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The air around her was freezing. Bulma shifted closer to Vegeta, feeding off his warmth in the insanely cold room. They call him Frieza for a reason, don't they?

She hadn't figured out what was so intimidating about the monster. Sure, he was creepy to look at, but so were half of the aliens on this ship. He was tiny, shorter than Vegeta she thought. She really couldn't tell since he was sitting in this hovering little capsule.

But she definitely noticed why pink and purple seemed to be his favorite colors. His arms were a weird fleshy pink, and his armor, a plum color. And the more she focused on his face, the more that chilling sensation seemed to climb up her spine. His face was a blotchy, pasty white with blood, chapped red lips. His eyes seemed practically snake like, concentrating completely on the Saiyan next to her.

Vegeta tensed, and then, to her surprise, bowed. "Sire, it is nice to see you again."

"Ah, Vegeta."

His voice.

Bulma wanted to cringe. His voice was terrifying. Biting, icy, chilling. Her ears wanted to burn from such a voice.

The monster continued, small beady red eyes focused on the Saiyan Prince, "How is my favorite monkey?"

"Adequate, sire. Training as you assigned."

Frieza nodded. His tiny vessel hovered forward, away from Dodoria and Zarbon who flanked his sides. "Good to hear. I believe I have finally found an assignment worthy of your presence, my prince."

Vegeta nodded rather stoically, "Nappa will be glad to hear of it."

The monster cackled, and Bulma outwardly flinched. His whole aura, she realized as he came closer, read evil. If she thought Vegeta was bad, this alien made him seem like a sniveling puppy. His long white finger touched her gently on the cheek, making her immediately want to puke.

"And why, Vegeta, do you have this creature with you? Zarbon mentioned you have found something to occupy your time with. I didn't expect her to be so weak."

"Sire!" It was not surprising to Bulma to hear Zarbon be the one to rebut this, "Though her power level is puny, she is actually a very interesting creature, my lord. I find her to be most entertaining."

"Now, now," Frieza held a twisted grin. "Don't you get around, little one? Impressive. Entertaining both Zarbon and Vegeta? How intriguing. When will you dispose of her I wonder?"

Vegeta grabbed her by the wrist suddenly, roughly tugging her closer to his body. She didn't mind one bit. "The Saiyan adolescent stage, Lord Frieza, is an entirely unique process for me. The girl has helped me deal with some of the harder times. I find her to be quite a relief."

"So I expect her to be gone once you're finished with your development, Vegeta?"

"Yes, sire." He didn't even hesitate.

Bulma tried to calm herself down, but it was hard when she was normally so outspoken. Plus the fact that everyone seemed to be calling her a whore made her pretty upset. She tried repeating and repeating to herself that what Vegeta was doing was just one big act, but he was an incredibly good liar.

"Fine. Will you be taking her with you on assignment?" Frieza wouldn't let up.

Vegeta actually thought about this one. But one glance in Bulma's direction had him shake his head.

"Hm, well I guess you can always find some pretty young thing over there. I'll set up your launch for tomorrow. 11 months in sleep."

"Yes, sire."

"And you girl..." She jumped, seeing the overlord direct his conversation to her again. "What is your name?"

She had to swallow before talking, "...Bulma, Lord Frieza."

"Well, Bulma." His malicious grin was plastered again on his face, beady eyes glancing over her. "I hope you get along well without your monkey. I would love to see you again sometime." With that, Frieza turned his hover machine around, "Dismissed."

"Come on!" Vegeta gruffly whispered, dragging her, once again, back into the hall.

She was too freaked to talk. Her whole body was chilled to the bone, like she had just seen a ghost. He's worse than a ghost. Bulma found herself looking at the Saiyan Prince again. "How did you ever manage to do that?"


"Act like you like him?"

"A lot of practice." Vegeta brought her to the dining hall after calling Nappa from his scouter.

She shivered and sat down at their usual table. Bulma had noticed a lot less soldiers were looking at her now, maybe finally getting used to the idea of seeing a girl in the space station. "I don't like him at all."

Vegeta smirked, "Bet I hate him more."

"Probably, but still. He seems so evil."

