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It was tight...wherever she was. And that place was most likely heaven considering the last situation she was in.

Tight and dark.

Not really what she was expecting at all. She always thought heaven would be a little more...open. And white. Lots of white. But all she saw was darkness.

Try opening your eyes, genius.

Bulma did and immediately jumped.

There was the sky; it was night. She was resting on some soft, though lumpy bed. The stars gleamed as they rushed passed...rather quickly. "Huh?" Bulma turned her head and jumped again. She wasn't on some comfortable, though uneven, bed like she originally thought. "Vegeta?"

The Saiyan Prince was underneath her, sitting upright with his eyes closed. Bulma was on his lap, her head cramped on the right side of the tiny space pod. She poked him in the shoulder, too eager and curious to let him sleep. "Vegeta?"

"Annoying as ever, Girl." He popped one eye open, "Perhaps I should have left you with Zarbon."

She smiled, that answering one of the main questions in her mind. "You did come."

"Stop looking at me like that!" Vegeta shuffled, causing Bulma to fall off of him a little.

But Bulma moved back, holding him around the neck and burying her head into his shoulder, letting the light tears fall. "You saved me! How did you know? How did you know what he was doing? Thank you Vegeta! Thank you!"

"Get off of me!" But his push on her was rather light. "I told you, Girl. I was training. On my break, I went passed Zarbon's room to see if you were finished. My scouter detected that your power level rose to an 8, which for you may as well be a Super Saiyan, and then suddenly declined."

Bulma wiped her wet eyes and looked back at him, "A Super Saiyan?"

"Forget it. The large fluctuation in your power level warned me something was off."

She rubbed her temple, trying to remember. "I...saw a wall explode."

"It was the door. And it didn't explode. I just forced it open."

Her grip was around him once more, tears falling harder. "How did I...how did I get here?"

"I brought you with me." He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "They did not authorize Nappa and I three pods. I was unfortunate enough to be stuck with you. And Girl! Stop it! You're getting my uniform soaked!"

"Sorry...sorry..." But she still cried, gripping Vegeta so tightly, while the Saiyan just sat there.

"You're an awful liar." He placed his hand on her back, lightly. Bulma half laughed at his effort, and stopped crying, resting her head on the prince's shoulder instead. Her heart felt heavy when he didn't ask her to move. He just continued talking. "Besides, I couldn't have you dead."

Her smile or the prince's proximity made her incredibly warm, "And why's that?"

"You still need to tell me about the Saiyan."

"Oh." Her voice fell. Stupid, stubborn Saiyan. Saves my life...making me almost think that possibly he could have been the one the dragon balls meant. Bulma looked back at his stoic face. I'm the one who's stupid.


Bulma moved back from him a little. "You want me to tell you now?"

"We're going to be on this thing for 11 months. I don't see why not."

11 months like this? Though she didn't particularly mind sitting on the Saiyan now, she was sure she would not feel the same 11 minutes, let alone 11 months from now. "Fine. But only if you tell me why you hate Nappa so much."

Vegeta's glare burned on her skin, "I don't hate Nappa..."

"And you call me a liar!"

"If you expect me to give you information, Girl, don't interrupt!" Vegeta shifted again and directed his gaze to the circular window in front of them. "I don't trust Nappa. Frieza took me from my home when I was a little boy."

Bulma could feel his larger intake of breath, but she didn't want to interrupt, too curious and happy that Vegeta was finally opening up.

"But he did not kidnap me as I may have led you to believe."

What? She kept her mouth closed.

"I was handed over to him by my father, King Vegeta. He gave me to him, traded me to that bastard like property. Nappa was responsible for seeing the plan through."

"Vegeta..." She went closer to him again. "Perhaps Nappa was just following orders."

"Orders? He swore an oath to protect me! Instead, he handed me over to the devil." The edge in his voice was something she had only heard associated with Frieza.

"Fine." Bulma turned around, laying her back on the Saiyan's chest. "We don't like him."


"So now what, Vegeta? We sit here for months and months?"

"Hardly." Vegeta pointed to a button. "This is the hibernation unit that puts you into a comatose state for the designated time period. We should wake about 20 minutes before landing."

"Oh great!" Bulma moved to touch the button, but Vegeta grabbed her hand.

"Girl, the Saiyan."

Oh...well, I guess I can trust him now. He did save my life. "I think my friend Goku might be one."

"Goku?" Vegeta scoffed, "That is not a Saiyan name."

Bulma huffed, "Well he doesn't know he is a Saiyan! I don't think so at least. But I had been traveling with him for a while, before I um...traveled into space for my dad that is. But yeah, me, Goku, Yamcha..."

"Yamcha? Was that the disgusting other odor I smelled on your body when you first came here?"

Bulma scratched her head, "Maybe? How do you even remember what I smelled like anyway?"

He turned his head, "That's not your concern."

"Right...anyway, he has a tail like you and is really strong. He eats like a pig as well."

