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Last time...

"I think we're good for today. Let's go get Videl and head home," Gohan suggested. However, he got no response from his friend. "Blondie?" he asked with a hint of worry. Upon still receiving no response, Gohan raced over to his friend and shook his unconscious body. "Sharpner!" he yelled at him, almost in a panic. He knew he was learning this too quickly. Was he taking from his core energy? Why did he let him continue?

Throwing his friend over his shoulder, Gohan took to the air racing for home when suddenly the blond let out a huge snore. Gohan froze in midair from both shock and relief. And to think he was actually worried about him. He shook his head and chuckled. Only Sharpner…

Lunch With The Sons...


By the time the four teenagers had made it back to the Summer Palace, Mirai, Lime and Erasa were already up and had just finished breakfast.

"Oh my Kami! What happened to him?" Erasa asked, seeing Sharpner unconscious, slung over Gohan's shoulder.

Gohan smiled in reassurance. "He's fine," he said. "I think he just went a little too hard on himself. He'll be up in a couple of hours. I'm going to put him to bed."

"Ok," Erasa said, breathing a sigh of relief. "I'm coming too," she continued, following Gohan up the stairs.


The five teens had spent the rest of their morning watching movies as they waited for their fallen comrade to wake up. The credits were just about rolling for their last movie when Sharpner stumbled into the room, still in his soiled gi, his face puffy and his hair in a total mess.

"Oh hey babe!" Erasa chirped, giggling at his grogginess. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I got run over by a truck and starved for a week," Sharpner grumbled with a slight smile, remembering what he had accomplished. "Totally worth it though."

"Well, my mom wanted us to come over for lunch. Are you guys up to it?" Gohan asked.

The group responded in various affirmations, none of them wanting to pass up Chi Chi's cooking.

"Alright then. How about we leave in an hour or so?" Gohan suggested.


Approximately one hour later at the Son household, Chi Chi stood at the stove as she finished up her last pot of dumplings. As she bent over to taste one she felt two strong arms snake around her waist. The sinewy arms and strong scent of the forest were all the indication she needed to know it was her husband. She leaned back into his chest as he nuzzled her neck where he had bit her twenty years before. Goku had been working hard in his lab most of the morning, but obviously his stomach was telling him it was time for lunch. Reaching over her shoulder, the oldest Son took a hold of the spoon in her hand and dipped it onto the pot. Scooping out a dumpling, he blew on it lightly, cooling the nugget while at the same time igniting a fire in Chi Chi's belly as his breath caressed her earlobe. He held the cooled dumpling to her lips allowing her to take a bite before he consumed the other half.

"This is absolutely delicious Chi," he whispered in her ear, never relinquishing his hold on her waist.

Chi Chi could care less what he thought of her cooking right now. She was more focused on his hand that had now dipped below her waist and was now slipping between the folds of her kimono. Gasping as his hand trailed slowly over the top of her panties, Chi Chi forced herself to still her husband's roaming hands.

"Goku-sa," she reprimanded breathlessly. "They're going to be here any moment!"

Goku responded by spinning his wife around, picking her up by the backs of her thighs and crushing his lips to hers. He led her over to the counter, seating her on it and placing himself between her thighs. He wasted no time taking a hold of her breasts, caressing them through her kimono. She moaned heavily, never tiring of the wonderful things her husband's hands did to her body. His hands slipped to her waist as hers played with the button on his jeans.

And that was exactly how Gohan found them as he followed his nose into the kitchen. Gohan could only hold his head and look away. "Dad! Really?" he asked exasperatedly. He was so happy he had left his friends in the living room. They did not need to see this.

"You know Gohan, if we never did this, you wouldn't be here," Goku said in a sing-song voice.

"Dad, how many times do I have to tell you I do not want to know ANYTHING about your sex life?!" Gohan said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Well, you better take notes for when you give me my grandchildren!" Chi Chi piped.

Gohan rolled his eyes. "I'm leaving. Meet us in the living room," he said in annoyance.

The Son parents looked at each other, a wicked glint in their eyes. Gigggling, Chi Chi jumped off the counter and dragged her chuckling husband to their bedroom.


Gohan walked into the living room, muttering to himself. His parents were the worst. Well…that's what he thought until he saw Lime and Mirai showing an album of his baby pictures to Videl, Sharpner and Erasa.

"Really guys?!" he asked in frustration as they cooed/laughed at a picture of a pint sized Gohan chowing down on a sandwich roughly his size. The caption below the picture read: Looks like Gohan's hungry. Turning the page, a picture showed little Gohan with his face covered in crumbs. The group burst into laughter as they read the caption below: Thirty seconds later.

"Damn Nerd Boy!" Sharpner chocked out through his laughter. "Even as a kid you were like that?"

Gohan just shot him a dirty look.

They turned the next page and saw Gohan at about age four dressed in a green tunic over a black body suit, yellow boots, a black belt with a gold buckle and an orange helmet with antennae attached to it. He was standing a strange pose. He was squatting, bending over forward at the waist, his arms straight out at his sides. His face was the acme of seriousness. The caption below and the ridiculous costume negated that look in a heartbeat though. I am the champion of love and justice! I am the Great Saiyaman! Costume designed by Saiyaman himself.