"He does not seem evil, Girl. He is. He has murdered more people than you will ever meet. More than the population of your puny planet 100,000 times over."

She focused her gaze downwards, "Including your family."

"Yes." Vegeta was looking at her closely. "Stop pitying me, girl."

"I'm not!"

"You are."

Bulma sighed, "Well it's hard not to. Instead of growing up with a father and mother and cat and dinosaurs like I did, you grew up with that." She glanced behind Vegeta's shoulder, looking for Nappa. He really has no one, does he? Bulma bit her lip before speaking. "I think I know who the Saiyan is."

This immediately caught Vegeta's attention. "You had told me, Girl, that you had no idea, that because of your father's supposed large company, that you had to meet with hundreds of people a day, and that any one of them could have been this Saiyan."

"...Well, I lied."

She couldn't believe she was saying this. Was she really going to sell out Goku? Do it. Maybe if he knows there's another Saiyan out there, he'll have more motivation to take me to Earth. Bulma hesitated in her own thoughts. Wait, do I want him to come back with me to Earth?

Bulma backpedaled, "Well...at least I think I know..."

"You know, Girl. Tell me his name."

Crap. Vegeta was using his serious voice. Bulma recognized it all too well. "...his name is..."

"Shh." He glanced over her shoulder. "Nappa's coming. I will not share any of this with him."

"Why? Isn't he the closest thing you have to a friend?" She wanted to hit herself. Wasn't she just trying to avoid answering this question?

"If we want to think of my closest friend in this Hellhole, I would have to say you." He grimaced at her smile, "Which truly tells you how much of a Hellhole this place is. Betrayal is something I could never forgive."

Bulma couldn't help her shocked expression. "What did Nappa do to betr..."

"Sir, I'm assuming the meeting with Frieza went well?"

Her voice immediately halted as the tall Saiyan approached. Though, luckily, he seemed to have not noticed her talking, too consumed with wondering what Frieza had to say to his prince.

Vegeta nodded, "Yes. Nappa, I'm starving. Get me and the girl food immediately."

"Yes, Vegeta."

Nappa walked off towards the buffet style line, leaving Bulma to ask, "Is that why you treat him so badly?"

"Hmph." Vegeta crossed his arms, placing his boots on the seat next to her, across from himself. "No one deserves to be treated any other way."

Right. My mistake.

Nappa had apparently heard about the mission already. Vegeta and Nappa were being sent to some planet, really, really far away to do some 'work'. The Saiyan Prince refused to give her any further detail, but Bulma wasn't stupid.

Frieza was trying to run an empire. He got and sold planets for money, offering them to people already under his influence or turning them into some fancy, gigantic strip mall. No doubt that Nappa and Vegeta, highly trained soldiers, were being sent to this planet to at least intimidate someone important. As far as Bulma knew, they might have had to assassinate someone.

Better I stay here.

But she was becoming less and less convinced of that. Besides Zarbon, Vegeta had been her only company these past couple of weeks, and she felt an unnerving pit in her stomach of being here without him. "Do I have to stay here?"

Bulma had given Vegeta one of her capsules, and the prince was now putting all of his wanted clothes in a pile. "Yes."

"But do you think that's a good idea?" Bulma watched him fold every suit perfectly flat. No wrinkles or excess folds...if that were even possible with spandex. "I mean, you are leaving me all alone with Zarbon."

"Girl." Vegeta encapsulated his items and turned to her. "Zarbon could have easily taken you by now if he wanted. I cannot find any reason to be concerned. I don't understand you."


"Why do you want to come?"

There was more curiosity than anger in his voice. It made her wonder... "I don't want to be alone."

Vegeta's eyes became dark as he placed the capsule on the table. "You won't prefer to be with me. Get going. See Zarbon. Tell me anything else possible that he knows about Frieza."

"But...Vegeta..." She didn't know what she wanted to stay, but she didn't want him gone when she woke up in the morning.


Her voice immediately lowered at his yell, "...When are you leaving?"


He was so blunt, so uncaring. "Okay...well, I'll see you tonight then."

Vegeta waved her off, "I'll be training all night."

"Then never mind..." Bulma walked back into the hallway. "Jerk. He wants to abandon me for 11 months?" She shook her head, "And that's only one way!"

