Hey Everyone! This is the first installment in the rewritten, new and (hopefully) improved, Journey Through Highschool. I removed all the previous chapters so readers don't get confused between the previous storyline and this one.

Now for some background information. First of all, this fic is almost completely AU. Goku's character, especially is completely different to the show. He's more Saiyan like although he's still the kind-hearted person we all know and love. Vegeta is not quite as big of an asshole as he is in the show. Goku and Vegeta both have jobs with Capsule Corp and actually have skills other than fighting.

Both Vegeta and Goku had spent the first few years of their lives on Vegetasei although they didn't know each other at the time. Goku was proven to show extreme bursts of power when under stress and so was taken with Vegeta onto Frieza's ship before the planet was destroyed. They shared a cell on the ship and became friends. When Goku was about 12 he was sent on a solo mission to destroy Earth. The ship exploded upon impact and Goku was taken in by Grandpa Gohan sans all his memories. A few months later he killed Grandpa Gohan while in Oozaru form. The rest of the show progresses as normal except for Vegeta being able to recognize Goku when they meet again while Vegeta is after the dragonballs. Goku, however, doesn't remember his life before coming to Earth. He regains his memories during the final battle with Frieza when he becomes a Super Saiyan for the first time. Since Goku suffered under Frieza as well Vegeta isn't as anal about him defeating the tyrant. Also Goku is wished back to life immediately after the Cell Games. I always thought he had a very lame excuse for abandoning his family so he will not be doing that in this fic.

The Ox kingdom is still up and thriving with the Ox King as the reigning monarch and the Son family as princes and princesses of the kingdom so they're definitely not poor. Although they don't live in the palace, they play an active role in the Ox Kingdom's daily life. Gohan is a lot more outgoing thanks to the relationship he has with Lime and Mirai Trunks. Mirai, Lime and Gohan also work with Capsule Corp.

Well, I think that's about it... I DO not OWN DBZ!

A New Day...

A large flock of ducks quacked as they soared through the air at a leisure pace. It was that time of year again. It was time for them to make their way south for the winter. For some, it was their first migration and although slightly nervous, they were all assured it would be something to look forward to. It was only October and the cold hadn't even begun to set in as yet, but their internal clocks made sure they would be hundreds of miles away by then.

All of a sudden the ducks' tranquility was destroyed as an object plowed right through their formation at top speed, causing the poor birds to veer to the side to avoid being pulverized. The leader looked angrily back at the retreating body, preening his ruffled feathers. To his amazement, all he could see was a golden streak which suddenly stopped to reveal a teenage boy. The old duck blinked. There was a glowing golden teenage boy flying unaided in front of him. He shook his head to clear it. He must be seeing things. But sure enough the boy remained there. Ignorant of the boy's apologies, the old leader's heart could not take much else as he plummeted to the ground in a dead faint.

Acting quickly, the boy dove and caught the aged duck a few feet away from the ground placing him carefully in a small nest of leaves.

"Sorry Mr. Duck but I can't stay with you. I'm already late for school," the boy responded with a bow before taking off at an even faster speed than before.

The teenager, otherwise known as Son Gohan sighed in depression. He was headed toward Satan City, or more specifically, Orange Star High School. Why would the eighteen-year-old heir to the Ox Kingdom who already held a PhD in Politics, Law and Engineering need to go to High School? Logically, there was no need. 'But yet here I am," he thought as another deep sigh escaped his lips. He groaned as he thought back to the events that led up to his sentence.


It was midnight in the 439 Mountain Area. The full moon cast a pale glow over the rolling hills. The only sounds to be heard were owls and crickets. A lone house stood in the middle of the trees where the Son family slept soundly. Or so we thought.

"BRATS!" Son Goku shouted. Gohan, his little brother, Goten and best friend, Lime shot out of their beds wondering what happened to him.

Simultaneously, all three bedroom doors were flung open as a stark naked, Super Saiyan 2 Goku glared at them.

"Go back to bed Goten," he said, ushering the frightened seven-year-old back into his room as Chi Chi tucked him back in. Turning around he glared at Gohan and Lime who were inching their way to the door. "You two. In the living room," he said in a deadly quiet voice, leaving no room for argument. The two looked at each other and gulped. Lime knew she shouldn't have slept over tonight. By now, the Son matriarch, dressed in nothing but a robe had joined them.

The livid father and furious mother sat facing the teenagers on the opposite couch with nothing but a coffee table between them.

