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Sanya's predicament

Sanya was naked; this in itself wasn't that special, people were naked quite frequently. Even the fact that she was currently not alone while being naked wasn't that out of place- the base had a bath shared by all the witches.

No, the remarkable thing was that she was currently naked, in the middle of the night, while clinging to another witch. If you were now wondering which witch, you didn't know Sanya very well

Eila, beautiful Eila, her Eila. The moonlight washed over her skin, the sweat from earlier activities reflected in the light and gave the scene an ethereal quality. At the thought of said activities Sanya felt heat rising up her cheeks and an urge to cuddle even closer to Eila.

It had been their first time. A few weeks ago Eila had surprised her on her birthday, giving her roses and a sweet confession; she was sure Eila had almost fainted from the stuttering and blood rushing to her head. How could she have refused? One look into those gorgeous blue eyes, those eyes, always filled with mischief, shining with something that could only be hope, and Sanya didn't hesitate to say yes.

Much to the young couple's frustration, and in a vile contradiction to what they had hoped, the world did not politely pause for them to calmly explore their new found happiness. Exhausting night shifts and downright evil neuroi with poor timing had prevented the young Orussian from getting too intimate with her girlfriend.

"Sanya?" She was pulled from her thoughts by a soft voice. Only Eila spoke to her like that, a soothing voice filled with love and caring. Just hearing it sent pleasant shivers down her spine.

"Sorry for waking you," she whispered, snuggling closer to her girlfriend.

"Its okay," said Eila, placing a kiss on the shorter girl's forehead

Looking up she met the blue eyed gaze of her lover. She saw it was true; Eila didn't mind. An amused expression graced her. Another sign that the fox girl didn't mind were the hands gently caressing her back, dropping lower and lower, gently cupping her behind. Apparently she wasn't going to sleep for just a bit longer.

Saying Gertrude Barkhorn was having trouble sleeping was like saying Hartman was disorganized. Technically correct, but about an actual wall made of garbage away from truly capturing the point.

The thing that was keeping her from her sleep had started early in the evening and had persisted until half an hour ago. The aftermath however, had left her wide awake and although unfitting for a Karsland soldier, quite aroused.

Although she had no proof, it was quite easy to make some educated guesses as to what had caused this disturbing problem.

First, it appeared that after years of not so subtle interest in each other, Sanya and Eila had hooked up. Second, they had just finished engaging in the more "adult" aspect of their relationship, and most importantly, it seemed the "oh so innocent and cute" Sanya had poor control of her magic during the heights of ecstasy and was transmitting her thoughts to anyone on the base with even the slightest amount of magical aptitude.

The effect made her feel like a voyeur spying on lovers with no way to stop, and sleeping was exceedingly difficult when a person you used to regard as a shy innocent moans in your thoughts.

"Trude?" Hartman asked from the other side of the garbage wall.


"You sleeping?"


"Sanya's loud isn't she?"


"I think they're starting again"

Sure enough, faint moans started echoing in the back of her mind, becoming increasingly louder and more forceful in their presence. Arousal that was not her own wrecking havoc in her body. Blood flowed to places Trude didn't want to think of.

"Think of something else, think of something else, something peaceful and innocent, like, like... Chris, yes, excellent idea, think of Chris. Chris being healthy and happy, innocent and cute Chris."

Her brilliant plan was foiled by an especially forceful pulse of arousal from Sanya; if she didn't know better she would have sworn she felt her hands touching soft skin not her own, and thoughts of her sister went to places they really didn't belong.

"Don't think of Chris; DO NOT THINK OF CHRIS, bad idea, very bad idea, think of... strikers, yes strikers and weaponry! I wonder if I should put my striker in a new coating, I'll have to force Hartman to do it as well of course, she really should pay more attention to maintenance. I wonder how she's handling this?"

A muffled moan distracted her from her thoughts; odd that it did though, someone had been moaning into her head for the better part of the night. Again, the sound was hard to make out in the chaos that was her mind, but if she focused on it she could hear it quite clearly, accompanied by the sound of ruffling sheets and…

"Wait, sound? This isn't Sanya, this is from inside this room, meaning... oh god. Does that woman have no shame! You can't just do that in my presence. You can't just touch yourself like that, your hand touching your own smooth skin, you pushing those finely shaped breasts in the mattress, your pretty blond hair ruffled by the sweat and movement, your perfect bottom pointed up in the air, your... God damn it."

