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Vegeta smirked as the other Saiyan landed in front of him and crossed his arms. "Raditz."

"Vegeta." Raditz lowered his head in slight recognition of his prince and then straightened his back before coughing, "How have you been?"

"Don't play nice with me, Raditz. What the Hell are you doing here?" The Saiyan Prince glanced up at the sky briefly. "And who's here with you? You're power level is not the one the scouter detected."

He had not seen Raditz for at least a year, probably two now with the added travel time to Karbos. Frieza had sent the third class warrior on his own purging mission on a lesser planet to try and hone his fighting technique, but Vegeta had his doubts on its purpose. He was probably just trying to get him killed. Frieza's afraid to have too many monkeys around. He couldn't suppress the slight smile at the thought.

"I arrived back at the space station a couple days after you and Nappa left. Frieza immediately sent me after you." Raditz raised an eyebrow, "What did you do to piss Zarbon off so badly?"

Vegeta narrowed his eyes, seeming to think before turning around to the dilapidated sphere, "Girl! Come out! It's just Raditz!"


He smirked hearing her response and then slowly crawled out of her hiding spot, brushing off the dirt and stains from her hair and clothes. Bulma walked slowly towards the two Saiyans and looked at Raditz with a newfound interest. " Hey, have we met?"

The Saiyan did not answer her but instead turned to Vegeta, "...What is that?" His dark eyes glanced up and down at Bulma before turning fully to his prince.

"That? I'm a girl. Don't tell me all Saiyans are this dim-witted."

Vegeta ignored her outburst, "I've been keeping her around for my own pleasure. She was a prisoner on Frieza's ship. Zarbon took a liking to her as well, but we can see who won out in the end. She's surprisingly smart and may know the secret to performing the Power Ball technique."

"She does? But how would this weak girl know anything like that?"

The Saiyan Prince rolled his eyes, trying to ignore Bulma's heated body next to him. Raditz, though close to Vegeta's age, had never had these annoying adolescent behavioral tendencies. And as much as Vegeta's cheeks burned from what the Girl had done earlier, he had to remain focus on this new arrival. "She's apparently a genius on the rock she comes from."

"Which would be?"

Vegeta shrugged, "Some place called Earth."

He didn't know what he had said, but Raditz immediately looked panicked. His eyes grew large behind the scouter, and the Saiyan clenched his fists in fury. "WHAT? EARTH?"

"Hey, you know about Earth?" Bulma walked a little closer, extremely curious, but Vegeta held up his arm, stopping her from approaching Raditz anymore. Bulma opened her mouth in a small gasp, "What's wrong?"

Raditz seemed to reign in his anger, "Your planet...is it peaceful?"

Bulma shrugged, "Comparatively to the places you guys probably go to. Is that a bad thing?"

The long haired Saiyan looked like he was holding back a string of curses, but managed to refrain. He instead turned back to Vegeta, who watched his actions very closely. "Prince Vegeta, my brother was sent to planet Earth when he was a baby."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at that, not entirely shocked. No wonder that planet still seems to be intact. Raditz's little brother is probably a worse fighter than he is. "Well, that would explain the Girl's Saiyan odor when we first met."

"Your brother is Goku?" Bulma pushed Vegeta's arm away and approached Raditz fully. "I guess you do sort of look like him! Though he's a lot shorter and younger. Wow! So are you his older brother? And do all of you Saiyans have such crazy hair?"

Raditz raised an eyebrow at all her questions, but simply went back to ignoring her. "I don't understand what happened. My brother should have..."

"What was your brother's name again, Raditz?" Vegeta quickly cut him off, sending his subordinate a wary look. "That Girl keeps calling him some disgusting nonsense. Was it Chicory? Kumquat?"

"Kakarot, Vegeta." Raditz shook his head, "Sir, if you don't mind, I'd like to speak to you."

Vegeta shrugged, "As far as I can tell, you already are."

"I mean, away from the Earth girl."

