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"Kurt! Someone's at the door!" Called Finn from where he stood at the front door. With that Kurt took one last look in the mirror, fixing his already perfect hair and ran up the stairs only to stop and walk casually as the front door came into sight.

"Hi Blaine, come in." Kurt said with a bright smile as he shoved Finn to the side and motioned for the older boy to come inside the house.

"Hey Kurt, thanks for inviting me over." Blaine said with a smile as he unbuttoned his coat.

"Why are all gay guys so short?" Finn asked with a dopey look on his face. "Oh my god, did I say that out loud. I totally didn't mean anything by it, it's just all the guys I've met that play for your team are short. But then again I've only met a couple, and Rachel's dads aren't the tallest people you'll ever meet, so-"

"Finn!" Kurt yelled at the same time Blaine chuckled and said "It's cool."

"Yeah, I'm going to go to my room and play video games or do something that doesn't involve being here. Kurt, your dad left money for pizza when him and my mom left, so call me when you guys are hungry." Finn said as he walked away.

Kurt stared after his retreating form before he turned to Blaine and said "I'm sorry about him, he's just… never mind, let's go downstairs."

Blaine nodded and followed Kurt down to his basement room. Once downstairs, Blaine hung his jacket over one of the chairs and Kurt ran a hand through his hair for the hundredth time this night.

"So, remind me again why you demanded I come to your house instead of going home tonight?" Blaine asked as he took a seat on the couch and looked up at the younger boy.

"Why? Do you not want to be here? Because you can leave?" He joked and took a seat besides the curly haired boy.

"No!" He answered a little too quickly before he continued with "It's just a little odd. I don't get what the big deal is." He finished with a shrug.

Kurt scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. He remembered perfectly why Blaine was here and let me tell you, the reason was a big deal.

For some reason the four boys conversation was centered on Blaine's crazy curly hair as they sat at a lunch table at Dalton.

"All I'm saying is that I wouldn't be surprised if one day we walked in on Blaine taking a wig off and revealing that he is secretly bald." Wes laughed and took a sip of the bottle of water he was holding.

"I can assure you, I am not bald and this is not a wig!" Blaine exclaimed pulling at his hair, proving that he really wasn't wearing a wig.

Kurt shook his head and pulled Blaine's hands out of his hair. "Stop pulling your hair before you damage it." He scolded. "You don't have to pull your own hair out to prove that it's not a wig. I can tell it isn't."

"Oh really, and how is that?" David asked intrigued by Kurt's random skill.

"My old glee club had a few assignments that required me to wear wigs." He said, lost in thought, thinking back to the hairography assignment and 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

"Like what? Are there pictures?" Wes asked eagerly, trying to picture Kurt Hummel, the boy who would hairspray his hair in between every class so it would never be ruined, wearing a wig.

"My old teacher, Mr. Schuester, always did ridiculous assignments that often never worked out in the end, and one week we tried to master the art of hairography. I wore a long blonde wig, which if I do say so myself, I miraculously managed to pull off. Then we did 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. And no Wes, there are no pictures. Even if there were, what makes you think that I would allow you too see them?" Kurt said with his nose in the air.

At the mention of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' David and Wes shared a disbelieving look while Blaine just looked confused.

"First of all, how the hell did you manage to do that for a school play? And second, you obviously would show me pictures because you love me." Wes said with an obvious tone.

"Again, my teacher did ridiculous assignments. The play was just a miserably failed attempt to get his doe-eyed love back by playing Rocky." Kurt said as if there was nothing at all wrong with the statement.

Ignoring the first part of his statement, David incredulously asked "He played Rocky? But..."

"I know." Kurt said with a sigh as he took a sip of his coffee.

"I am confused." Blaine said simply, looking around the table. "What's the rocky horrible show?"

"Firstly Blaine, it's the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'" He said slowly as if he was talking to a five year old or Brittany (not much difference there) "And secondly, how on earth have you not heard of it! It is amazing and full of humor and great songs. It's been playing in theatres at midnight showings for thirty years now! Its boundary pushing!"

"Okay." Blaine said slowly as he took in the look of shock on Kurt's face. "I'm sure it's as great as you make it out to be, but sorry, I have never in my life heard of it."

"Well, no need to worry, I suppose, I have it on DVD. It's definitely not as exciting as watching it as a play or midnight showing, but it will have to do. Be at my house at seven tonight." Kurt finished, stood up, slung his bag over his shoulder, and waved goodbye before he walked away.

"Oh hot damn, Blaine's got a date!" Wes giggled.

"Better go get ready hot stuff; you don't want to disappoint your man, now do you?" David laughed.

"It's not a date." Blaine mumbled as he glared at the pair before he too walked off.

