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Sanya's Predicament

Flight Time

The sky was blue, the clouds few and far between. The wind was pleasant and blowing in the right direction. The sun shone mildly. It was an awesome day for flying. Now, if only the two girls she was escorting would stop acting like they were on their honeymoon, then maybe she could enjoy herself.

"Eila, don't." Sanya was currently making some half-hearted attempts to fend off her amorous girlfriend. Most likely out of consideration for the two witches escorting her. But the constant smile on her face betrayed that she enjoyed the attention immensely.

"Please? Just once more."

"And one more kiss after that, and one more after that, 'cause you've only been doing this since the moment we left."

It didn't help that Shirley, her companion, was apparently enjoying herself watching the two lovers dance through the sky.

"Lighten up, Barkhorn. Its just some harmless playing around."

"They should act like proper soldiers."

"Soldiers fool around."

"We are in public!"

"Because everyday hundreds of young boys look up at the sky in hopes of seeing some witch-on-witch action, and we would hate to actually deliver." Shirley mocked.

"It would not surprise me. Miyafuji said witches actually have fans back in Fuso." She thought bitterly.

"Whoops, I hope there aren't boys watching, 'cause this ain't suited for minors." Shirley said, looking entirely to amused.

Sanya had given in to Eila's flirting and was going for that one more kiss. Eila must have thought that one kiss was one kiss, even if you included a make-out session, as long as you didn't break it. Hands were wandering and if they went any further, even Shirley would be too young to continue watching.

"It's kind of impressive they can keep balance like that." Shirley smiled.

"Juutilainen!" Barkhorn roared. "Unhand her. Separate this very instant."

"Huh, what?" Eila looked up only in time to see a beet-red Barkhorn descend upon her, using her inhuman strength to keep them apart.

"You will behave like a proper soldier of the 501th, or else...!"

"But, but Sanya-" Eila tried to object.

"No buts, you're acting like a hormonal teenager on her first romance! Show some restraint."

"Barkhorn, they are teenagers in their first romance, that's why we are on this lovely outing to a senior witch." Shirely interjected.

"You are not helping." Barkhorn snarled.

"Just calm a little. We will pair up and be on our way. No point in punishing anyone." "Especially since you're blaming the wrong one. You're still thinking of Sanya as the innocent one. The same Sanya that has been flaunting her behind at Eila from the moment we left base."

"Fine, you escort Sanya, I'll fly with the pervert."

"For someone that rooms with Erica it's rather odd that you keep thinking the small one can't be the pervert."

"You're just jealous!" Eila, now separated from her Sanya and not very happy about it, had either gone insane or developed a death wish.

"I am what!" If Barkhorn wasn't so terribly stressed and three words away from going berserk, Shirley would have laughed at the indignant look the girl was giving Eila.

"I probably shouldn't tease her now, who knows what might happen."

"Maybe you're sexually frustrated instead of jealous?" "Whoops, quick damage control before someone gets murdered and I have to explain it to Minna."

"I am what!" Barkhorn didn't even look angry anymore, just utterly bewildered. It was almost cute.

"She is jealous. She wants her own pretty girlfriend." Eila said. "Eila still suicidal, check."

"No, I really think she is just frustrated; think about it. Erica prances around her half naked the whole day, she has to be feeling the itch." "Myself, still a moron with poor self-control, check."

"SHUT UP!" "Barkhorn, now truly going berserk, check."

An enraged Barkhorn was a sight to behold: her eyes filled with fury, her powerful muscles quivering with barely restrained strength. She even bared her fangs. Slowly she pointed a shaking finger at the two girls that tortured her so.

"Both of you, for the rest of the flight, will be silent. You will not utter a word, you will not touch anyone, you will do nothing but fly or else...!"

Eila, still suicidal, raised her hand, "Or what?"

Barkhorn gave the girl a blank stare, "I suppose I would do something mean to Sanya."

