Day 2

Edward's pov

It was amazing how fast Weston grew, and at the same time it was a little scary. Carlisle gave him check outs all hours of the day, to keep track of his growth.

When Weston and I aren't sitting at Bella's side we are outside just looking around, getting him aquatinted with everything, and dealing with the mutt.

Jacob still refused to leave, and just paces out side of the house. He tried a few times to sneak in, but Emmett, and Jasper took care of that quickly.

At the moment Weston and I was swinging on the porch swing, he had just finished a bottle, and was beginning to look tired.

I loved to spend alone time with my son, I never thought I would ever have this kind of experience in my life, and I truly now could see why Rose wanted a child of her own so much.

Bella would be so proud when she see's Weston.

My frozen heart began to warm as I thought about Bella, she would be waking up in a day. It seemed like forever now, but Weston was doing a great job at keeping me distracted.

I smiled down at him as his little eyes closed, and he relaxed more into my arms, now sound asleep.

I continued to rock slowly, feeling so at peace right now it was mind blowing. The only thing missing was my wife at my side.

As I got up I gently began to walk Weston inside the house, and up the stairs to the nursery room that Esme had been working on for a while.

I set him down in his little gold colored crib, and reluctantly kissed him goodbye, and closed the door shut.

Who knew being a father could bring a man such joy as what Weston had brought me.

I walked a little ways down the hall way, and into the room my sweet Bella was laying in.

I quickly went over and sat down my her side, taking in her still beauty.

She has always been beautiful so that much hasn't changed since I had changed her, the only thing I could physically see different in her was her skin turning paler, and the strength returning in her features.

I gently took her hand in mine, kissing each of her fingers as I held it to my face.

If only she would be a wake.

Weston's Pov

I looked around at the room with a tired smile.

I had been pretty tired, but I was to worried about momma to sleep.

Why wouldn't she wake up?

Daddy was ok, why was my momma not? Had I done this to her?

Tears swelled down my cheeks at the thought.

I didn't mean to do that, I loved my mommy, I don't want to be a monster.

I quickly pulled myself to my feet, and held onto the bars until I was balanced.

I wanted my momma. A thought came to me as I glanced out the window.

That scary wolf man. Daddy, doesn't like him very much, his words were so mean, but I knew daddy was protecting me from the man. Was it the wolf man's fault that momma wasn't ok?

I had to know, but how could I find out. I can barely understand what daddy says or anyone really.

I let myself fall down to my pillow, and began to concentrate as hard as I could to understand what their words meant.

I could feel something growing deeply inside me, and spreading through every inch of me. It was a little scary, but I continued to think.

Then I heard several gasps from down stairs.

What did I do?

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