"Now which one of you is responsible for this?" Goku questioned, gesturing towards his flaccid crotch. By now it was obvious what the problem was.

The teenagers looked at each other, a small smirk on their faces. For a second they foolishly thought they could make a joke out of this, but their plans were squashed as suddenly they felt a splitting pain on their heads as Chi Chi's Frying Pan of Doom TM slammed down on them. "So you think this is funny?" she screamed at them.

The two shook their heads furiously, making their headaches even worse. "I'm waiting for an answer," Goku bit out.

"Well, um, you see dad," Gohan stuttered. Goku glared at him impatiently.

"Yes?" he asked. His voice demanded there be no more stalling.

"Umm…well we developed this new antidote for Viagra and I needed a test subject so…" the teenage Son boy continued.

"So you decided to give your father ED?" Chi Chi demanded, slamming the Frying Pan down on his head once again. Gohan nodded miserably.

Goku pinched his nose, willing himself to calm down. "How long?" he asked.

"How long what?" Gohan asked.

"How long until the drug wears off?" Goku yelled at him.

"Umm a week?" Gohan mumbled weakly, fearing the worst.

Goku turned away from his son willing himself not to kill his firstborn.

"What are we going to do with you?" Chi Chi asked. "Where did I go wrong? Am I a bad mother?" She would have continued along this path if it were not for her husband interrupting.

"You will eat one normal human portion of food every day for a month. You will train with Vegeta and me every day indefinitely," Goku ground out.

Gohan nodded miserably. "Yes fa-" he started.

"I am not finished," Goku turned to face his son.

Gohan gulped. What could be worse than that?

"You will be attending Orange Star High until you graduate where you shall pose as a normal human until you graduate. I hear one report of a skipped day and you will live to regret it. You start tomorrow. Goodnight," he said and stalked off, taking Chi Chi with him.


Gohan shivered as he remembered the look on his father's face. Ever since Goku had regained his memory about life on Vegetasai, he had developed a temper rivaling that of Vegeta, although his punishments were much crueler. The evidence was in the monstrosity he was forced to wear this morning. It was a baggy, white, long sleeved shirt with a black sweater vest over it with bright orange pants and black dress shoes. All in all, Goku wanted to ruin his social life at OSH before it even began.

As he approached Satan City, the teenager was jarred out of his thoughts by the sound of gunshots. He hovered in the air, looking to where the bullets were coming from when one whizzed by his ear, pissing him off even more than he already was. It turns out that two men were robbing Satan City Bank and the police were too busy hiding behind their squad cars to do anything.

Gohan debated whether he should go help. If he was late for school both this mom and dad would have his head but his sense of honor wouldn't allow him to leave this situation in the hands of the useless police force. Suddenly a brilliant idea occurred to him. I know what I'll do!

"Split form!" he said as he split into two different persons. Never was he so happy his father's friend, Tien, had taught him this move.

His clone powered down to normal and headed to school while he changed into a purple gi using the move Piccolo had taught him before heading toward the bank. Who ever said you can't be in two places at once?

"Hey Jim," a rather large, bald man said, as he pointed his gun at the mother and daughter they were holding hostage. He and his partner were dressed in a purple T-shirt, black leather jacket, leather pants and a black ski mask. "Looks like we're actually getting away with this!"

"Yeah Luke," his short, potbellied accomplice said as he stuffed wad after wad of money into a large black suitcase. "These so called police officers are worthless. But I ain't complaining. Just makes our job easier."

"All we gotta do is get outta here before that blasted child of Hercule shows up and sends our asses back to jail," Jim replied.

"Sorry. It seems she's running a bit late this morning so I'll be the one to send your asses back to jail," an unknown voice came from right behind them.

The two men turned around to face the speaker. It was a young man dressed in a purple sleeveless fighting gi. But what stood out about him was his golden hair, cold teal eyes and the fact that he was…glowing?

"Look at him Jim," Luke laughed nervously, trying to play tough. "The brat's either crazy or stupid."

"Actually I'm neither. Just confident in my abilities," the young man replied coolly.

"Well let's see how confident you are now! Eat lead!" Luke replied aiming his machine gun at the golden haired teenager, firing several rounds at him. He turned back to Jim with a smug look on his face, satisfied he'd finished off the meddling brat for good.

"Stop. That tickled," the young man said in a mocking tone as the smoke cleared. There wasn't a scratch on him. He stood with his palm outstretched, letting the bullets fall slowly the ground. Luke's eyes widened in fear as he desperately fired the rest of the bullets at the teenager.