The group could hold their laughter in no more. Everyone was literally rolling on the floor laughing their asses off.

"Hardy har har," Gohan remarked dryly with a scowl on his face. Was everyone out to embarrass him today?

Videl slapped him on the shoulder, leaning against him for support as her giggles subsided. "Boy am I glad you decided to stick with the Gold Fighter. If you had shown up as Singingman nobody would take you seriously!" she laughed.

"It's Saiyaman!" Gohan corrected a little too quickly, blushing immediately when everyone turned around to look at him.

"Oh my Kami! He still thinks it's cool!" Sharpner chortled.

"No I don't!" Gohan retorted unconvincingly, his face still cherry red.

"I know he does," Lime pitched in, adding to Gohan's embarrassment.

Grabbing the album, Gohan slammed it shut. "Alright. That's enough!" he said. Turning to Mirai and Lime he said in a sickly sweet tone, "I'll be sure to return the favour."

Right then, Chi Chi walked into the room, closely followed by Goku, both of them wearing very satisfied grins. "Hello, everyone!" she said warmly. "Welcome to our home!"

The three visitors grinned and bowed politely. They marveled at the size of the house. Knowing they were freaking loaded, they could barely believe they lived in such a small house. By no means was it tiny but it was no mansion. Immediately Videl took a liking to it. She hated the vast maze of a house she lived in. She found this house much more practical.

"I don't mean to be rude, Mrs Son but why do you live here when you have a whole palace with servants to take care of it?" Erasa asked meekly, hoping not to offend the couple.

To her relief, Chi Chi just grinned. "We don't care very much for the extravagance. I wanted Goten and Gohan to grow up with as much of a normal childhood as possible, well given their heritage. Plus I had been pampered my whole life. I like the idea of managing my own affairs. You know my Goku built it all himself. Took him nearly a year," Chi Chi said fondly.

Ever the romantic, Erasa asked, "So how did you guys meet? Were you set up? Or were you a prince Mr. Son?"

Goku smiled. "Oh! Far from it! I was a poor kid and an orphan at that. I didn't have much more than the clothes on my back. I actually ran into her by accident and helped her when the castle and the surrounding village were under attack. Next thing I knew she was following me wherever I went and made me promise I'd marry her. I should say we were about twelve at the time. I agreed having never heard the term before and thought it was food. We met again at the world martial arts tournament when we were eighteen and she held me to my promise. The rest is history," he recounted.

"That's so romantic!" Erasa gushed. "It was like you were meant to be!"

"There's no one else I'd rather spend the rest of my life with," Chi Chi agreed.

Right on cue, both Goku, Gohan and Mirai's stomachs growled loudly causing everyone else in the room to roll their eyes.

"Well let's get these boys fed. Goku, why don't you help me bring out the food and Gohan, you take your friends to the patio." Chi Chi requested. Going to the front door Chi Chi took a deep breath before yelling at the top of her lungs, "Goten! Trunks! Lunch time!"

There was a slight rumbling in the forest before two blurs appeared which solidified to form the little boys. Erasa, Sharpner and Videl's mouths open in shock. How could two little boys run so fast? They knew they were alien but still...

"Go on and sit with your brothers. Lunch will be ready soon," the Son matriarch instructed.

In a few minutes, everyone was seated at the rather large table aside from Goku and Chi Chi who were bringing platter after platter of steaming hot and delicious-smelling food.

"M-Mrs Son!" Videl exclaimed in surprise. "You did this all yourself?"

Chi Chi waved a hand dismissively at her. "Oh this is nothing sweetie. And just call me mom," Chi Chi said with a wink.

Videl was taken aback for a second before a sad look took over her face as memories of her own mother flooded her. She knew the Son woman meant no harm by the statement but it didn't make it hurt any less. Feeling tears prickling at her eyes she asked to be excused to the bathroom and took off at a breakneck speed.

The frying pan immediately came down on Gohan's head. "Go after her!" Chi Chi screamed at her older son, not caring much about the pain she just put him through. Obediently, Gohan followed after her. He didn't even think she knew where the bathroom was.

"Does this mean she's going to be my new sister?" Goten asked, scratching his head at the events that just unfolded.

Trunks slapped the dark haired boy upside the head. "Of course, you idiot. Gohan's going to marry her just like Mirai married Lime!" Trunks said in a matter-of-fact tone, only to receive a frying pan to the head for fighting.

Mirai and Lime looked around desperately for a means of escape. They could tell this was not going to end well.

Goten smirked at his friend holding down the welt that was forming in the middle of his head. "Mirai and Lime never got married!" he protested.

"Dad said they did! He said they bonded when they had sex," Trunks spouted, causing Lime and Mirai to spit their drink out across the table at the gossiping boys. At that, Goku and Chi Chi whirled around to face the beet-red teenagers. They knew they had gone off screen for a night and most of a day but Chi Chi never expected they would do that before they were married. Thought started flying through the mother's head. Were Gohan and Videl having sex as well? No, not her little boy. She raised him better than that. Mirai on the other hand… well he had Vegeta for a father.

Just as Chi Chi began to calm herself down the little boys turned to her. "What's sex?" they asked in unision.