Oswald now and forever is The Property of Disney.


'HAPPY NEW YEAR!" everyone in The House Of Mouse Club shouted.

In a far corner of the studio, Oswald The Lucky Rabit watched his younger Brother Mickey Mouse sing a song about the new year and he dedicated it to him. A tear fell from in his eye but soon enough he supressed it as Pete was passing by to annoy the staff again.

It was mutally decided by the brothers that Ozzie would be in charge of being a stage specialist while the studio was getting ready to make all new cartoons featuring him and Mickey in a new show called "Ozzy And Mick". The series consisted of an adventure with them together and the other in solo spots with the occasional cameo in the latter's toons.

Oswald had seen Mickey and the others in a CGI show which bore The Mouse's name for small children. He confided in his big brother that he'd rather be doing more toon shorts then his current kiddie project. Not that the series was bad but it wasn't quite what he was used to. As much he liked making kids happy the mouse thought it was rather beneath him. The other participants felt the same way. Still they kept their spirits up by helping each other no matter how things got on the set. Oswald understood completely.

The audience clapped as Mickey left the stage for the night. Os was waiting for him by the Exit Door and they walked out into Main Street.

"Pizza tonight, Little Bro? I'm buying," Oswald said as he got into The Passenger side in Mickey's car.
"Sounds good to me. But I'd like to stop by the park for a minute."
"Sure thing, Mick."

They brought the pizza into The Park's own Main Street area and sat on a bench opposite to where their Creator's statue was.
"Ever since Disneyland opened I've made this pilgrimage to honor our Dad. Even after he passed away I came here every year. I'd look at it and ask him if I was doing OK taking care of it."

"And did he answer?" Oswald asked.
"Not really. But an odd wind would rush by the back of my neck as if to assure me and then I'd feel better," Mickey said.
"Do you miss him?"
"Do you?"
"I never knew him for too long. We were together for two years before I was taken by Mintz then left to rot in The Wasteland after my shorts weren't in circulation," he told Mickey.
"What about the ones Lantz made?" he asked.
"They were okay. Nothing like how Walt would've done 'em," Oswald told Mickey. "A stand in took my place after that. You know the rest."

Walking out of Disneyland all Oswald could think about was the good times he once had - and the better times ahead.

Oswald stared at the statue for a long time. It was an exact duplicate of the one from The Wasteland. There were two differences though.

Mickey was on one side sitting on top of Walt's back and the other hand holding Oswald's hand as he pointed out into the Horizon.

"I was going to show you this after we ate the pizza," Mickey smiled. "Wow!" was all Oswald could say.
"This will be unveiled in a ceremony tomorrow to inaugrated you into the parks," Mickey told Ozzie. "I hope it won't be too much trouble for you."
"That's really nice of you, Mick," The lucky rabbit said.
"Do you really think they'll like me again?"

"You bet they will, Ozzie," Mickey said reassuringly. "That's why the new cartoons are being done."
"Then here's to Walt's dream. Our creator may not be here but his spirit still lives in you and I," he said.

Then the cellphone rang from his pocket.
"Yes. Again? OK. We'll be right there."
"Goofy got stuck in the sink again?" Mickey asked.
"Yep. Let's get an extra pizza for him on the way back."

Walking out of Disneyland all Oswald could think about the good times he once had - and the better times ahead.