"Interesting." Vegeta pressed a button on his scouter, "I wonder why a Saiyan was sent to your planet and left it supposedly intact. Maybe Nappa would know."

"Intact? What do you mean?"

"Nothing that concerns you." Vegeta turned off his scouter, disregarding the idea. "My legs are losing their blood circulation already, Girl. Must you be so heavy?"

"Shut up." She leaned back on the Saiyan, trying to force more of her weight on him He groaned in response. "Hey, Vegeta?"

"What could you possibly desire more than crushing me?"

Bulma grinned, "I just thought of something...since when do you take breaks while training?"

There was a long pause before the Saiyan just leaned forward and pressed the button for the gas. "Just go to sleep."

11 months felt like 11 seconds, and the majority of those seconds were spent waiting for the hibernation unit to sink in.

It smelled sickly at first, like some chemical some scientist made in the labs back at Capsule Corp., but that thought soon vanished as her eyes closed, drifting off into the longest sleep of her life. But the darkness was fleeting, lasting an instant maybe only a breath.

She was nudged awake softly by an elbow, waking to see one frowning Saiyan Prince. "Get up, Girl. Your snoring will alert the whole planet we're here."

"Grumpy as always, Vegeta." Her eyes immediately flashed upwards at her surroundings.

This place was new. No metal, no grey. The air around her felt different, not like the openness of Earth or the heavily treated feeling inside Frieza's space station. It felt stuffy and warm, the atmosphere holding this almost sickly orange glow. Her whole body felt heavy as she tried to move out of the space pod and towards the Saiyan.

"...Why would Frieza want a planet like this?"

The grass, even the parts untouched by the two space pods, seemed black and fried. Dead trees lined the surrounding area, looking like thin sticks stuck in a dead field.

"Karbos." Vegeta crossed his arms and eyed Bulma slightly as she wobbled over, "What is your problem?"

"The gravity here..." Bulma slowly raised her arm. The action didn't hurt, but it was still a whole lot harder than what she was used to. She tried to push herself into a run, but fell flat on her butt. "Oh, but don't worry about me! Just keep walking along as if I'm not being crushed here!"

He scoffed, "You're fine. Get up and try not to be a bother. I don't want to regret my decision." Vegeta's head turned as Nappa's space pod opened, letting the large Saiyan get out and stretch his legs.

"Hey, Vegeta!"

Bulma wondered how the balding man could address him so casually. He helped sell Vegeta's childhood, but the brute just acted like they were almost buds.

"Nappa, we'll need to scout for a location to store my cargo." Vegeta gestured to Bulma with a slight movement of his head. Jerk. He pressed the red button on the side of his scouter. "Population of 89.7 million."

Nappa walked forward, smirking at the slight resistance in the air. "I like it here. Harsh air, dark orange sky. It's almost like Vegeta-sei."

"Hmph." With one quick motion, Vegeta gathered Bulma in his arms, "I want half of them gone by the end of the week."

She made a slight noise as Vegeta scooted her body up, over his shoulders with his arms wrapped tightly around her knees. What is he talking about? "I can walk on my own, you know!"

Vegeta ignored her. "I'll find us a location to camp. You find the being with the highest power level and dispose of him."

"Yes, Vegeta." Nappa pressed the button on his own scouter and grinned, "Barely a challenge. The gravity here is only a quarter of what Vegeta-sei was. These creatures are weak. We might not even have to go out at nightfall."

Vegeta's dark eyes strayed to look at the girl on his shoulder, "Perhaps." He started hovering, making Bulma grip onto the back of his armor in shock. "You have two hours to find me. Get going!"

With a quick nod of the head, Nappa was gone.

Bulma's blue eyes widened in pure shock. The balding Saiyan was gone in an instant, which really wasn't too weird because Vegeta did it all the time. But what was weird is that Nappa seemed to have blasted off, almost as if he just... "ARE YOUR FEET OFF THE GROUND?"

Vegeta made a satisfied kind of huff. His hands trailed from the middle of her back down to the crook in her knees, making her body shiver...in a surprisingly good way. "Don't tell me the Saiyan you know can't even fly."

"...Is that what Nappa did back there? Can you fly?"

"Hmph. Of course." He pulled her body up even further over his shoulder. It was terribly uncomfortable. Vegeta's muscular but lean frame dug into her stomach.

And what was with this guy? He could shoot lasers from his hand, had ridiculous strength and speed, and could fly? Can all Saiyans do this? Will Goku be this powerful if he's trained right? Vegeta was like an Earthly super hero.

"Where are those blasted Capsules, Girl?"

Minus the whole hero part.

She hit him futilely on the back of his armor. "Stop holding me like a sack!"

He actually obliged her request, dropping her recklessly from about a foot off the ground. Bulma plopped on her butt, the impact coming faster and harder than she would have expected due to the increased gravity. "Asshole."

"Weakling." But for some reason, Vegeta held out his white gloved hand, offering it to her. At her slight hesitation to grab it, the Saiyan grunted, "Just take it, Girl. I won't wait for you much longer."