Eila's eyes narrowed to thin slits "You wouldn't dare."

"Watch me. Now shut up and start flying!"

"Fine." Eila sighed before casting one last longing glance at Sanya, which was immediately followed by another last longing glance because the girl was stretching her back in ways that granted Eila a superb view of her girlfriends posterior.

"Eila, I'm waiting." Barkhorn said, her voice dripping with venom.

"Uhuh, of course you are."


Eila whipped herself around and gave Barkhorn a cocky grin. "Yes, Ma'am."

With Sanya and Eila well on their way, Mio out of her sight and Shirley nowhere near to make smart ass comments. One might almost call the current situation in Minna's office peaceful. Almost, because there was still the issue of actually informing Anna that her guests were on the way. She could of course just leave the task to the young couple.

"Very tempting, but a commander must never shy away from a task." Minna spoke to the empty room. "No matter how embarrassing." Blushing slightly she dialled the number of Anna Ferrera.

It occurred to her that she was not mentally prepared for this conversation far too late. How on earth did she actually plan to explain this situation without sinking through the floor of embarrassment? She would need to prepare something to say quickly.

"Anna speaking." "Drat."

"Good morning, this is Minna Dietlinde Wilcke, Wing Commander of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing"

"Fancy title you got there. I suppose that makes you important?"

Minna almost bit her tongue. She was so nervous she used her greeting reserved for pompous sixty-year-old military officers with chauvinistic tendencies. She had a feeling it would not be very effective against a veteran witch of the first war.

"Well, what is it? I suppose you people need help again?"

"Actually, we could use some assistance"

Anna let out a sigh, "Need another pair of greenhorns flying again? Official Training these days must be seriously abysmal these days. In my time-"

"Actually" Minna interrupted "It's about a slightly more... delicate matter."

"Listen missy, I stopped giving lessons in covert flying thirty years ago and I'm not gonna start again just 'cause some high officer-"

"Not that kind of delicate, miss Ferrera. Its about-" "Two young witches getting it on and forcing me to reconsider my sexuality. Nope, not gonna say that."

"About?" Anna asked her. The abrupt ending had shifted her mood from annoyed to curious.

"Here goes nothing." "One of our junior witches has trouble controlling her power when she-"

"Commander." Her explanation was interrupted by the very universe working against her. The worst person to barge in to her office had arrived at the worst possible time.

"I have the supply report for the coming months and-" Mio said, looking up from the paper in her hands. "Oh, excuse me for interrupting. Is it anyone important?"

Minna felt her face go red and her mind panicking. "It's Anna Ferrera."

"Ah, give her my greetings. Does she need anything?"

"Yes, well, uhm.""Quick, use your years of experience in high pressure situations to make up a good excuse." Minna mentally yelled at herself. "Actually I called her to ask for a favor."

"We have a problem? I hadn't heard anything yet"

"So far for being calm under pressure." Before she could compose herself, the phone she was still holding to her ear cruelly interrupted her.

"I'm still here on the phone, dear. She can't control her magic while doing what? Flying? Fighting? The laundry?"

"S-she, she can't control It during s-s-" Blood rushed to her head and she felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment "I can't do this with Sakamoto watching me!".

"You shouldn't keep her waiting Minna, Its rude to waste time of your elders." Mio chided her.

"That, I, you." Any semblance to the normal dignified Commander flew completely out of the window with that one off-handed comment by her subordinate. "This is YOUR fault! I ought to-" "Did you call me at a bad time? Youngsters these days."

"She is right. You're disgracing yourself in front of Sakamoto's mentor. That will not do. I will not act like a fumbling schoolgirl." She took a deep breath; she could finally feel herself calming down."Plus, it would be nice if she approved of your future relationship." A familiar voice echoed through her head."When did you return?" "Me?, I'm never gone, always there, always waiting." "Waiting for what? A miss wet T-shirt contest?""Haha, that would be nice, but no. I'm waiting for you to let your guard down. For that one moment when you're not Commander Minna of the 501st. For that one time I can come out and really live. For that one time I can take an honest shot at getting down and dirty with lovely Mio Sakamoto and her shapely-" "SHUT UP!" Minna roughly shook off the dirty thoughts and images that clouded her mind and forcefully composed herself. She was the commander of this division, veteran of the second Neuroi war, decorated member of the air force and by her majesty's service, she would get this done.

