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There was only one thing she had wanted. Just one tiny little thing that she had spent forever trying to get. And now she wouldn't even get to make her wish, all thanks to some little blue creep with a Napoleon complex. All she could do was pace throughout this cell, watching helplessly as her wish went to ruin.

I'll never get the perfect boyfriend now.

The sky was pitch black until the Eternal Dragon flashed through the air, shining brilliantly and then staring back at Pilaf with red eyes. She fell back a little, stunned at its presence but even more infuriated that she wasn't the one out there. "Can't you try harder, Goku?"

"I'm trying Bulma! Hold on a sec..." The younger boy hopped up and stared at the small, circular hole carved into the grey jail cell. It was the window she had been staring out of, but it seemed Goku had other plans. "KAAA...MEE..."

She knew what was coming. Quickly, Bulma slid away from the hole, smiling to herself as she saw the beam of blue energy swirl around in the boy's hands.

"HAA...MEEE..." Goku then released his hand, letting the ball of pure energy fill the room, "HAAAA!"

Bulma closed her eyes, worried for a second that the powerful blast wouldn't even leave a dent. But to her luck, the wall crumpled and she was able to see Pilaf (and more importantly the dragon) mere feet away.

"Perfect! Move it or lose it!" She thundered past Goku and Yamcha, not caring that she may have stepped on the latter's hand. There was no way she was going to lose out on her wish now. "Look, little man." She positioned her hands on her hips as she approached the so called emperor, "I don't care about you or if you want to rule the world. Whatever, great for you."

"Bulma..." Oolong was approaching her, entirely confused on where she was going with this. Couldn't he see that not only was she going to save the world but...

She ignored him and went on, happy that she managed to hold Pilaf's attention away from the dragon. "Let me just say one thing." Bulma paused a minute to gather her thoughts. Now how should I phrase this...

"My patience dwindles." The reverberating voice of the dragon practically made her cringe. "Make your wish quickly."

Pilaf turned towards the towering green dragon and opened his mouth. But the words never escaped his lips. He was tossed aside aggressively by the young teenage girl. "Here's the wish! I wish I were with my perfect man!"


There seemed to be a consensual outburst of confusion at her words from her friends nearby and Pilaf and his lackeys. But it didn't matter. The one granting her perfect wish just seemed to slowly nod. "So be it."

At first she thought nothing was going to happen. She had wished to be with her perfect, brand new boyfriend, obviously because if she stayed here, it would mean she'd have to go through another one of Goku's fights. Bulma was already confident enough that the little boy would be more than fine without her. Eating all the bugs and lizards he wants while I'll be dining with some charming...dashing...

Her thoughts fell back in her head as she saw the dragon's red eyes flash sharply. Their light seemed to emit across the dark landscape, hazing the atmosphere in a bloody red screen. A rush of cold fear crept through her body as her vision suddenly went black. She could no longer hear the appalled remarks of her friends or the crackling of the lightning from the sky. All she saw was black. All she could hear was silence. It was strangely deafening.

Her body felt suddenly constricted, tightly packed like she was being forced into some weird tube. The blackness seemed to envelop her, crushing her ribs and, yet, at the same time propelling her upwards. The air was extremely thin around her, and she felt as if she might pass out. What's going on?

She couldn't help but think that maybe these dragon balls weren't exactly the perfect wish granters like she had originally thought. Her body seemed to be stuck in this black void, and she thought it might take an eternity before she could see again.

But it was really only a few more seconds.

The hum of artificial lighting was the first thing she noticed. Then the soft electric hue of the overhead lamp came into focus as she realized she was flat on her back, pressed against a very cold floor. "Ow." Bulma tried to sit up, but found her head extremely heavy. The weird room was suddenly spinning, and she fell back on the ground, nauseated.

"What the hell was that?" She seemed to be seeing things. Rubbing her blue eyes harshly, she tried to refocus, but this...this wasn't right. She wasn't on some romantic coastline or fancy French restaurant. There was no tall, dark, handsome man running up to her, ready to fully embrace her.

This room she was in was practically barren. Just grey white walls, a desk with neatly stacked papers, and one bed in the corner. It was like a prison cell, only less cheery. Slowly, Bulma went to her feet, hands close to her sides in slight fear. Where am I?

She went to the desk to try and look at the papers, but they were all written in some strange alphabet she'd never seen before. "Weird." Her hands then fumbled through the drawers in a small attempt to figure out her location, but all she saw were wraps of gauze and a pair of strange glasses with only one lens.

"Well, I'm not staying in here all day." Bulma went up to the weird door, but saw that it would only open under a series of codes. "Oh great." She turned her attention to the keypad next to it. "Come on, Bulma. You're gonna be head of Capsule Corp. one day...the least you can do is hack one measly code." But she couldn't even read the numbers. It was unlike any language she had seen before, and she wasn't exactly uneducated. She counted the numbers off silently in her head, starting first with one of the more common codes. 1,2,3,4.

Bulma wasn't surprised to see the keypad silently flash and then go back to normal, the door still locked shot. "Okay...let's give it another try." But those numbers didn't seem to work either. She grunted to herself and then pressed another code, knowing this was all probably a little hopeless.

"JUST OPEN!" She reentered another series of numbers, praying that the metal door would finally let her leave this boring, cramped room, but it seemed that after the 5th try, the door finally had enough. As her fingers touched the enter button, a piercing alarm suddenly went off. Red light flashed throughout the room making her cringe back onto the lone, tiny bed. Her heart started pounding at the noise.

It only took a second for her to really figure it out.

Scary alarms. Tiny, uncomfortable beds. Locks on doors that prevent you from leaving.

I'm in jail.

She bit her lip.

Oh no...What if the guy I love is a murderer?

Bulma shook her head, trying to calm herself. But she just inched onto the bed more, hugging her knees to her chest.

Or what if I'm in some kind of asylum? What if he's some psycho?

The red flashes just kept going, she could hear yelling now throughout the hall, some in English and some in some weird language very unfamiliar.

Her heart kept plunging deeper and deeper into her chest. What if he's a psychopathic murderer?

She couldn't help but smile slightly at that. Yeah right, Bulma, like the eternal dragon would really send you to a psycopat-

"SIR! The alarm sprang from Vegeta's quarter's sir!"


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