The Pieces

Leonardo stirred from his slumber. The light of the new day stung his eyes. He recalled the projects that wanted him to finish them. He rose from his bed stretching and inhaling deeply the scent of his studio. He gagged as the stench of festering meat attacked his sinuses. Must remember to throw that back into the hole it came from, Leonardo thought.

He looked around his studio and sighed at the work he had yet to finish. He walked passed much of unfinished works, when he looked at the box. A jolt of realization shot through his back. Leonardo opened the box once more. He had thought of the events yesterday a fleeting dream. The evidence of yesterday's meeting where in front of him. He poured out the contents of the box. The metal clanged sharply against the wooden desk. He grabbed a chair and sat down. A wonderful rush of motivation was like a refreshing spring after a long drought.

Leonardo could see the way the metal turned. How the long snake like piece coiled at angles. He turned the squares to certain symbols. Only know which ones to show or not by how hot certain ones felt. He didn't understand this feeling, but it felt like he was making a masterpiece. When Leonardo finished twisting the piece into place it was in the shape of a rectangular box. He then attached the metal plates which fit together like jigsaw pieces. Everything was coming together so quickly. Leonardo knew where each piece fit like this was his own creation. Knew, that when he placed the last piece on the box, his masterpiece would be done. Leonardo placed the last piece. A feeling of accomplishment and wonder washed over him.

A knock at the door interrupted him. Ezio stepped in cheerfully.

"Leonardo, Good-" Ezio looked Leonardo up and down. When Leonardo looked at himself he saw he was only in a shirt and underwear. "-Morning to you to." Ezio chuckled a bit.

Leonardo face felt like hotter than lava at the moment. He placed the box on the table and swiftly went into his bed room.

"Quickly going to work I see without getting dressed. I'm glad you have such vigor for your work." Ezio said.

"N-not really." Leonardo managed to spit out while snatching up his shirt and pants and putting them on.

"How are things going, friend?"

"Fine. They are going really well." Leonardo made a face. He had forgotten to even start Ezio's designs. He's probably here for that. Leonardo walked out of his room white his white shirt and some pants this time. He wasn't very neat, but it would have to do. When he saw Ezio he had the box in his hands examining it. Leonardo panicked. Jolting over toward Ezio.

"Wait, please. I just finished it." Leonardo held himself back from snatching the box away. He held out his hands and waited for Ezio to place the box in them.

"It looks familiar to me." Ezio said as he pointed to the markings on the side of the box. "I've seen this type of metal before."

"You have?" Leonardo asked. Leonardo glanced at the box. A weird feeling fell over Leonardo as he looked the box's markings. He seemed to be lost in his own curiosity. Open it was what the box seemed to be telling him. Leonardo complied with the request.

The fall was instant. The feeling of vertigo hit Leonardo worse than a punch to the gut. Golden light blocked his vision. He felt an assault of pin pricks all over his body. Time was moving fast yet slow, all at once. He couldn't turn to see Ezio. He was alone in this desolate cold lite world. Leonardo had no strength to move. He felt he was laying down now. His body was underneath a heavy warm object.

"Leonardo." He heard his name being called. "Leonardo." The voice sounded familiar and distance. "Leonardo." I loud bang followed the last one. Leo woke up a jolt. His eyes stung from the sunlight from the window. His vision was blurred, but he could make out a female form. Claudia stood over him with a cooking pan and a spoon. "Honestly, dormiglione, breakfast is done and over with. I don't see why Ezio lets you sleep so late." She walked away her job completed.

Leonardo took more time to adjust. What just happened? Leonardo looked around the room. This was not his home. The air didn't spell of chalk and paint, but of cologne and fabric. The room was fit for a noble. The floor had Indian rugs. The bed was big and full of high quality fabric. When Leonardo uncovered himself a nice breeze awaited his unclothed body. Heavy oak chairs had clothes thrown over them. In a rush he picked them up.

"Who said you could get dressed?" Leonardo froze. The butterflies in his stomach were acid eating through his body. His was had now burned off from all the hot blood rushing up from the rest of his body to his head. Leonardo was grabbed from behind in a warm embrace. Kisses pelted his shoulder and moved up to his ear. "I wasn't done with you yet." Leonardo quivered as his ear was molested by the hot wet tongue. He was dizzy from the pleasure. When Ezio touched his shaft he nearly doubled over. When Ezio began to move up and down his gasp was more like inhaling air after being underwater for so long.

"Ez- Ezio." Leonardo wanted Ezio to stop. He wanted to understand what was going on. When he realized he was lying on his back, all thoughts left him. Seeing Ezio in front of him was the most beautifulness picture his eyes could have witness. Dark, brown hair flowed down boarder shoulders. A sinew torso hovered over him. A thin waist line down to a hard erection, running slick with pre cum. Ezio bent towards Leonardo placing his mouth on his. A courageous tongue broke through Leonardo's soft lips. Ezio ran his hands through Leonardo's lacey blonde hair. When Ezio broke the kiss Leonardo could only gasp for air. His head swaying in and out like an ocean. Leonardo could feel hands exploring his body. His nipples were being sucked and licked without mercy. When a warm wet mouth entwined his shaft the butterflies that were locked in his stomach came out as a loud moan. He gripped the rug with all his might as Ezio began to work up in down in long agonizing strides.

The pleasure was insane. Leonardo's mine was to dizzy to question anything. He was riding the waves of pleasure in this vast sea of ecstasy. Ezio took his mouth away and Leonardo couldn't help but whimper. Ezio spread Leonardo's legs apart. Ezio entered hard and quickly. Leonardo flinched from the sudden invasion making Ezio moan. Ezio's shaft was thick and hot inside of Leonardo.

"You… have to …stop squeezing me so hard." Ezio said through fits of breath. Leonardo's tight ass was wreaking havoc on his shaft. If he moved when Leonardo was like this he'd blown his load far too soon for this to be as fun as he wanted it.

Leonardo shook hard. His body was wrapped in warm ecstasy. Words didn't come to his mind. He wanted to say how good this felt wanted to call out Ezio's name, but only got out moans and incoherent syllables. When Leonardo didn't comply, Ezio removed himself from the warm entrance. He turned Leonardo, raising his butt so he can enter in him once more.

"Maybe this will make you more obedient." Ezio entered into Leonardo's entrance once again. Leonardo was much looser. Ezio began to move vigorously. His shaft slammed into the inner walls of Leonardo's insides. Leonardo was moaning thunderous. No shame from the pleasure that was happening.

Ezio reached around and grabbed hold on Leonardo. "Please. C-can't take more." Leonardo moaned as Ezio began to moving unmeditated. His strokes ripped decibels out of Leonardo's voice he didn't know he had. They both wet from kisses, wet from licking, and wet from sweating. Their bodies synched in rhythm with no beat. When Leonardo could not take anymore, his back arched hard and his body jerked up and climaxed hard. Ezio smiled and watched entertainingly as Leonardo's cum convulsed out of his shaft. As Ezio watched he sped up causing Leo to moan and arc harder than before. The spectacle made Ezio incredibly excited. He stiffed and climaxed inside of Leonardo. He bent down to kiss Leonardo moan all the while his shaft quivered in Leonardo's tight hole. This felt good.