She refused to stay on this stupid ship for 20 something months, waiting for Vegeta to return. That's it, Bulma. Find out Frieza's weakness...heck, make something up! That way Vegeta can send you home tonight. The thought had come across her mind before, but she knew she was an awful liar, especially around Vegeta. But it's worth a shot if it means being stuck here for 2 years otherwise! Plus he seemed to believe that lie you made about the not knowing Goku thing...at least for a little while.

So that was it. She would try to at least make Zarbon tell her something relatively applicable to killing Frieza, and if he didn't, she would make something up. Fire sounds slightly believable...I mean, the monster is as cold as ice.

"Ah, Miss Bulma, back again I see?" Zarbon moved to the side, letting Bulma enter.

She sat down on one of the blue skinned aliens many cushions and waited for him to sit across from her. "Hi, Zarbon." Bulma couldn't help but ask, "Happy now that Lord Frieza is here?"

"Yes! Just as impressive as I said, isn't he?"

Determined to go home tonight no matter what, Bulma didn't bother censoring herself. "Actually, I was expecting him to look a little different."

"Oh really?" Zarbon raised an eyebrow, "Well perhaps you have heard of his other forms."

Other forms? "Yeah...remind me of those again?"

Zarbon yawned. "Lord Frieza has 4 different forms in total. The one you saw him in today was his lowest energy form. They say that his natural form is actually his last one, the fourth and final form. But Lord Frieza refuses to enter such a state. It'd be much too terrifying."

"That's...generous of him." I wonder if Vegeta ever knew that.

"He seemed to like you, Miss Bulma."

She had doubted that. "What makes you say that?"

"He's allowing you to live."


She recoiled back, feeling Zarbon's touch suddenly on her cheek and then straying down to her neck. Bulma craned herself back and coughed, trying to change the mood. "Vegeta mentioned once about Frieza...disliking a Saiyan myth."

Zarbon scoffed, "Who knows what stories monkeys tell."


"Though I do remember a rebellion once. This third class had the audacity to challenge Frieza directly."

Bulma was surprised at that. "What happened to him?"

"Blew up with his planet." Zarbon stroked another piece of her hair. "You have beautiful eyes."

"Thanks..." she moved back at his touch. Eternal Dragon...is this really him? She knew what she originally thought. She liked him from the beginning. He was the first person she met, and immediately, she wanted him as her boyfriend. But now? All she felt was...

"Just one kiss, Miss Bulma..." Zarbon leaned in closer, icy air entrenching around her. "One kiss before..."

All air inside her froze as his lips made contact with hers. First kiss. Bulma would have never expected it to be like this. She was on a space station, for one, kissing an alien she barely knew. No embrace. No passion. Her eyes weren't even closed, the last word on Zarbon's breath bothering her.

She broke it only seconds after it began. "Before what?"

He smiled, "Why, before I give you to Lord Frieza, of course."

"...What?" Her face paled, stomach tumbling in pure upheaval. Is he being serious? "Why?" Her voice was panicked. "Why would you do that!"

"Miss Bulma," His hands went through her hair, but she immediately pulled away, repulsed. "I told you he found you interesting. And now that Vegeta is leaving, you need another man to please."

Her hand flew across his face before she could think. There were no consequences, just his disgusting words in her head. "I can't believe you!"

His golden eyes pierced her, "What are you doing!"

She stood up and took a step back, still furious. "How can the dragon balls do this? You're not perfect! You're vile! How could I let you kiss me! How could I have been so..."

The hand around her neck cut off her voice and oxygen. She glanced at Zarbon, tears running from her eyes as she felt his hand bruise her skin. "Impertinent, girl! How dare you talk to your superiors this way! Maybe Vegeta can stand it, but I should crush you." His voice was pure venom.

Blackness was drifting over her eyes as she tried to cough, tried anything to shake the alien's grip from her neck. But it was futile. She was no way powerful enough to break loose. All her options were running out. No girlish charms could sway him. There was no Goku to come to her rescue. She was dead.

Her head crashing on the plush cushion was the last thing she saw before the wall exploded and everything else went black.


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