"Fine." Though he didn't fully feel comfortable leaving Bulma unguarded in now a hostile planet, he knew he also needed to talk to Raditz alone. The weak fool will just scare her. Vegeta shook his head at the crazy thought. What did he care if she got scared? Why did he feel this compelling need to protect her? Fuck this. "Over there." He pointed to a distance far away and then turned back to Bulma, "Back in your hiding place, Girl. Don't move. Not even if it's Nappa."

Bulma sighed. "As you wish, your highness." She cracked a smile and got up, scooting down behind the sphere.

"This better be interesting, Raditz." Vegeta hesitantly flew up, covering about a mile or so before landing with the other Saiyan by his side. He couldn't help but look back to the broken down city he had just abandoned. What are you worrying so much about? He needed to focus on calming Raditz down, and, more importantly, figuring out who else was sent with him.

"I'm confused about Kakarot. I was alerted that he had an extremely low power level as a baby, but Earth shouldn't have been a problem for him at all. I thought he might have died some other way since it was taking him so long, but this girl seems to actually know who he is." Raditz clenched his hands together, biting harshly on his teeth. "And the worst part is she actually seems to be friends with Kakarot when he should really have torn her to shreds!"

The prince suddenly had an overwhelming urge to punch Raditz in the face, but he just breathed out instead, not wanting to incite the Saiyan, especially when he seemed incredibly off kilter. Vegeta crossed his arms in an attempt to level his mind. "Kakarot obviously failed his mission. And so be it, one last planet to hand over to Frieza."

Raditz spat, "It's a disgrace to the Saiyan race." But Vegeta couldn't help but notice the other Saiyan's eyes wander to the city behind them. "Though if I knew they had creatures like that on the planet, I would have volunteered to go there myself."

"Hmph." Vegeta's voice became dangerously low, "Don't even think about it."

"We're finally growing up, aren't we Vegeta?" Raditz's curved smile soon flattened seeing Vegeta's completely disgruntled expression. "So you plan on keeping her?"

The prince's dark eyes shifted back to the ground. "I intended on seeing if she could unlock the secrets to the Power Ball technique."

"But now?"

Vegeta paused at the third class's question. His scouter lacked the capabilities to find coordinates for planets he had never been to, and it would be another year before he could use Frieza's database. And then there was this small, but horribly persistent thought in his mind that he wouldn't send her home. He would keep her here, with him. That searing sensation on his cheek was practically a poison, driving his thoughts into this constricting spiral. This girl was supposed to be nothing. Absolutely nothing. But no matter how often he tried to pound that thought into his mind, Bulma managed to slide herself deeper and deeper, embedding herself into his brain. What the fuck was that?

He was almost sure she was going to hit him when she started to close the distance between them when they were in the air, but instead she just placed her lips on his cheek, so softly, almost like they weren't there at all, a ghost of something that was meant to be more. It was surely something vulgar, something foreign and completely disrespectful for a Saiyan to be doing, but Vegeta couldn't help but think how he just didn't give a shit.

Raditz raised an eyebrow, obviously confused about Vegeta's apparent frozen state, "Uh...Vegeta?"

"I do not know."

"What you're going to do with her?"

Vegeta nodded in confirmation. It was stupid and unrealistic to keep her with him and bring her back to the space station. From what he gathered, she had pissed off Zarbon a whole lot more than Vegeta had, and bringing her back almost guaranteed her death. His spine rang cold at that thought, air feeling icy and thick, practically fog like. His mouth dried up when the realization fully bloomed in his brain. He couldn't bring her back. But he couldn't leave her here or send her home.




Raditz stepped back, "Sorry. You just seem distracted."

He scowled immediately at the word. Distracted was the last thing he wanted to be. What ever happened to his focus? His plans to kill Frieza? He hadn't interrogated the girl in a long time about her interactions with Zarbon, mostly because he despised hearing her unending praise for the blue lizard. But that wasn't the case anymore. Bulma surely hated Zarbon almost as much as he did, and yet he forgot to ask her if she found out anything new. And though he used the Power Ball technique as his main reason for keeping her around, he had absolutely no intention of getting rid of her whether she knew how to do it or not. But none of this could be related back to Raditz, who would surely think his prince had suddenly become perfectly insane. He'd be right. "Nappa just flew off to stop a rebellion against our purge mission."

