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Mirai smiled at her before sweeping her into another breathtaking kiss. When they separated he whispered. "Goodnight, my sexy princess."

"Goodnight, my dashing prince," Lime responded before she unlocked the door and entered.

The last thing Mirai heard as the door closed behind her was Chiharu's high pitched squeal as she begged her daughter for details.

Chapter 42: Punishment


Gohan and Kiara touched down in front of the Son household. Setting the little girl down, Gohan handed her her backpack and told her sternly. "Go inside, say hello to Grandma Chi Chi and go straight to your room. Get started on your homework and I'll come help you in a few minutes."

Kiara looked down at her shoes as she scuffed them in the dirt. "Yes Gohan," she said and did as she was asked.

After waiting a few minutes for the little girl to get upstairs, Gohan pinched the bridge of his nose, sighed and went inside, not looking forward to facing the whirlwind of emotions he called his mother.

The minute he stepped inside, the Son matriarch was on him like white on rice. "What's wrong with her?" she demanded. "I asked her about her day at school and she refused to tell me anything specific and hurried off to her room!"

"I told her to go straight to her room. She's being punished for fighting at school," Gohan said calmly, cringing in anticipation of the stream of hysterics that was about to exit his mother's mouth.

As expected Chi Chi's face became red with anger and the ranting began. "What? Who was she fighting with? What did they do to my precious grandbaby? Is she hurt? Why aren't you doing anything? You just wait until I get a hold of this child's parents! I'll give them a piece of my mind!" she yelled as she grabbed the Frying Pan of Doom ™ and began beating the air demonstrating what she would do the moronic parents of the child that dared touch her granddaughter.

As her ranting subsided, Gohan ventured closer to her and put a reassuraing hand on her shoulder as put down the deadly weapon. "She's fine," Gohan said. "She was defending a friend that a little boy was bullying. I didn't want to let her off the hook completely because she needs to know that it's not ok to fight at school under any circumstances." He neglected to mention the scrape Kiara received on her knee when the boy pushed her to the ground. If that ever got out Chi Chi would be after that child like a bat out of hell.

Instantly her mood changed as she heard the reason for the fight. "Aww! She's just like you and your dad! You two can never stand by when someone is being hurt!" she gushed. Again her mood switched to the level-headed disciplinarian. "But you're right. She does need to be punished. I don't want her thinking it's ok and getting herself hurt. What do you propose?" Since Kiara had come to live with them, Chi Chi rarely interfered with her care and discipline so long as Gohan was available. He had decided he wanted to adopt her eventually and she was going to make sure he took full responsibility for Kiara.

Gohan contemplated his options. He didn't want to be too harsh on her but he didn't want to be so lenient that she wouldn't think he was serious. "I was thinking no playing with Goten once he gets back of Capsule Corp this afternoon and straight to bed after dinner, no dessert," he suggested.

Chi Chi smiled at her son. "Did I ever tell you how proud of you I am? You're already such a good father," she praised as she kissed him on the cheek.

Gohan blushed and ducked his head. "Thanks, mom," he said shyly. Although he didn't always show it, her opinion meant the world to him.

"Now how about you get started on your homework?" she suggested, going into mother mode.

"Alright mom," he replied and climbed the stairs to Kiara's room.

Knocking once, he opened the door and found Kiara of the floor hugging her knees, tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared at a haphazardly packed suitcase. Gohan rushed to her side. "What's wrong, Kiki?" he asked, sitting next to her. He was shocked when she scooted away from him and sobbed louder.

"I packed already," she said between hiccups, gesturing to her suitcase in front of them.

"What for?" Gohan asked patiently although he already knew the answer. The girl was constantly terrified they were going to send her away! He had no idea what to do so she'd feel she had a permanent place in their family.

"You don't…You don''t want me anymore!" she sniffed.

"Of course I want you! I love you, silly," Gohan said, scooping her into his arms and kissing her forehead, pleased when she didn't resist. Using the hem of his shirt, he dried her tears and held her as she calmed down. "Kiki, do you promise that you'll never become a maniac who hurts people to take over the world?" he asked seriously, holding out his pinky to her.

Kiara giggled. "I pinky promise," she said, locking their little fingers together.