"I'm screwed."

Coffee, Minna decided, was a creation from the depths of hell; what other place would make it so that the main liquid used for staying awake had such a vile, bitter taste? She never would have taken a cup if it wasn't for the fact that she hadn't rested at all last night.

"You did sleep a few hours. Sleep with those kinds of dreams doesn't constitute REST. You didn't complain last night. It isn't proper for a commander to consider her subordinates that way. Which of the six you 'considered' last night?" She stopped the chain of thought by slamming the cup of coffee on the desk, arguing with herself was a sure sign she had not rested properly.

Thinking about last night still brought a blush to her face. Who knew-"That Eila had a thing for Sanya?" Well, everybody and their pet dog knew that. But who would have known that-"They were going out?" That wasn't much of a secret either, heated make out sessions in the hangar where Luchini sleeps are not the way to keep a secret. No, the thing Minna really wondered about was- "Why is Sanya so loud?"

"Oh shut up." Great, now she was arguing with her own perverted inner voice.

Her inner pervert silenced, she returned to the question that started nagging at her somewhere between waking up a mess and not having a proper breakfast. "Since when can Sanya transmit thoughts?"

Her train of thought was interrupted by someone knocking somewhat forcefully on her door.

"Commander Minna, can I come in?"

"Why of all people did it have to be Shirley?" Facing the busty redhead after last night was not going to be an easy affair. "At least its not Mio, small blessing."


"Ah, thank you... you look like hell," Shirley said, leaning against the door frame, obviously quite tired herself.

"Thank you for your concern. I'd think that most of us haven't slept that well; I take it this is about last night?" "On that note, it would be really good for my sanity if you started buttoning up your shirt a bit more."

"Ha ha, yes of course, who would have expected that of Sanya huh? "I would think that most of us should have expected them to go at it after making eyes at each other for the better part of two years, and while were on the subject, Shirley could you please stop leaning forward so much when your enthusiastic"

"Huh, is something wrong Minna? Your face is red."

"The only thing wrong is that after Sanya moaned in my head for half an hour, I spent the better part of the night fantasizing about my own witch harem. You were part of it, and you're not wearing a lot more now than in my dreams."

"No nothing's wrong, I just didn't... sleep very well."

"Oooh ho ho ho, I see." Shirley grin widened "Sanya had your mind wandering, eh?"

"Shirley, this is hardly an appropriate conversation between commander and subordinate." "At least not as long as my mind stays in the gutter like this."

"I bet it was about Sakamoto." If her grin got any wider, it was sure to hurt, but it seemed Shirley found the current situation highly amusing

"Of course not" "Of course it was, except my mind added you, Hartman, Perrine, Trude, Lynne and Eila, and the only reason Sanya wasn't in there was because every time I imagined her, my imaginary Eila would throw a fit."

"Sure, Trude then?"

"Shirley! Is there any point to this visit?"

Realizing she would be facing disciplinary actions soon, Shirley hopefully got to her point

"Is this going to happen again? Or rather, what kind of action will you take to stop it? 'Cause I think no one on base wants to go through this kind of night again..."

"Of course I will, but what to do? I can hardly tell either of them to stop seeing each other."

"You could order them to celibacy."

To that Minna could only respond with deadpan stare

"Okay, stupid idea. That wouldn't last a day," Shirley admitted

"I think I have an idea. They won't like it, though"

Shirley, now curious, leaned forward perhaps slightly too much "Ooh, what is it?"

"Obviously, ordering them to stay apart won't work, unless someone figured out how to beat Eila in a dogfight and is up for keeping them apart, so Sanya will just have to learn how to control herself."

"And how will you manage that?"

"Shirley, for the love of all witchcraft, either learn to button up, or stop leaning over my desk."

"Anna Fererra."

"Bwahahahaha, oh that's just cruel of you!" Shirley laughed so violently she almost fell down; after taking a minute to compose herself she asked, "So, who is going to tell them? Major Sakamoto?"

...Silence reigned

"While normally Sakamoto dispenses the disciplinary actions, since she was fortunately not at the base during the incident, and since she is just not very suited for this kind of thing, as the present commanding officer, I will have to do it myself."

"Can I watch?"