"Anna" She spoke firm and confident.

"Yes, dear?"

"Sex. The problem occurs during sex." There, it was done. The words had finally left her mouth. Relief washed over her.

"Was telling me that so hard? It's not exactly rare or anything. Had two or three of those a year while I was still teaching youngsters to fly."

"It's common?" Minna responded blankly.

"I wouldn't call it that. But you know how it goes on military academies. All that stress and all those pretty young girls prancing around. So nature takes its course and after a while there's always a couple or two who's magic starts acting up."

"Ah, I assume you will be able to help them then? I would hate for this problem to-" She idly glanced through the room until she spotted a certain witch discreetly trying to leave.

"Major Sakamoto, where are you going?"

Sakamoto, caught in the middle of her attempt to sneaking out gave her a sheepish smile. "I can come back later, when you're not discussing your... issue"

"My what?"

"No need to hide it, Minna. It's perfectly natural. There comes a time in the life of every young witch that she wonder about such things. I'm sure whatever is troubling you is hardly as bad as you think right now"

"Mio, what on earth are you talking about?"

"She thinks you're asking me advice about sex, my dear" Anna helpfully chimed over the phone.

"She thinks what!

"I'll be going then." Mio said, halfway out of the office.

"Mio get the hell back here!"

Her yell was just in time to scare a poor door witless, it, however continued to remain shut and Mio had already left.

"Damn it." Minna sighed

"Sooo... Since we're on the subject. Want some pointers?"

A few hours and half the journey to the Ferrera household later it was still a lovely day for flying. It just didn't have any girls dancing through the sky as if they were thanking the world merely for existing, which in Shirley's opinion, was a pity. Barkhorn might be irked by any behaviour not in the handbook, but she herself appreciated the newly blossomed love like a finely crafted piece of art.

For precisely that reason the current situation kind of irked her. Flying far behind the other pair just slowly cruising without any form of entertainment was boring.

"Of course if there is no entertainment," She thought playfully, "I can always make my own."

"Sanya!" She said to the with flying behind her. "You miss Eila yet?"

"Uhuh." Sanya hummed affirmatively, blushing cutely.

Shirley fell back to fly closer to the white-haired witch. "I bet you're thinking of last night."


"I heard it too, you know? You echoed through my head. Again and again, about half the night if I have to make a guess"

Sanya had covered her face with her hands but was obviously blushing brightly. "This is entirely too much fun."

"Shirley!" she yelled, sounding mortified

"Normally, I'd ask if it was good for you, but I guess I know already, don't I?"

"Stop it, Shirley."

"Aww, I'm just curious... You are, after all, one of the more experienced girls of the 501st now. Any advice for me?" Shirley asked, grinning widely. Glancing sideways she saw the other witch flying with her back turned to her. "Or.." She continued in a singing voice. "You could tell me what you were doing just past midnight, 'cause that's what woke me up"

Sanya, however, seemed determined to ignore the Liberion witch. Not that Shirley cared much; she still had so many things left to ask.

"Say, is it true what they say about Suomos girls?"


"They say that they- wait.., what?" The Liberian witch looked back at Sanya, thrown off by the wrong answer and was shocked to find Sanya hovering barely a foot away from her face staring intently in her eyes.

"It's all true." Sayna said, her husky voice riding on the wind.

Shirley found herself speechless, forced to avert her eyes from the young witch.

"Wow..., all of it?"


They continued flying in silence for a while until Shirley just had to ask.



"What do they say about Suomos girls?"

To be Continued.