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She fell flat on her butt, the ground soft and sandy, the air thin and light, coloring her cheeks an immediate shade of light pink. What...what just-


She was immediately smothered by a tiny boy dressed in bright orange. His black pointed hair spiked in every direction, and Bulma felt her muscles ache from the intense hug. "Goku! Is that you?"

"Bulma! You're safe! We did it! The dragon balls worked!" Goku laughed happily to himself, still maintaining his death grip.

Her mind was still swimming. Is this real? Am I back on Earth? It didn't really make sense. She was just about to disable the tracker. She was on Karbos. She was with Vegeta. But her blue eyes only saw the small boy hugging her. "Erk...yeah it worked, kiddo, but mind letting go? You've gotten really strong!"

"Haha." Goku loosened his hold on Bulma's chest, scratching his head guiltily. "That's because I was training with Master Roshi!"

Bulma's eyes narrowed, "That pervert! I hope fighting is the only thing he taught you, Goku."

"Well, I think so. Why don't you ask him? We're on his island right now."

It was then she realized how bright it was, the sun shining so freely, not shrouded with red haze. She was no longer on Karbos, no longer in the middle of space, on a side of the universe she hadn't even known existed. It was surreal. She fingered the sand on the beach, letting the rough grains divide and fall through her fingers, collecting into small ant hill size mounds. The ocean was beautiful, so blue so clear. Bulma watched the waves lap onto the shore, retreating and coming back and forth, rocking her into a dream like coma. Vegeta...

"You didn't see... anyone else here, did you?" Bulma was practically holding her breath, not fully realizing what she was asking.

Goku blinked, "Someone else? What do you mean?"

"I don't know...I just thought there might have been another boy here too."

She knew the answer would be no. They wouldn't think about Vegeta...they didn't even know who Vegeta was! He's all alone again. The thought tore her apart. Bulma sighed deeply, no longer able to look at Goku, his brown tail reminding her of the boy she had left behind. Is he even alive? Jeice could have found him. She had been waiting a while, well at least it had felt like a while. Bulma was rather impatient sometimes. It could have been only ten minutes, but what if it were more? The sudden darkness and transport back to her own world distorted her thoughts a bit. What if it had been longer? What if Vegeta was dead?

Goku suddenly smiled and grabbed her hand, excited. "Oh! I get it!" He pulled her around the pink Kame House. "He's right over here!"

Bulma's eyes widened in pure excitement. Is Vegeta really here? But how could that be? Her thoughts ran with answers. Maybe the Eternal Dragon respected my promise to him...or maybe my previous wish overrode Goku's! She grinned to herself. That seemed plausible enough. She had wished to be with her perfect man, and if someone had wished her back to Earth it only made sense that...

"Yamcha!" Goku called, "Yamcha! Why are you hiding? You knew Bulma was going to come." He scratched his head, "Boy, that's weird. He was so excited to wish you back too."

Bulma tried to mask her disappointment, feigning flattery. "He was?"

"Mhm! We were training for this really big tournament! Something like Budokten-"

There were small footsteps as another kid approached. This one was wearing the same uniform as Goku, the kame kanji scribbled on his upper chest. His head was shaven, and Bulma could make out six tiny burn marks on his forehead. "The Tenkaichi Budokai, idiot."

"Right!" Goku nodded, "The Worlds Martial Arts Tournament! It was amazing! Yamcha was there and so was Krillin and this really strong guy who actually beat me named Jackie Chun, and the whole thing had to get delayed for some reason because this giant monster came and destroyed the arena!"

The little boy next to him fidgeted and sighed, "You really are dimwitted, you know?"

The other boy's reaction struck her funny, and her eyes focused on Goku's tail movements. "Was there a full moon?"

"Yeah, you know about that..." The boy's eyes glanced to Goku. "...monster? Goku said it might have been the same one that killed his grandpa, so we're not really supposed to talk about it." He suddenly held out his hand. "I'm Krillin by the way."

"I'm Bulma."

Krillin waved her off, "Yeah, yeah. I know. That older guy keeps complaining about when he was going to see you again."

Bulma rolled her eyes, disgusted. "Master Roshi's such a creep! I knew Oolong went too far back at Fire Mountain! Ugh!"

"Not Master Roshi."

A different, yet familiar voice made her turn her head away from the two young boys, only to see Yamcha, his long hair now cut, framing his face so perfectly. Her mind flashed with confusion. "Yamcha?"

"He-hey Bulma." He took a deep breath before beginning to take a step closer towards her. His mouth opened to say something else, but the poor guy seemed unable to speak. That's when Puar, the little blue shape shifter, flew out from behind him, coughing a bit to refocus Yamcha's mind. The bandit gulped and then continued, "...I'm, um, glad to see you're okay."