"That's probably were Jeice went to."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow, "Who's that?"

"Recent Frieza recruit. Little red guy with white hair and funny accent." Raditz shrugged, "He was sent here with me, but apparently this is supposed to act as some sort of 'audition'."

Audition? Vegeta shook the thought off. There were much more concerning things to deal with than one of Vegeta's lackeys looking for a good kill. "You're not to tell the girl about any of this."

Raditz seemed confused by the nature of the command. "Any of what?"

"The purge. I don't want to distract her thoughts with how 'bad a person' we all are while she is trying to strategize a way to produce an artificial moon." The lie came quicker than he ever anticipated, and Vegeta openly smirked, satisfied. Raditz may have been dumb and weak, but he knew how to obey orders when accompanied by a justifiable reason. "Now, is there anything else you want to tell me or can we stop wasting time now and get back to work?"

"Yes, there are a couple of more things, Vegeta. Frieza wanted me to tell you that if you're successful on this mission, he'll have you 'audition' as well."

Vegeta scoffed, "You can tell him to fuck off."

Raditz bit his lip, not sure whether to defend the overlord or remain subordinate to his prince. He opted for pure silence.

"Anything else? I don't see why that couldn't just be communicated via the scouter..."

"I'm also here on a recall mission, Vegeta."

The prince didn't miss the stern nature in his voice. Raditz's face grew dark, a hazy grey proceeding over the lower circles of his eyes. The other Saiyan was about to take off, one foot already in the air, when Vegeta vanished in front of him, simmering with roughly bridled fury. "Recall what?"

Raditz lowered his imposing brow, knowing full well that Vegeta's power level was much higher than he could ever dream of, even in the prince's adolescence. He breathed heavily before opening his mouth again. "The girl. He wants me to bring her back right now. Lord Frieza says she's very important for some mission. I wonder if it has to do with the Power Ball..."

"No." His voice was perfectly monotone, not even hinting at the unhampered amount of anger lingering within his brain. Bastard. Zarbon must have convinced him that I actually deserved some kind of punishment for breaking into his room. He felt his fists subconsciously clench. He's just going to kill her.

"It doesn't have to do with the Power Ball?"

What a fucking imbecile! His brother would be blessed if he were born with half a brain considering this Saiyan disgrace. "No, you're not taking her. It probably has everything to do with the Power Ball. He doesn't want us to learn it and have the upper hand." Or he's just looking for any reason to break me.

"Upper hand?"

"I'm going to destroy that fucking bastard, Raditz." He said it so easily, the words making his mind immediately enjoy an endorphin rush.

"But...but Vegeta..."

Vegeta narrowed his eyebrows. He expected Raditz to disagree with the outburst, but he didn't understand why the Saiyan had this pleading tone to his voice. Pathetic. "Did Bardock ever tell you about the Super Saiyan legend?"

Raditz nodded, seeming to think a little before speaking. "I don't think any Saiyan hasn't heard of the Super Saiyan legend."

"It scares that alien scum. It's why he destroyed our planet. He's afraid one of us will become the legendary Super Saiyan, the strongest being in the universe."

The other Saiyans eyes bugged at Vegeta's words. His hands opened in shock, "Wait, Frieza destroyed Vegeta-sei? But I thought it was a meteor."

Vegeta grunted, "Idiot. It was Frieza. He blasted the planet to bits, probably laughing the whole time. And here you are, telling me to hand over the Girl because that bastard told you to. So guess what? I'm not following orders from him anymore." His dark eyes blinked as the brush of wind flew past them in the air. He focused on Raditz's face, watching it twist from surprise to horror to sheer, passionate anger. Perfect. Vegeta hovered lightly above him, raising one hand in the air, "What do you say?"

"...There's nowhere to run, Vegeta."

That response completely threw him. He thought Raditz would join his crusade, lift his prince on his shoulders and yell for Frieza's head on a stake. But the third class's anger quickly sizzled down to overwhelming defeat. Clenching his jaw and fists, Raditz looked beaten, destroyed. "Working for him...I thought it was for our honor, to try and live out our race's heritage of being warriors, but now?"

