thought he just didn't like dressing up and parties.

She never knew why he knew so much Latin, though he hadn't taken the class. She figured he just taught himself since he wanted to be a lawyer. Sam was smart; he did things like that.

She never knew why the door of their apartment was always flanked with an iron crowbar and a canister of salt, but Sam wanted them there, so she let it go.

As he watched the flames fly out the windows, tears filled his eyes. Now, she would never know.