I'm sorry I'm so bad at updating, but I have had mad writers block. So here! I hope you enjoy.

Today I did something I promised I'd never do. I went to his school, the school that was taking him away from me. I stumbled into that front office and asked for him.

"Kurt Hummel"

The secretary handed me a map with a highlighted dorm room. I thanked her graciously and nearly ran to the dorm, getting lost often in my haste. I slipped into an air-conditioned room that looked nearly as big as my house, and twice as expensive. I crossed to the nearest person, who was stretched over a lush looking couch. I tapped him on the shoulder.

"Have you seen Kurt Hummel?" I asked. It barely came out, in a sort of whisper. He nodded suspiciously at me and pointed up at a spiral staircase.

"Third door on your right, directly up the stairs. He might be busy though." The last few words were lost on me, because I was already swiftly making my way up the stairs. I counted down the doors and pushed open the third, forgetting about knocking in my haste.

I stopped abruptly and gaped down at two boys sprawled on a love seat together, they were so intertwined I couldn't tell if it was Kurt or not, well, until he looked up at me, face red. He jumped off of the other boy, someone I didn't recognize, and gaped at me. He was at loss for words, and so was I. The other boy stood up and smoothed his wrinkled uniform. He looked scared. Probably because that was the first time I ever let my monster shake its head. I was angry, and I probably looked the part.

"W-What are you d-doing here?" Kurt stammered at me. I looked down and ignored him, I heard the boy cross the room to where Kurt now stood, huddled in a corner. Right then I regretted coming here. I regretted every decision I ever made.

"Kurt," The boy addressed Hummel, "Is this him?" Then I realized what me being here must have done to Kurt. I was who he was running from. I was his nightmare, and now I was forcing myself on him. I took a step back, my eyes still glued to Kurt, whose eyes were now leaking. I fled then, I ran out of the dorm and out into the campus. I sat down hard onto a bench and buried my face in my hands. I didn't notice that Kurt's… well whatever he was had followed me.

"Why did you come here" He asked me. But how could I answer? What could I say? That I came to terms with myself, and the fact that I was in love with Kurt? No, I couldn't say that. So I didn't answer.

"Are you his boyfriend?" I asked instead. The nod of his head, I think, was what hurt the most. That nod was worse than if he had screamed "YES" as loud as he could in my face. I wish he had looked angry, not full of pity.

Suddenly I was up and running. Fleeing from the place that now held both my dreams and nightmares. That was the day I decided something. The day I decided to start writing this letter.

A/N I know this is sort of short, but I needed to end it on that cliffhanger. I think I'll only make this a few more chapters. Heads up, Kurt and Karofsky don't end up together, sorry, my loves.