Kurt stared at Blaine in disbelief. "Just shut up and watch the movie." He said simply as he got up and put the DVD in. Kurt grabbed a few blankets and shut off the lights before returning back to the couch.


Sometime during the movie, Kurt's head had ended up on Blaine's shoulder as they shared a blanket. Now the credits began to scroll and the blue eyed boy reluctantly pulled away to go turn off the TV and turn on the lights.

"So… what do you think?" Kurt asked, turning around to face Blaine, trying to read his face and determine his reaction to the movie.

"It was… so… amazing! I mean, wow. Some of the stuff was a bit out there, but I guess that's what you meant when you said "boundary pushing"." Kurt's face broke out in a wide smile as he heard the older boy's approval.

"Kurt! Blaine! Are you guys done with the movie yet? I'm hungry!" Finns half whine half shout came from the top of the stairs.

"Yes, Finn! We will be right up, now stop lurking in my doorway and go do something productive with yourself!" Kurt shot back and held his hand out to Blaine to pull off the couch.

Blaine accepted the hand with a charming knee weakening smile that made Kurt try with everything he had not to jump him. "You hungry?" Kurt asked in a tiny voice, still holding the other boy's hand.

"Yeah, let's go." He replied, pulling Kurt in a daze, up the stairs.

Finn already had the phone book out and was flipping through the pages. "You guy's I don't know where to find the number for the pizza place."

Kurt walked up to Finn and took the phone book from him only to slowly look back up at him. "Finn, you do realize you're looking in the white pages, don't you?" He said slowly, rubbing his temples.

"Yeah, why?" The tallest boy asked confused.

Besides them, Blaine was working hard to contain his laughter while Kurt stared disbelievingly at his older brother. "Finn… the white pages are for people. The yellow pages are for businesses."

A dawning of realization appeared on Finn's face. "Oh. I get it. I'll go get the yellow pages."

"No! It's okay. Blaine and I will handle it. Why don't you go read a Dr. Seuss book or something? Not something too challenging, we wouldn't want you hurting yourself, now would we?" Kurt said while steering the large boy out of the kitchen.

Right when Finn was safely out of the room, Blaine burst into laughs. "I like your brother."

"Yeah. Keep him." Kurt deadpanned as he flipped through the pages.

Twenty minutes later, Blaine and Finn were eating pizza while Kurt had a salad.

"So what movie did you guy's see anyway?" Finn asked with his mouth full.

"Shut your mouth while you chew your food, Finn. That's disgusting." Kurt said as he scrunched his nose up.

"We watched 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Kurt was upset that I had never seen it before." Blaine answered.

"Oh, that's cool. We did that in glee once. I was Brad. My girlfriend was Janet, which was cool." He said with a smile.

"It's fitting that she played the prude of the play." Kurt commented without even looking up from his food.

"Hey, that's not cool man. She's not that much of a prude. She totally let me touch her boobs which were sweet." Finn said as he held out his hand for a high five.

"We're gay, Finn. Gay." Kurt said in a monotone voice as if he was used to this while looking at Finn's out reached hand until he lowered it. Blaine watched the exchange with a smile.

"Whatever, man. At least I wasn't half bald in the play." He grumbled and shoved another slice down his throat.

"Riff Raff is a great character." Kurt snapped and ran his hand through his hair.

"You were Riff Raff?" Blaine asked with a laugh.

"Mr. Schuester wanted Kurt to be Frank n Furter, but he said no." Finn supplied.

A pink color overtook Kurt's porcelain cheeks as Blaine starred at him trying to shove the images of Kurt in fishnets, heels, and a corset that were flooding his mind away.

"Oh my! Look at the time! It's nearly ten thirty. Blaine, you have a long drive home." Kurt said in a high pitched voice, quickly standing up, desperate to make him forget about Frank n Furter.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." He said as he stood up too.

Kurt walked Blaine out to his car and gave him a tight hug.

"Thanks for everything." Blaine said, not letting go of the other boy.

"It was my pleasure to culturally educate you." Kurt said as they finally let go. "Call or text me when you get home so I know you didn't die, okay?"

"No problem." Blaine said as he got in his car and shut the door, giving a final wave and smile before he pulled away and down the street.

"Kurt! I need your help man! Rachel's calling; I need an excuse for why I can't answer." Finn yelled from inside.

"Way to ruin the moment, Hudson." Kurt muttered under his breath.

Okay, so basically I'm just going to do a series of drabbles about Klaine because they're amazing. If you have suggestions, I would be happy to hear them.

This particular little segment was thought up when I was inspired while listening to some of the Rocky Horror Picture Show songs. Yay!