Bulma grabbed his hand and slowly walked over to Vegeta's space pod. She was slightly distracted by the numerous controls, the foreign alien technology making her mind tick in that familiar, clinical way again. But Vegeta's imposing presence behind her made her brain focus. "You didn't grab the silver box?"

"Of course I did." Vegeta moved past her, picked up her father's invention from deep within the pod, and released the trigger, causing a brief puff of smoke to appear. The smoke dissipated, revealing Bulma's silver case full of different capsules. "I just wanted you to pick the one that has the capabilities of storing these space pods."

Bulma flashed a grin, "Well, all of them do! But these ones should be empty...my motorcycles got kind of trashed recently." He's just lucky I managed to swipe these back from Pilaf.

"When you were traveling for your father in space?" Vegeta narrowed his eyes. "You will tell me how you eve managed to sneak into my room, Girl, so expertly. Especially when I hear you didn't know the passcode to exit."

She bit her lip at this topic. Vegeta had never really pushed her existence on Frieza's space station too much. And she was, in no way, prepared to answer that question. "I thought you didn't care about that."

"I didn't. Your presence was an opportunity for me to extort Zarbon, but seeing that plan fail incredibly due to your uselessness, I feel no reason why you shouldn't tell me."

Crap. Bulma steered away from the questions, encapsulating the pods instead and placing them into her metal case, which she also encapsulated. "So what do you do here exactly, Vegeta?"

He noticeably tensed at the question, "Do not change the subject."

"You're the one so focused on 'not wasting time'. Why waste time asking me questions that don't matter anymore when you could be answering questions relevant to our current situation?"

His hands were immediately around her waist again, and she was tossed over his right shoulder, like a bag of flour. "You arrived undetected, Girl." She heard Vegeta breathe out smoothly, almost hesitant to continue, "It goes to say that someone could leave the same way."

"I don't know how to escape, Vegeta. I'm sorry." It was the truth. The stillness and quiet nature of her voice convinced Vegeta of her honesty. Her hand strayed to the lower part of his back, where she rubbed the area right above his tail in tiny circles. "I disabled your tracker."

His back muscles tensed under her, "What?"

"Well...I hacked your new scouter so that you can disable the tracker. Normally that thing just keeps running and running, and I figured if you ever, you know."

"I don't understand you, Girl."

She was almost sure that if she could see his face, he may have been smiling. "Well, that makes two of us."

The cave they found was dismal but surprisingly very large. This planet was humid and had this eerie glow that Nappa insisted was comforting. Glad I've never been to Vegeta-sei. Sounds awful.

He came back with blood splattered all over his uniform, which made Bulma cringe, but honestly, it wasn't the worst she had seen. Though the way Vegeta reacted would have someone think Nappa tossed a severed head at her feet.

"Idiot! What do you think you're doing walking in like that? The Girl will most likely puke."

"Please Vegeta." She took off her shoes and crashed onto the ground, the gravity making her feel a little dizzy. "I've seen you come in bloodier than that all the time. What happened to you, Naps? Fly into a cliff?"

Nappa smirked and wiped the blood from his face. It didn't really help. "Nope. Just squashed a bug."

"Oh good." The Saiyans both looked shock at her casual response. "Well since you're done killing...whoever, is it time to go back now?"

Bulma watched Vegeta's eyes narrow behind his scouter. "What did you say?"

"It's obvious what you guys are trained to do." Bulma shrugged, "Like I said, Vegeta, I'm not stupid. You two are soldiers."

"We're not simple soldiers. We're Elite Saiyan warriors."

"Same difference." She smiled, watching Vegeta put a hand on Nappa's chest, stopping the older Saiyan from approaching her. "Point is you're trained to kill. And now that you killed probably the leader of this freaky planet, we can leave, right?"

It made her a little sick to think about. There was no way she would ever condone killing anyone unless maybe for self defense. But, she justified, in some convoluted way, this was for self defense. Nappa and Vegeta had to do Frieza's bidding or be killed. Though that didn't really make her any less disgusted with the idea.

Nappa's black moustache lifted slightly as he smiled fiendishly. "She's not as dumb as she looks, Vegeta."

The prince himself seemed slightly taken aback by what she said, but he only showed it for an instant. "It involves more than that, Girl."

"Like treaties and stuff?" Bulma hesitated, "...well, knowing Frieza, probably more like breaking some treaties."

"Treaties?" Nappa laughed, "Sure, Girl, we break a whole lot of treaties here. I'm actually thinking about heading out to do that tonight. Scouter says it's the last night of the full moon in this place."

"Fine, whatever." Vegeta's deep voice seemed even more uncaring than normal. He sat down, opposite end of the cave from Bulma. "I'll find food."

Nappa's eyes seemed to darken at his prince's response. But he didn't say anything, knowing better. "Alright. How much should I leave for you?"

"Half gone by the end of the week." He reiterated his orders, and Nappa smiled, sitting down next to Vegeta and stretching out his muscles.


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