Hello! This is my first attempt at Ouran fiction, and it will probably be a series.

I do not own Ouran Host club, it belong to Bisco Hatori.

This story contains twincest, and later I'll probably add poor Kyouya to the mix.

Kyouya Ootori was sitting in front of his laptop, studying the profit's the Host club had made during the past week. The Host club had ended over one hour ago, and by now all their customers and also most of the hosts were gone. Only Kyouya and the Hitachiin twins remained in the third music room.

Kyouya smiled to himself, today's theme had been prison and it had been very successful. All the girls had left their prisoners (hosts) with satisfied smiles all over their faces. Oh yes, the money gained from today's Host club were enough to put Kyouya in a very good mood.

But after some minutes Kyouya's satisfied smile changed to a frown, and he leaned closer to his laptop, critically studying the statistics. Then he abruptly rose, and strode over to the twins. The brothers were sitting in a sofa, Hikaru playing his gameboy and Kaoru reading a novel.

"Hikaru! Kaoru!" Kyouya stood in front of the twins, with his arms crossed and a glare flashing through his glasses.

"Yeah?" The twins answered simultaneously with bored voices. Kaoru put down his book and lifted his golden eyes to watch Kyouya, but Hikaru continued with his game.

"Did you know," Kyouya asked while glaring at Kaoru, "that only by kissing each other, you two would increase your designations with approximately 75 %?"

Now also Hikaru lowered his gameboy and joined his brother in astonished gaping at their sempai. Kyouya continued.

"Come on, all us hosts know you're already together anyway, and to display some more affection in front of the girls would only make them happier. I, eh I mean the Host club, would make much more money if you took your "brotherly love" to the next level. I demand that you kiss each other during Host club." He ended, still with crossed arms.

The twins grinned and glanced at each other. Then Hikaru turned to Kyouya. "Your wish is our law, oh shadow king!" Kyouya growled and the twins snickered. "I don't mind kissing my gorgeous brother in front of crazy fangirls. But won't Tono get upset if Kaoru and I make out in public? I mean, he do see us as his sons…"

"I'll take care of Tamaki, don't you worry about him. So… we have a deal?"

Hikaru happily nodded, but Kaoru got up from the couch and slowly walked towards Kyouya. His eyes had a dangerous glint in them, and though Kyouya would never admit it, those eyes made him pretty nervous.

"Of course, it's a great deal!" Kaoru's smooth voice sent shivers down Kyouya's back, and he tensed as the younger twin got even closer.

"But I'm curious Kyouya-sempai," Kaoru all but whispered, "Are you sure money is the only reason you want me and Hikaru to kiss?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Kaoru." Kyouya's voice was solemn, his eyes showed no emotions, but inside him his heartbeat quickened.

Hikaru went up and embraced his twin from behind. Now Kyouya had two pairs of cunning, golden eyes watching him intently and two pairs of pink lips smirking at him. He was in trouble…

"Oh but I think you know what we're talking about Kyouya," Hikaru leered, "Didn't you think we would notice the way you're staring at us when we're cuddling each other in front of the girls? We know you're always watching us, eagerly taking in every touch, every word. So what my dear brother mean," Hikaru let his hands wander up and down Kaoru's slender torso, "is that are you sure you only want us to kiss for the money, or do your own perverted desires play a part in it as well?"

Kyouya had to force himself to stay calm. How did they know? This was bad, really really bad, but he wouldn't give in to those devious twins…

"As I said, I have no idea what you're talking about." Kyouya said courtly, feeling how his palms got sweaty.

Kaoru chuckled warmly and smiled towards him. "Well, if you say so sempai… Oh and those kisses you wanted, do you think that something like this would do?" Kaoru turned his head and carefully pulled Hikaru's head towards him. The two redheads smiled against each other, and then they slowly let their lips meet. Kaoru opened his mouth to let his twin's tongue inside, and they both closed their eyes and sighed as Hikaru's tongue slowly explored Kaoru's warm mouth. Hikaru's hands were caressing his brother's chest and stomach, and Kaoru hold onto Hikaru's hair with one of his hands.

The kiss grew more passionate, and the brothers were whimpering and panting before they reluctantly let go of each other.

Kyouya stood frozen on the same spot. His lips were set in a grim line and beyond his glasses, his eyes saw nothing. His brain had been conquered of golden eyes, wet lips and symmetrical divine beauty, and his usual reason and logic were nowhere to be found. Kyouya Ootori was completely and utterly shocked.

"Hikaru, I think we killed sempai." Kaoru whispered to his brother, the corners of his mouth twisting upwards.

"Good bye Kyouya! We'll see you on Monday!" Hikaru shouted, and then the twins ran off together, their loud laughter echoing through the empty school.

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