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Chapter 5: Of Day and Night

I knew I was dreaming. There were a few subtle hints tossed in my direction which lead to such a conclusion on my part—Saix would be proud—one: upon glancing around I realized I was in Castle Oblivion, two: there were cloaked figures of the Organization poised on the platform above me, and three: they were the members from the incident with Naminé no doubt.

One cast his hood back, a curtain of vibrant pink hair falling out across his face. He brushed the loose strands out of his way to reveal an icy stare from a pair of ocean blue eyes. "Welcome, Axel," his voice echoed off the asylum-white walls of the corridor around me.

"Marluxia!" I snapped, summoning out my chakrams. Knowing him he was going to leap from the platform and slice me in half, so it was best I didn't take any chances.

Another member cast his hood back, silver locks fanning out in front of him. It was Zexion, the one I had so soullessly made Replica Riku erase. He leapt down from the platform, lexicon in hand. Ash gray energy leaked off of him like steam, forming a massive gray bat above him. It screeched, spreading its wings from wall to wall. Thumbs scraped against the floor as it slammed down, fangs barred in my direction.

I was dreaming. Otherwise I would be screwed. If Zexion was going to attack, all of them were. I cast a glare up at the others. First Vexen unveiled himself, green eyes glowing like emerald fire as a deep blue energy rose up around him, creating a polar bear. Larxene was next, her electric-yellow force melding into a bulky shark. Lexaeus's copper brown Elephant cried out like a trumpet, rocking the room like an aftershock. In turn Marluxia followed suit, the petal pink aura taking form of a dazzling stallion.

Yeah, I was screwed.

This was a dream. Just a dream.

Zexion was in my face, using my momentary distraction as an opening. "You'd better pay attention to your current opponent!" Paper sliced my forearms as I guarded my face, jumping backwards. I performed a hand-spring to land on my knees, swinging my chakrams' spokes into the floor. Pillars of fire erupted from the unevenly marked tile; the bat was hit first in the wing and chest, and Zexion managed to dodge. He encircled me with several clones—in unison they cast multiple spells of Aerora, and despite my best attempts to get out of the way I was caught in one vortex, cast aside like a rag doll which instantly floored me.

I caught my breath quickly, instinctively launching to my feet in time to avoid getting diced by the bat's thumbs. My chakrams soared into its neck, dispersing it into a cloud of ash. Zexion decked me in the face with a round-house kick, slamming me into the nearest pillar that supported the ceiling.

Then, I blacked out. It was only for a moment, because when I woke up I realized the room now reeked of smoke. Leaping from the rubble I found Zexion unconscious nearby, slightly charred along with the nice portion of the room.

I had lost control of my flames again.

It's just a dream, Axel. It's just a dream.

Without even thinking I tossed up my chakrams, deflecting a storm of ice shards. Vexen sprang into the air, spun, and used the momentum to chuck his shield at me. I ducked under the weapon, its spoke just skimming against my pulse point. In turn I summoned my chakrams and tossed it at my assailant. His bear caught the weapon in its teeth, crushing it into pathetic embers.

As its claws came up to mutilate me I exploded with fire again, my red energy taking shape of a lion. It lunged at the bear, the intense flames countering the ice energy with ease. The bear was destroyed, turning both our creatures into steam. Thinking quickly I rolled to my side just as Vexen stomped his foot down where I was only a second ago. He fired a casting of Thundara at me, but I was smarter. I threw up a wall of fire to block back the bolts; then drilled him in the chest with a stream of flames.

He somersaulted to his feet, summoning forth his shield-

A fireball crashed down upon his head, knocking him into the floor; a crater exploded around him a second later. I summoned out my chakrams, "WHO'S NEXT! COME AT ME!" My lion reappeared at my side, snarling, flaming claws digging into the tile.

