Flaky woke up and stretched her stiff body she rolled over and found a sleeping Flippy, at first she was startled but then she remember that she had spent the night with him and they fell asleep watching TV. She sat up and looked outside to the beautiful day that awaited her, that is unless she would happen to die today. In her town death was unavoidable everybody died almost every day then they would be resurrected the next. But ever since she's been hanging out with Flippy her deaths haven't been as frequent or as gruesome. The timid red porcupine cautiously climbed out of bed to get a better look of the good day she hoped to have. Suddenly a bloody red corpse of a certain blue moose, Lumpy, smacked into her window, hot tears ran down her cheeks while she screamed and covered her eyes. Flippy jerked awake hearing her cry of terror he groggily walked over to her.

"Flaky what's wrong are you ok?" He asked hugging the terrified girl, he looked up at the window and saw it was covered in blood; he struggled for control over himself and felt himself changing, eyes narrowed and his teeth became sharp.

"F-f-flippy?" Flaky whined bringing him back to earth he shook his head and turned his attention back towards her.

"It's ok Flaky he'll be back tomorrow good as new, I'll go clean the window and you go calm down." He kissed her cheek and walked out of the room. Flaky put her hand on her, now warm, cheek and smiled through tears. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world when she was with Flippy even though they aren't officially dating you might as well say that they were, she only wished that he would formally ask her to be his girlfriend. She wanted nothing more than to be with him he was smart, funny, cute, and affectionate but she was content with waiting and being his close friend until he felt ready to tell her how he felt.

Flippy went outside and braced himself for a bloody scene he knew that it might be enough to make him flip but lately he's been working on controlling his dark side. He looking at Lumpy's mangled body and sighed, at least he killed himself rather than someone else as he's done several times on purpose. Flippy began to think about Flaky while he cleaned the side of the house, he'd do anything for her in face he liked her a lot and he wanted to make her happier than anyone ever could. But the thought of his evil side killing her was too much for him to handle, he never wanted to put her life in danger and, if he could, he would get rid of his demon.

Ha get rid of me? You need me you spineless coward. Flippy's demon proclaimed.

I don't need you, in fact, there's no significance for your existence other than fight in the war, the war that's already over. Flippy thought at him and began to clean the window, his demon jeered him.

It's been a good while since I've heard a good joke, I'm you and you're me, if you exist I exist and I saved your life countless times so, as a gentleman, you owe me. Flippy thought about it and considered.

It all depends on what you want, you already kill and scare the tar out of all of my friends, what else do you want?

Well, I do love to see the horror in their eyes as I end them however I please.

You're sick. Flippy spat.

No, you're sick remember we are each other just different sides of the same coin. Anyway, there is one Tree Friend in particular who gives me a reaction better than any other. The demon practically growled in lust after prey, Flippy was afraid to ask but knew he had to.

Who? Flippy asked uneasy while his dark side chuckled evily.

Flaky! She's so easily frightened and with small gestures I can get the most fear out of her than anyone else. Especially with her great fear of chicks, fah, what a wimp. But hey whatever sinks her ship!

Absolutely not! I gave up a large portion of my happiness just to keep YOU away from HER, there's no way I'm going to let you near her.

Hahaha! You don't have you let me you'll slip, then flip, and she'll be all mine. And with that Flippy's demon drifted into the corner of his mind.

Flippy cursed himself and quickly finished cleaning up the mess so he could warn Flaky to stay away from him.

Flaky decided to prepare breakfast for Flippy since he was outside working to end her distress, she began to make eggs, sausage, and toast for him he walked in with a haste and the smell of the delicious food stopped him for a moment and he realized how hungry he was. But he remained on path and rushed to Flaky, who had her back turned.

"Flaky!" He called she turned and he walked right into the knife she was using to slice cheese, he stared at her in shock for a moment and fell to his knees clutching his stomach. She began to cry and kneeled next to him.

"F-flippy! I'm so sorry," She began through heavy tears she stood up, "I'll go get a medical kit!" She turned to run to the bathroom but he caught her arm.

"There's no need my dear." A dark cynical tone escaped his body, Flaky froze and whimpered slightly Please don't have flipped! Please don't have flipped! She silently prayed to herself, he looked up at her with narrow green eyes and sharp teeth curved up into a wicked smile. She tried to pry herself out of his grip while fresh hot tears poured down her face.

"Today's supposed to be my perfect, I don't want to die." She cried out mostly to the universe, Bad Flippy looked at her and chuckled amusedly.

"This is what I love; your reactions to the slightest gestures are a delight." He wrapped his arms around her waist and shoulders, she began to shake and cry heavier.

"W-w-what do you want from me!" She whined, he wiped the heavy flow of tears from he face.

"You know for a tomboy you cry a lot, but it makes you look cuter." He laughed, Flaky blushed and tried to get away from him again.

"No! I don't want anything to do with you just give me Flippy back!" He chuckled and released her, he picked up the knife he was not too long ago stabbed with and played with it.

"Ah but he and are one in the same, a good example is to think of us as a coin. We can flip from one side to another we're just different parts of a whole personality; he's the kindness and I'm the –."

"The lunacy?" Flaky interjected standing against a wall, with tears in her eyes but no more on her cheeks, Bad Flippy closed the distance between them with three steps and pressed the knife to her throat.

"I prefer 'in-touch-with-my-primal-instincts' how do you think Flippy survived the war?" Flaky tried to keep a straight face but couldn't hide her fear and new tears heated her cheeks. Bad Flippy laughed and licked away a stream of tears from her cheek. "You're too easy to frighten."

"W-what do you mean 'how he survived the war' you helped him?" She interjected quickly changing the subject, the maniac smirked.

"Well it shows how much he told you about me but very well, I guess I have time to tell a story or two."