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Maybe she was over reacting. All the smirks and secrets, it could have been some cruel Saiyan joke. She wouldn't put it past either of them, trying to scare her like that. But, then again, it would have made sense. All of their training, all of their unbelievable power. They were probably powerful enough to destroy this planet with a single blast. But to actually do something that horrible? She couldn't actually think that Vegeta would do something like killing an entire race. Wasn't that the entire reason he hated Frieza? For destroying practically all of the Saiyans? But then again, Vegeta wasn't the one calling the shots.

Frieza was the sickest person she would probably ever meet. She had only met him for a couple of minutes, but she knew that he was basically pure evil: no heart, a hollow soul, and a manipulative brain that fed off of seeing other people squirm and obey him. He made Vegeta, the Prince of All Saiyans and a pretty stubborn pain in the ass, shake in his sleep.

And, if she had to think about it scientifically, it just wouldn't be, well, efficient.

Why would he want a planet with survivors?

It'd be too much of a hassle, wouldn't it? Frieza wanted to turn this place into some sort of resort and spa, and wouldn't the rebellious natives sort of put a damper on those plans? Zarbon had said that Frieza had only allowed her to live because he liked her. What did the alien do to the people he didn't know? Especially when they lived on planets he wanted?

But she couldn't think that Vegeta would just go along with this. Sure, it was self defense in that twisted logic sort of way, but killing innocent people? All for what?

Bulma suddenly missed Goku. Her problems back on Earth seemed like nothing now. Emperor Pilaf couldn't hold a candle to Frieza or Zarbon or even the lowest of the tyrant's foot soldiers. Heck, she remembered when her little gang was worried about Yamcha, a guy who seemed more terrified of her than anything else. He was kind of cute too. Maybe it would have all worked out if I had just stayed on Earth.

She wished they were here with her, but then immediately regretted the idea. Goku, the sweet, naïve kid that he was, would probably challenge Frieza. And she couldn't see that ending in the little Saiyan's favor. Vegeta would think Goku was a Saiyan disgrace, most likely, and Yamcha? She didn't even know what the Saiyan Prince would venture to say about the desert bandit who was too afraid to talk to a girl. Bulma half smirked to herself. If she were ever to return, she may have to help that cute guy get over that little phobia.

But there was no going back now. She had no idea where she was. It was 11 months away by space travel from Frieza's station, but who knows how far away that was from Earth? She retained a sniffle, still pretending to be asleep around the awake Saiyans. Will I ever be home again? She hadn't minded so much before, so consumed with her wish and Vegeta's antics. But the truth was, she was only a young teenager. She was still a girl, not ready for space travel or impossibly strong aliens who thrived off of possible genocide.

The beeping of both Vegeta's and Nappa's scouters made her open her eyes for a brief moment.

"Vegeta, there's about two hundred of them coming directly towards us."

She recognized Vegeta's voice reply, "Power levels aren't too high...highest only around 1500 or so."

Bulma was still pretending to be asleep. It was a sad attempt at spying, but if this wish had taught her anything, she learned that she was a pretty terrible snoop. But she gave it a shot anyway in an effort to figure out what the Saiyans' true intentions were. They're not revealing anything about this 'assignment' though. What are they talking about?

"What do we do?"

"What do you think?" Vegeta's rough voice responded. "You fly out and meet them. I'm taking the girl away from here."

Nappa snorted, "Still protecting her? Just leave her here. I know this stage is hard, Vegeta, but it's better if you just let her die. Two hundred of them..."

Bulma had to greatly repress the urge to just shout, but she knew she had to stay quiet. Vegeta was being eerily hushed about the whole thing. She listened to the Saiyan Prince slowly approach her, white boots hitting the ground softly.


Her heart jumped hearing his voice so close to her body. Bulma vaguely thought that maybe Vegtea finally did have enough of her and now he was going to follow the older Saiyan's less than humane advice. Please don't hurt me.

"See Vegeta? She's a weak girl. You've barely even touched her since we've gotten here. You're bored with her."