Lexaeus was up. His axe-sword slammed down onto my chakrams and his elephant smashed its weight into my lion, crushing us both. My head spun, my body ached. GET UP. I reflexively rolled out from under a second attack and swung my heel at the back of knees. The larger Nobody toppled to the floor with a surprised cry. His elephant reared over me, preparing to squash me into a pancake, but my lion formed from the flames lingering around the room and sank its fangs into the bigger creature's hide.

The elephant screamed in agony, charging itself into the nearest pillar.

Lexaeus lifted me to my feet by the collar of my shirt, chucking me into the wall. I flipped into the power of his throw and landed against the wall with my knees bent, balls of my feet pressed into the stone, chakrams forming in my grasp. I launched at him with enough force to sink my spokes deep into his chest and shoulder. A smirk spread across my face, "Ka-Boom."

The room exploded with fire, obliterating the elephant still throwing a tantrum nearby and scorching Lexaeus into unconsciousness.

I collapsed to my knees. I'm exhausted… No, can't give up… Keep going… My vision doubled, blurred, rearranged itself. I've used too much energy… WAKE UP. WAKE UP!

Marluxia's stallion cried out, earning my attention. I lifted my head up with what little strength I still had. Marluxia and Larxene leapt from the platform above, sharing equally amused grins of triumph. "You betrayed us," Marluxia remarked, his stallion pawing the floor in agreement.

Larxene's fists sparked with electricity, "We don't appreciate traitors. But that's kind of ironic, isn't it?" Her shark seemed to swim through the air, levitating above the ground; it rubbed against her like an affectionate cat. "It seems you've wasted too much of your power. Little Lea has reached his limit~"

I dug my nails into the tattered tile beneath me, "Sh-shut up, Arleen!"

A scowl replaced her characteristic smirk, "Go to hell!" I was zapped with a powerful bolt of lightning that floored me instantly, but wasn't enough to knock me for a loop. "Sick 'em." Her shark snapped down onto my arm and hoisted me into the air, slinging me across the room with a single swing of its upper body.

Instead of impacting like I had thought I would, I was caught. Gently the person set me down on the ground, "Let me take it from here."

I massaged my throbbing brow when a mild headache came on, "I-Isa? How'd you…?"

He stood over me, radiating with aura, his wolf poised at his side. "Naminé must have connected our dreams. I sensed that you were having some… trouble, as always, so I came to lend my assistance… as always. Ugh, the things I do for you…"

I struggled to sit up, "Wait, Isa…Who's N-…"

My world suddenly spiraled into darkness.

I shot up with a start, collapsing out of a pod and landing face-first on the floor. My head spun momentarily until I could register how to breathe again; then my mind clicked back into place, yet it felt like part of my thought process was missing. I vaguely grasped my dream… but it diminished into shadows. Saix was still encased in his pod; the first glance at him brought back a steady timeline of memories.

We… came to see DiZ… and Sora… and ran from the Organization.

I accomplished relearning how to stand, using the wall as support, and after a minute of flexing my muscles I shambled over the table across the room. There was a picture of two figures, one that was me and the other Saix, colored in crayon. We weren't wearing the organization uniform, but we were still in black. We sat up on the clock tower watching the sunset.

The pod behind me split open and Saix toppled out, hitting the floor like a sandbag.

"Isa," I uttered, sliding my arms under his so I could easily drag him over to the single chair at the table. I sat him down with ease, "Hey, you're awake. Give it a few moments to wear off." He didn't respond—not that I expected him to—and rubbed his forehead. I propped myself up on the table and waited for him to regain consciousness.

"Lea," he muttered under his breath, "Is Sora awake?"

I glanced over at the other three pods, "No. Not yet."

"Then we need to wait. He's our only hope." His gaze shifted over to me, "Lea, about the dream… Do you remember any of it? I certainly don't."

"It feels like I didn't dream at all…" I swung my legs in the air playfully, "And at the same time I did. How long have we been asleep for, anyway? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? And what if Sora doesn't wake up at all?"

"Think positively," Saix told me sternly, "Otherwise I'm going to staple your lips together. Wait, why didn't I think of that before?"

I rolled my eyes skyward. You'd better wake up soon, Sora.