Goku grabbed the edge of Bulma's shirt, tugging. "He was real worried about you, Bulma. He said I had to use your radar to find all of the dragon balls to wish you back."

Anger suddenly went through her body, "So you're the one who had my radar! Gosh, Goku! I was really worried. It took a lot of time to get that thing running, and you just stole it, didn't you?"

"Sorry, Bulma! But I really wanted to find my Grandpa again after the dragon granted your wish."

Bulma sighed. What a naive kid. The young Saiyan actually thought his Grandpa was the four-star dragon ball. "Well, it's not like I needed it where I was."

Yamcha suddenly found his voice again, "Where did you go, Bulma?"

She wasn't used to hearing her name so often. Bulma. Bulma. Bulma. Her thoughts kept going back to Vegeta, his black hair and eyes, his unnecessary obsession with calling her 'Girl' or 'Weakling', saving the name 'Bulma' for instances when he truly wanted it to mean something. On this little island, nestled in one of the warmest spots on Earth, she felt cold. She missed his warmth, his energy, his fire. Vegeta...you're gone, aren't you?


There it was again. She glanced back up from the ground to Yamcha, who's own dark eyes had some foreign amount of concern. The desert bandit turned apparent tournament fighter was a confusing guy, she thought. He had followed them for miles and miles, trying to steal the dragon balls for himself, and when he actually got them, he had wished her back! What did he want for his wish anyway? She smirked when she remembered him complaining about it and smoothly said, "I like your hair."

It was right before she thought of the Kamehameha as a way out of that oven. Their wishes were so similar, so insanely shallow, but it had seemed like the most important thing to her at the time. She briefly wondered what Vegeta would wish for if he had a chance. To be stronger than Frieza? His own freedom? She had held back on telling him though. It seemed to almost put his whole life to shame. He had worked to survive, worked to become as strong as he was today, and to have all of that effort be meaningless when you could wish for it in an instant? The stubborn prince wouldn't have been happy. Tempted, but not happy with himself for taking such an easy way out.

She regretted the decision now. Maybe if she had mentioned them earlier, he would have come back to Earth with her sooner. They could have avoided the majority of this whole fiasco and be together, right here.

"Thanks, Bulma. I heard...um, girls like it short nowadays. Yours is great too. I...like it long."

Bulma managed a light smile at his words, but her stomach felt sick, twisted with unwelcomed nausea. She quickly looked away from Yamcha and looked back to Goku, "You have to catch me up on everything. Did you guys escape Emperor Pilaf?"

Krillin narrowed an eyebrow, "Who?"

"Yeah we did! That giant monster came and destroyed his whole castle!" Goku said, triumphantly, as if he knew he had been the one to do it the whole time.

Really? Bulma remembered her own desire for the Oozaru to teach Pilaf a lesson. She took one glance at Yamcha, whose face immediately paled at the memory.

Goku continued, ignoring the strange expressions surrounding him, "And then after that I went to go train with Master Roshi for the tournament. There I met Krillin and Launch, who you should probably meet a little later since she has the sniffles right now. And then we went to the city where we met Yamcha again! He had been training and trying to find the dragon balls to wish you back."

"You were?" Bulma laughed when she saw the thin shade of red appear on Yamcha's cheeks. It was hard not thinking of Vegeta. Hell, she wanted to think of him, but it kept making her mind hazy. The thoughts of him only brought unbearable sensations of guilt. She had unknowingly abandoned him and couldn't do a damn thing about it without threatening her planet. She shrugged her blue hair in front of her face, trying to hide her impending sad frown. "That's sweet of you, Yamcha."

The teenage boy went closer to her, eyes never meeting her face, too shy to look up. "I...realized you helped grant my wish already. When we were in Pilaf's castle, I wasn't afraid to be around you...not as badly as I was anyway. I wanted to...thank you."

"And ruin my wish, huh?" She accused jokingly. It had ruined her time with Vegeta, and to be honest, she was mad about that. But Yamcha was just looking out for her. They were all just trying to help her. But she still felt empty. "Thanks, Yamcha." Though she didn't feel thankful at all.

Goku waved his hands, "Let me finish! So then Yamcha asked if I knew where you had gotten the dragon radar. And of course I didn't, but I told him I have it and that I wanted to find my Grandpa after the tournament. And after that giant monster attacked, it took 3 months to rebuild the arena so that me and Jackie Chun could continue our fight. But right after that we found them all! It was real easy with Nimbus. Master Roshi said we should have wished for the moon to come back, but as soon as Yamcha said we were wishing for you he got really excited."