"Nappa." He was biting back something, but what, Bulma didn't know. His voice was ridden with a sense of aggression. She felt all her willpower focusing on trying to not run away, the air seeming incredibly thick, especially with the excess gravity. "Go there. Kill them all. I don't care how. It would have taken them days to organize an attack of this magnitude. You obviously pissed them off with your little Oozaru stunt."

"Yes, sir. But the girl..."

She felt her body being lifted, and once again, she was tossed over Vegeta's shoulder like a large sack. "She's coming with me. Oh, and Nappa..."

"Yes, Vegeta?"

"If you come back alive, I may just have to kill you myself."

Bulma noticeably flinched on Vegeta's back, but if the Saiyan noticed, he didn't show it at all. His body remained perfectly stoic, with a burning glare directed towards his former bodyguard. She heard a large sigh and rustle of materials before the older Saiyan's voice blurted, "You mated with her, didn't you?"

WHAT? Bulma immediately gripped at the back of Vegeta's armor.


There was a rush of wind before Nappa was gone. Vegeta seemed to wait a couple of seconds before leaving the cave himself, checking Bulma's pocket first to see if the little capsule was inside. Immediate relief swept through her body, realizing that Vegeta wasn't going to hurt her. She smiled to herself, feeling secure and having something even more curious plague her mind. Why is he doing this?

"I don't know what the fuck you're doing to me, Girl."

She didn't know whether or not Vegeta knew she was awake. But the Saiyan Prince started hovering, before rushing off into flight. The sky whipped past her so fiercely, but Bulma held back from gripping too tightly, trying to maintain her illusion of sleep. And besides, Vegeta was holding her tightly enough.

Bulma could barely hear him over the rush of air, "I don't know whether or not to kill you or keep you with me at all times."

Her heart was pounding furiously, the exhilarating nature of flying plus Vegeta's surprising words completely throwing her off. She couldn't keep her mouth shut this time, "Option two please."

Vegeta stopped short, causing Bulma's body to jerk forward, her face now facing his. "What?" She watched his dark eyes blink in confusion, obviously not realizing she was awake.

"Even though you're a major pain in the ass, I still rather be with you than dead, Vegeta."


He looked so different like this. His black, flame tipped hair was slightly battered from the wind, but within seconds, it rebounded back to its normal state, causing Bulma to giggle inwardly. Vegeta's dark eyes were so...unnerving, but in the best sense. It boggled her how five minutes earlier, she was considering him to be a terrible murderer, but now, all she saw was a lost, confused boy.

A handsome boy too.

His strong arms had released her slightly, letting her chest press up directly against his own. She listened to him breathe, listened to his heart beat, his lips move, trying to say words that his brain probably couldn't really comprehend.

It was then her mind snapped.

How could she be so stupid? Wasn't she supposed to be a genius? Couldn't she solve advanced mechanics problems in half the time than top physics professors? Didn't she build her first robot when she was seven years old? And yet...it took her so long to figure out this?

"I was in your room."

He narrowed his eyes, frustrated that his thoughts were interrupted. "What?"

She smiled profusely. "It wasn't Zarbon's room. The dragon didn't send me to Zarbon."

"Girl, what the Hell are you talking about? What dragon?"

"The Eternal Dragon! He sent me to you!" Bulma reached her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her body. She relished in the fact that he didn't flinch, that he seemed to actually respond positively to her sudden show of affection. And she could definitely get used to being so close to him. Unlike Zarbon, his whole body screamed warmth, and her own seemed to feed off of it, like he was producing some kind of energy that made her perfectly insatiable. She was suddenly pulled away from the Saiyan by Vegeta himself, and she prepared for the impending snide comment. Bulma sighed, beating him to it, "What is it this time? I'm too disgusting for such close contact? Is this vulgar behavior as well?"