"Then it's settled. There's nothing you do that will make me not want you anymore. I'm sorry but you're stuck with me." Gohan said smiling at her. Kiara grinned back. "But when you do bad things I'm going to punish you but I promise I still love you and I'll always want you around, ok?" he added, looking into her big emerald eyes.

The little girl nodded. Smiling hopefully at him she asked, "Does this mean I don't get a punishment this time?"

"Not a chance," Gohan responded smiling at her. "You're staying in your room for the rest of the day and you'll go to bed straight after dinner." He pulled her lower lip down as she stuck it out in a pout. "You know your face will get stuck like that," he chided and she folded her arms and leaned back against his chest.

They sat like that for a few minutes with Gohan stroking her hair until he finally spoke up. "Well how about we get started on your homework then you can use up the time until dinner putting your clothes back where they should be."

"Okay," Kiara said grudgingly, drawing out the word.


At seven o' clock, Gohan kissed Kiara's forehead and turned on her nightlight before turning off the lamp on her night stand. She had complained over and over again but complied with the punishment she was receiving. Softly, he closed the door behind him and headed to his room to finish up his homework. It had broken his heart to see the child distraught that he was going to send her away. It made a part of him wish never to punish her again but he knew he would be raising a monster if he let her do whatever she wanted. As he closed his bedroom door behind him, his cell phone rang and he smiled as girlfriend's face flashed on the screen.

"Hey Vi!" he greeted.

"Hi Gohan," Videl replied.

Gohan frowned as she responded, something in her voice indicating that something wasn't quite right. "Vi what's wrong?" he asked, trying to stay calm. He knew she wasn't in any physical danger as her ki hadn't spiked like it usually did. But that did little to mollify him.

"Um…Dad was home when you dropped me off and…I kinda told him we were together and now he wants to meet you. Just the two of you," Videl said nervously.

Gohan nearly collapsed in relief as he heard what she had to say. He couldn't resist the snort of laughter that escaped his lips as he allowed air to flood his lungs again.

Videl however, didn't appreciate his humor. "And exactly what is so funny about this?" she asked heatedly and Gohan could already imagine her nostrils flaring adorably as her face took on a red hue.

"No! Nothing!" Gohan responded, waving an arm in front of him in defense although she couldn't see him. But he could do nothing to stop the wave of chuckles as he imagined Hercule going off about how he was going to crush the scrawny punk that dared kiss his daughter.

"Well if all you're going to do is laugh at me then I'm hanging up now," Videl huffed angrily.

"No Videl! Wait a second!" Gohan cried. "I'll meet him! It's just…that's it?"

"What do you mean, that's it?" Videl said. "I've spent Kami knows how many hours trying to figure out how to tell you this and laugh and say that's it?" she ranted.

"Well he didn't lock you in a tower and forbid you to ever see me again, did he?" Gohan said cheekily.

"Well…no," she responded, significantly less incensed. She supposed that wasn't the worst that could happen.

"It will be fine, Videl. How about I come over tomorrow after school?" he proposed.

"Tomorrow? That soon?" Videl protested.

"Might as well get it over with. What's the worst that could happen?" he said.

"Famous last words," Videl retorted.

"Anything else you need to tell me? I'm pretty tired and I have that essay to finish," Gohan said.

"He also knows who you are," Videl said quickly.

"What? You told him?" he yelled, the accusation stabbing her like a knife. Gohan closed his eyes, not saying anything more for a minute.

"Are you still there, Gohan? I didn't tell him per se. We just got in an argument and I blurted out that you were stronger than him and he just knew. It was stupid I know," Videl rambled on.

"Yeah I'm here. Well he can't really use that information against me without outing himself. So maybe it's a good thing. Now he won't try something stupid like challenge me to a fight." Gohan replied.

"I'm really sorry Gohan," Videl apologized.

"Not your fault, Vi. He was bound to find out sooner or later. Anyway I'll talk to you at school tomorrow. Have a good night." Gohan replied.

"Good night Gohan," Videl responded. She paused for a second; hesitant at what his response would be after what happened that day. Still, she needed to say it. "I love you," she finally whispered, not sure if he was still on the line.

"Me too, Videl," she heard him respond, his tone considerably softer than before and that brought a smile to her lips.


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