Of course he would. Pervert.

Goku scratched his head, "We already found him one girl though. I don't know why he could possibly want two. That just seems silly."

Krillin sighed and patted his friend on the back, "Goku, if you ever have children, it'll truly be a blessing."

"Children? Krillin, people don't have children," he said, voice completely serious.

His friend's mouth dropped open, tongue falling out in exasperation. "Then where, Goku, do children come from? Please tell me."

"Why the sky of course!"

Both Yamcha and Krillin looked too stun to speak, forcing Goku to elaborate, "That's what Grandpa said anyway. I asked him how I ever got to him, and he said I fell right out of the sky!"

Should I tell him he's a Saiyan? But how could she even begin to explain something like that? 'Oh hey, Goku, I met your prince while I was gone. Yeah, your prince. You're a Saiyan, didn't you know? What's a Saiyan? Oh just some practically extinct warrior alien race. You have an older brother too. Why are you here? Well, you were originally sent here to kill us.'

That'd go over well.

"Ughh," Krillin groaned. "No wonder you're so dumb. You probably landed on your head."

"Hey, that's not very nice!" Goku retorted, his tail swishing in slight anger.

"Sorry, Goku, but it's true. Forget about children. You'd be lucky if you even get married."

"Married? Oh! You mean that food, Chichi was talking about!"

The bald boy looked at his friend despairingly and then patted him on the back. "Let's go back into the house, Goku."

"Oh? Does Master Roshi have some inside?"

Krillin pushed his younger friend on the back, grumbling all the way to the Kame House door. They left Bulma and Yamcha relatively alone, only the crabs and nearby fish as company. Puar had returned back through the window of the small beach house at Yamcha's gesturing.

"Did you get your wish?" Yamcha asked suddenly, no longer stuttering but still relatively far away.


It had fallen out of her mouth before she could even think. She hadn't gotten the perfect boyfriend. She was sent to a world she barely understood, to do what? To meet and like this prince only to have him slammed out of her life? There was no chance in seeing him again, even if he were alive. He has to be alive. He was millions of miles away, light years, universes. Whatever. It didn't matter. He was stuck there and she couldn't go back. I could wish him here.

But that thought quickly left her. How would she explain that one? Vegeta, the stubborn, scorned prince was going to be what? Her guest? Her boyfriend? He just didn't fit in this small world, not while Frieza still haunted him like a ghost. If he's even alive. And even if she did bring him here, Frieza could follow him. Raditz and Nappa knew she was from Earth, didn't they? And she couldn't exactly trust them. No...wishing him here wasn't an option. Them being together was no longer one either.

She would try to forget that incident, write it off as some cosmic fluke.

"I'm sorry. I would have tried to wish you back sooner if I knew," Yamcha said suddenly. She felt him approach her from behind, dark eyes, dark hair on her. He was a fighter. Like Vegeta. He was a bandit, something dangerous, something adventurous.

Didn't she love adventure?

"No you're not." Bulma snapped her body around, catching Yamcha by surprise. She was distracting herself, placing her hands on her hips in over exaggerated annoyance.


His awkwardness made her smile, so familiar. "You wanted me back, didn't you? Not that I can blame you," she smiled cockily.

Yamcha just continued to blush, "You're something...else. I'm not sure I'll ever understand girls."

"Allow me to help you." She offered Yamcha her hand, and he looked at her curiously before taking it, holding his breath and trying his hardest not to pass out. Her voice was so soft. "I mean, it'd be..."

Convenient. Simple. Easy.

Those were the words she wanted to say. Uncomplicated. Effortless. Everything that she and Vegeta weren't. Bulma's smile deflated, her sudden thoughts of the prince leaving her speechless.

Yamcha just nodded, biting his lip, too shocked to speak. His grip on Bulma's hand tightened, causing the blue haired girl to crack a grin.

"We can go inside if you want. I'd like to see Oolong."

"I'm glad... you're here with me, Bulma."

She blushed slightly at Yamcha's words, letting herself try to forget, though it currently seemed impossible. Bulma was back in her own world now, that simple little world where people didn't wish for freedom or unlimited power. Little tiny emperors would try and aim for world domination, but they wouldn't know what to do with it once they had it. They didn't want to kill everyone on the planet, turning the place into a spa or a resort, all to fulfill some sick desire. Here you just wanted to get over phobias. Little boys wanted to find their grandpas. The older ones just wanted to talk to girls, not escape their slave drivers. And girls foolishly wanted perfect boyfriends, a wish that was truly impossible.


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