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Chapter 3- The Future of Atlantis

Five months later:

Rodney shook his head feverishly, "My kid, hands down, is going to be smarter than yours. It is not even worth the bet. Why even bother wasting the money? You should just give me the thousand dollars now. Come on hand it over," he held out his hand. "You already owe me two hundred for getting married before you."

"No way, McKay," John swatted the scientist's hand away. "Well my kid is going to have better hair than yours. Yours hasn't all grown back," he knew it was a sore subject for the Canadian, but it was in all good-natured ribbing. "And you are disqualified from the marriage bet. It doesn't count that she asked you. That was skirting the rules of the bet."

"There was no such rule," McKay made a face as he left up his left hand. "I have a ring and you don't. Therefore I win. I don't see a ring on your finger," he reached over the table to take Sheppard's hand. "Nope, nothing there." Rodney shrunk away and quickly ran his hand over his hair or what little of it was there. The surgical scar still could be clearly seen and it made the man slightly self-conscious, but grateful that it was the only lingering effect of his head injury. "Come on, hand over the money. Or do you want to make it double or nothing?"

John was glad to have the old Rodney back, "Double or nothing on what?"

"Who gives birth first."

"You are crazy. Elizabeth and Jennifer would kill us both if we made that bet," John reminded his friend. The women's due dates were about a week apart about five and half months from now. It would have been a fun bet to make, but the thought of facing the wrath of the two pregnant women was enough to scare him away from the idea.

Rodney pouted and started making clucking sounds, "Chicken. You have the advantage on this one. Doesn't Elizabeth's advanced age make her run the risk of giving birth early?"

"Rodney!" the Colonel was torn between the urge to yell or laugh as Rodney put his foot in his mouth big time. "Need I remind you that you are older than all of us?" It was the perfect comeback to throw in his face.

"That may be true, but my wife is the youngest of us all. She turned thirty-one two months ago. How old is your fiancée?" Rodney just had to rub it in. Boys will always be boys.

"Yes, you gave her the perfect birthday gift, eternity with you. Besides, Elizabeth is the same age as me. At least I am not robbing the cradle. What were you starting high school when Jennifer was born?

Rodney rolled his eyes, "Not quite. Oh, is that jealousy I hear? Did you want to spend the rest of your life with me?" The physicist said in a sing-song voice and then threw his friend a kiss from across the table.

"You are mentally ill, you know that? And I say that with all the love in the world," Sheppard shook his head. "And I'll take your double or nothing that Elizabeth gives birth first, but that your wife gets fatter."

"John Sheppard," Elizabeth slapped the man upside the back of the head.

"Owww," he rubbed the back of his head. The younger man scowled and pointed at Rodney when he saw the smirk on the man's face. "You saw her behind me, didn't you?"

Rodney nodded, "Maybe." The physicist jumped in surprise when he received a slap to his arm.

"You are getting the couch tonight," Jennifer clearly was not pleased with her husband at the moment.

"What? I didn't do anything," the scientist rubbed his sore arm.

"Exactly," the young physician was angry at Rodney for not jumping to her defence for the fat comment.

John laughed as his friend got in trouble. He too had been on the receiving end of pregnancy mood swings.

"The same will go for you too, buster," Elizabeth made her point by stealing some fries from her fiancé's plate.

Jennifer looked at Elizabeth with a scheming grin, "What do you say that we make a bet of our own?"

Elizabeth liked the idea, "How about which of them will gain the most sympathy weight?"

The blonde American had another idea, "Or which of them will faint first in the delivery room?"

"He will," the men point at each other. Neither wanted their significant other to be the winner of those bets.

It was going to be a long pregnancy for both woman, but their men would give them enough practice in dealing with infantile behavior.

The End

End A/N: I took the ages from Stargate Wiki, which says John and Elizabeth were born in 1970.