But Vegeta said nothing. He just shook his head and leaned forward, pushing his pointed nose against her neck, brushing his chin against her cheek. Hot air came in contact with her face, causing her own breath to quicken. "Shhh." His lips were dangerously close to hers, and Bulma became incredibly grateful that they were so high in the air, the blowing wind cooling off her burning forehead.

Yet that didn't last long, for soon Vegeta pressed his own forehead against hers before sliding back down to her neck, whispering, "You talk far too much, Girl."


They stayed stationary like that for a while, Bulma losing all ability to speak and Vegeta having no desire to. He continued to examine her neck and cheekbones, rubbing certain areas gently with his lips as his grip around her waist seemed to tighten. She had never been so close to anyone before, not counting Zarbon, which she immediately chose not to. And even though she was practically staying still, she never felt such a rush. She jumped as Vegeta let one hand loose from her waist, producing a smirk on the Saiyan's face. "You really think I'd drop you now?"

Instead, his free hand just glided up across her skin, trailing along her arms which caused tiny hairs to stand perfectly on end. His warm hand roughly grazed against her neck, a spot he had once hurt when they originally met. And now...now she just wanted him to touch her there more, her mind swimming.

"Hmm." Bulma smiled, relaxing under his hard yet careful touches. "I don't." She leaned forward, expecting the prince to meet her half way. But to her astonishment he only recoiled his head.

"What are you doing?" His hand stopped moving and resettled around her waist, creating some distance between them

Her immediate reaction was to be terribly insulted. Bulma felt her cheeks flush red in embarrassment and annoyance, but then she actually focused on his face.

He didn't hold that pissed off look, well no more than he usually did. Vegeta just seemed genuinely confused, making her smile grow. "Guess I need to start out slow." Who thought I'd be the one making the moves...

She didn't intend on doing anything drastic, but she did find it horribly strange that Vegeta was so clueless about this. He seemed totally aware of the more serious form of intimate expression, but kissing? Not so much.

"Just relax." She was certainly no expert on this, having only one awful experience of it in her life. And now that she was staring at the Saiyan, face to face, she suddenly felt incredibly self conscious. But she leaned in anyway, planting a delicate kiss right on his left cheek. "I'm not going to..."

The beep of his scouter made him curse vehemently. Vegeta immediately pulled back, much to Bulma's dismay, and tossed Bulma's body back over his shoulder. "This power level is far too high for any creatures on Karbos. Hold on."

He didn't have to tell her twice.

Whatever speed Vegeta was going before seemed to increase tenfold. Her mind was spinning from that brief, though totally memorable interaction they just had and with the added increase of speed. Bulma was suddenly feeling incredible nauseous.

"Damn it!" Vegeta suddenly powered down, into, what looked like a desolate city. He tossed her carelessly off of his shoulder and onto the ground, where she barely missed a piece of jagged metal. Talk about ruining the mood.

Bulma stood up, ignoring the weight of the air around here, and started to approach the Saiyan, "Vegeta what's..."

"Go back there, Girl. Hide. Now." Vegeta's eyes weren't even on her. His attention was purely focused on his scouter, on the being coming closer and closer to them.

"But where do you want me to go?"

He turned around at that, dark eyes glancing around the wasteland. "There. Behind that building. Run there and try not to make a sound."

She waited for the biting remark about her talking or whimpering or annoying giggles, but it never came. Vegeta was incredibly serious, and it terrified her. "Okay." She slowly turned around from the Saiyan, blue eyes wide, before retreating to the damaged structure a couple of yards away.

The ground was extremely gritty on her legs as she scrambled down into her hiding place. This once circle shaped structure was totally dismantled, falling sideways to create a giant upright sphere. She pressed her back against the metal surface, only looking beyond her hiding place when she heard something land where Vegeta was standing.

The man...or boy seemed to be around Vegeta's age, maybe a year or two younger or older; she couldn't really tell. He was dressed similarly to Vegeta, although in darker colors, with thick, messy black climbing down the length of his back. Bulma flinched and turned around when her eyes caught sight of the furry brown limb wrapped around his waist.

Another Saiyan?


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