The Rooftops

A party, no better a celebration was what you could call this day. Ezio's revenge was over. His old family laid to rest and a new family was blossoming. Ezio glimpses the party at la villa, the women danced in their best dresses. Masks were worn to give the feel of Carnival. The music beat like no other. The violins, the drums, all the sounds came together to give him a beautiful rush of feeling alive. This feeling, oh yes, he knew this feeling well. This feeling told him it was a goodnight. The wind picked up and the smell of food and sticky sweet air hit him. This feeling, it was like being on the rooftops of Florence. Jumping over alleys to reach the next building and then coming up to his targets. A swift kill was what Ezio liked best.

He looked around at all the ladies; it had been such a long time since they were his target. He spotted a pretty brunette one that was showing off her amazing form. Oh yes, that one will do for tonight. He moved from the dark hiding spot from the room. This was the best part of the chase, the stalking. He gently pushed some partygoers out of his way. The closer he got to his target the better she looked. An emerald green dress enveloped her body. A ribbon wrapped around her neck and the ends lead to her exposed cleavage. He could hear the faint sounds of bells as he neared her. Closer, Ezio could only think. This was a great hunt. Every movement he made towards her was flawless. Gentle and ever so silent he moved with only catching her in mind. She had yet to take notice of him. His target was like an emerald fairy and he could not wait to pluck her wings clean off. Closer. Ezio was but a few steps from her. Her earrings glittered as her head turned and she laughed in merriment. Her lips were a luscious color of pink. The very thought of kissing him made him lick his own. Closer and she will be in my arms tonight.

"Ezio! Have a drink!" Ezio's concentration was broken when Leonard leaped out of nowhere and hopped in front of him. Leonard was drinking a drink and one hand and giving him the other.

"Thanks, but not now Leonard." He didn't want to be rude to his friend, but the hunt was his goal.

"Come on." Leonard pushed father. Ezio looked up to see if he target was still there. Yet, she was no longer in sight. Ezio gritted his teeth. He looked at Leonard and his goofy, drunken smile and sighed. He took the drink and drunk it down hard and fast. Well, there is always another time. He gave a laugh at Leonard.

"Bring me another Leonard!" Ezio said with excitement. Leonard's face beamed with joy and went to retrieve another.

"Ezio." Claudia was behind him with a young man wrapped around her arms. "This is Orlando de Luca. I just wanted him to meet my big brother and to let him know that if he going to break my heart you'll break his face." Claudia's grinned ear to ear and Orlando went pale as a dead man. Ezio couldn't help but to laugh. He did play the good big brother well.

"Here you go Ezio." Leonard had returned with another drink and handed it off to him.

"Well, Orlando," Ezio took a sip of his new drink, "if you want to be with my sister at least have a drink first. I know how much of a bold tiger my sister can be." The young man seemed to have gotten the color back in his face. A waiter came around with drinks and Ezio took one and handed to Orlando. "But don't worry when she's really excited she's just a wet cat."

"Ezio!" Claudia said in anger. Yet, Ezio say the smile on the young man's face. "Come on Orlando." She dragged the young man away in a rage to the dance floor.

"If he survives the night I might be able to welcome him into the family." Leonardo joined Ezio in laughing.

The music fired up once again. The night breeze blow into the villa and Ezio joined more into the fun and dancing. Yes, this place will be my rooftop tonight.