Vegeta watched his eyes flicker, anticipating a flood of obscenities or a scream. But nothing like that came.

"...Now, all I want is him dead. But we aren't Super Saiyans."

Vegeta huffed, "The Super Saiyan is nothing but a legend."

"Then how do we kill him, Vegeta?"

That he honestly didn't know the answer to. Raditz's expression only grew even graver at the prince's impending silence. The third class sighed and then started moving back to the city, "We can't kill him. And I don't know about you, but I rather not be killed either. I'll follow his orders."

"Do and I kill you." Vegeta raised a hand, but Raditz just shook his head.

"Jeice will kill you if you did. I'm not the only one here on a recall mission, and Zarbon's just looking for any excuse to convince Frieza that you're a traitor. Killing me will just feed the fire." Raditz didn't look happy about this at all, glancing at the ground out of fear of pure eye contact. "But I won't take her, if you promise me one thing, Vegeta."

"I don't owe you anything, Raditz. I'll kill you and kill this Jeice." But his hand didn't ignite the ki blast, the defeated nature of Raditz and the thought of Bulma back at the city refraining his more violent actions.

"You can't kill Jeice. He's strong, much stronger and faster than you are. But I would like to see my brother."

"Kakarot?" Vegeta grimaced, "What the Hell do you expect me to do about that?"

Raditz clenched his fists, "I want to finish his mission. He must be dying of shame knowing he can't even conquer a planet like Earth."

"No." Vegeta's thoughts immediately went to Bulma. She would never want a Saiyan conqueror on Earth, a Saiyan that he pointed in the proper direction.

"Then kill me."

Fuck. "You don't need me."

"I don't have clearance to use Frieza's database."

"It's too early." Vegeta thought quickly, "He's obviously friends with the Girl. It could be a part of his strategy to earn their trust and take over without lifting a finger. Give him more time."

Raditz eyed him curiously, making Vegeta inwardly flinch. The Earth girl's effect on him was strong, he couldn't deny it anymore. She was the only one that seemed to look out for his best interests. She didn't think securing freedom was impossible. In fact, she freely gave up her own in order to help Vegeta fight for his. But the Saiyan Prince maintained all those thoughts under the surface, keeping his stern mask. The other Saiyan bought it. "How long?"

Never. "How old is Kakarot now?"

Raddiz paused. "About 11 or 12, I think. I don't really remember."

"Then you will wait 12 more years." He opted for the older approximation. "Then you can check on your baby brother. What sentimental trash, Raditz."

Raditz seemed stunned at the response. "So long, Vegeta?"

"Yes. You want to protect him from shame yet insist on finishing the job yourself. Having another Saiyan complete the assignment for you? Now that is a disgrace. He'd probably rather have you cut off his fucking tail!"

His tone and scalding voice had the proper effect, but Raditz still wasn't finished. "What do I tell Jeice? I'm supposed to be reporting back in an hour."

"I killed her." Vegeta spat the words out, disgusted with how they tasted on his tongue.

"And when he comes after you?"

"He better not fucking come after me." His shoulder bumped passed Raditz as he cleared the space around him. His mind was humming unintelligible thoughts. Frieza wanted him back, wanted Bulma dead. He couldn't go back to the space station, he couldn't stay here after this planet was purged, yet he didn't know of any other place to go. I should have looked up those blasted coordinates! But even Earth would only be a short respite. His scouter had a tracker, and his presence there would only be an invitation for Frieza to light that world on fire.

Wait. His scouter had a tracker...a tracker the Girl knew how to disable.

He turned his head back to Raditz who still seemed frazzled over the past conversation. "I am not to see you again, understood? I am your prince. I don't care if you're scared to even talk back to Frieza, but if I get one word of your insubordination on our deal, I will mercilessly rip all of your appendages from your body. All six of them."

Raditz seemed to count in his head before turning green and nodding his head, "Understood, Prince Vegeta." The third class pressed his scouter, "I'll go to Jeice and tell him I found ashes of her body."

"Do not tell him where I am."

The long haired Saiyan sighed, "I will not."

"Hmph." And with a white flash, Vegeta blasted back to the urban wasteland.


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