To Be Decided

E/O Challenge flank 100 words exact

Spoilers: through season six "AItS" Possible Sam POV while Dean is upstairs talking during the final scene.

Disclaimer: The supernatural characters are not mine:


Sam was once again cuffed to the panic room cot.

They'd left him no choice, but they couldn't, wouldn't understand that.

He had managed to out flank Bobby, but Dean had stopped him from following through on Balthazar's solution to remaining soul free.

He had tried to save himself, by sacrificing Bobby.

Sam knew there was no way they'd free him not unless they figured out how to restore his soul.

Incarceration or if his soul could be returned, suffering and probably insanity.

His future was not his.

It would be decided for him based on Dean's judgment and decisions.


A/N Sorry for the somewhat cryptic spoiler but if someone has been watching season 6, I didn't want to spoil anything. This is basically a prequel to 'Fear the Light' and my previous few drabbles. Not my best I don't think but that cliffhanger has been my focus, maybe something lighter next week.