"You know insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result," the young man said, with a smirk as he dropped the caught bullets once more.

"Y-y-yo-you're not human!" Jim exclaimed as he dropped the extra cash, grabbed the suitcase and ran to their nearby truck with Luke in tow.

Firing a ki shockwave, the boy caused the truck to overturn and quickly chopped the two thieves on the back of the neck rendering then unconscious. He then grabbed the suitcase in one hand and the men in the other, floated over to the police cars and dumped them at their feet before taking off to a secluded alley.

"Idiots," he muttered under his breath as he returned to his normal state, used Piccolo's technique to change back into his school clothes, and dashed off to school.


As he rounded a corner, a short, rather pretty girl with raven hair kept in pigtails crashed into him causing him to fall onto his back in surprise, taking her with him. He winced slightly as his bruised ribs protested at the impact. Vegeta and his dad had not gone easy on him at all that morning and it was just his luck that they were fresh out of senzu beans. He had to settle for a half hour in the regeneration tank to deal with his broken bones, and allow his body to handle the rest. He smiled in apology as the girl opened her eyes to reveal beautiful cerulean orbs. However, as she realized the position they were in, her eyes narrowed and her small mouth twisted into a menacing scowl.

"Who the hell do you think you are, you pervert?" she screamed at him. He had to give her props. For such a small mouth, her voice was just as loud as his mother's. However his admiration quickly turned into offense as her words registered with him.

"Who do you think you are crashing into people?" he replied in a calm tone.

The girl glared even harder. Needless to say it had no effect on him. "I am Videl Satan, daughter of Hercule Satan, World Champion and the one who defeated Cell," she responded proudly never moving from her position on top of him.

"Oh, that bumbling idiot? If I were you I'd keep that under wraps," he whispered to her mockingly.

This only aggravated the girl further. "I'll have you know that my father is the strongest person in the world. He can easily tear you limb from limb. Hell, even I can do that with my eyes closed," she responded hotly.

Gohan just chuckled. "And how are so sure of that?" he inquired.

The girl laughed harshly, giving a rather good impression of her father. "Just look at you! I've beaten up thugs three times my size with absolutely no trouble. You wouldn't last three seconds," she said condescendingly.

Gohan's Saiyan pride marveled at the girl's arrogance. He was about to challenge her to a fight when he remembered he was supposed to be keeping a low profile. Instead he replied, "Hasn't your mother ever told you not to judge a book by its cover?"

"What gives you the right to talk about my mother?" she screamed at him, inching her face closer to his.

"What gives you the right to talk about my capabilities?" he responded coolly.

"Why don't you just get out of my face?" she shouted, clearly frustrated. She was not getting anywhere with this boy.

"I would, but you seem to be enjoying yourself on top of me," he replied.

Videl blushed as she realized he was right. "I am not!" she retorted as she got up in flash.

"Whatever you say," Gohan teased as she stomped away.

'She sure is interesting!' Gohan thought as he made his way to school, remembering to send his clone a mental note not to enter the classroom just yet. From the badge he saw attached to the girl's oversized white T-shirt, she attended his high school and he had no idea whether or not they were in the same class.


Finally arriving at OSH Gohan made a beeline for the bathroom where his clone was already waiting for him. Unfortunately, along the way, a small body ran into him, revealing itself to be none other than Videl Satan.

"If I didn't know any better I would think you enjoy running into me," Gohan smirked, extending a hand to help her up as she gathered her fallen books. However, she slapped it away. "Get out of my face. I don't need help from the likes of you," she said derisively.

"Aww. It's nice to see you again too!" he replied in a sweet voice.

Videl replied by giving him the finger. Gohan only laughed as he continued on his journey.

When he finally reached the restroom, he knocked on the stall at the far corner of the restroom. His clone quickly opened the door and yanked him inside, slamming the door behind him.

"What took you so long?" his clone asked.

"I had a little run in with Hercule's daughter" Gohan grinned.

"Wow! Does she look like him?" his clone asked, picturing an overly muscled girl with a huge afro.

"Nah! She's actually quite the looker. But you'll see later. We've got to get going," Gohan responded with a chuckle.

"Reform!" the two said. There was a brief flash of light before the two merged to form one Gohan. As they fused, the recollections of each clone merged as well. Washing his hands to keep up the façade, Gohan then made his way to his first class.


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