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Let me present the last chapter of We flourish in the shadow.


Kyouya sat staring out of one of the Hitachiin mansion's windows. After Kaoru had left him and Hikaru in the corridor, Kyouya had disobeyed his father and followed the older twin home. He just couldn't leave Hikaru on his own right now.

Kyouya turned from the window and looked at the other boy in concern. Hikaru sat on the twins´ bed with his knees pulled up beneath him. He was grasping Akira's photo in both hands, and was staring at it with frustration and hate. Kyouya didn't know what to say to make the twin feel better, so he said nothing.

He once again turned to the window, and let his forehead rest against the cold glass. It was soon ten o´ clock, and Kaoru would give himself to Akira in a couple of minutes. Kyouya peered down at the dark garden beneath and sighed heavily. This was all his fault.

If it wasn't for him and his stupid father, this wouldn't have happened. The twins would have lived happily together as always, without any pervert assholes or blackmailing. But, Kyouya had joined the twins and he immediately brought problems. Their relationship was a secret, and if it came out Kyouya would be in big trouble. His father would be furious, and there was no way that he'd let his own son have a relationship with two men. So, Kaoru had gone to the wolf's nest to save their relationship. To save Kyouya.

Kyouya remembered the movie they had watched the evening they first slept together. Moulin Rouge. He remembered that the heroine had gone to the evil duke to sleep with him, to save the theatre. He remembered the bitter words her lover had sung in anguish, as he waited for her to come back, the jealousy burning in his every vein.

"His eyes upon your face"

Kyouya remembered Akira staring deeply into the younger twin's eyes after he'd found them in the abandoned classroom.

"His hand upon your hand"

He remembered the excited, dirty expression on the club president's face as Kaoru had grasped his hand and led him towards the cafeteria.

"His lips caress your skin"

Kyouya felt the anger spreading like fire through him when he imagined Akira's perverted smile as he slowly kissed down Kaoru's pale neck. He saw the older boy grasp Kaoru's wrists and push him down on the bed, leering at the redhead and laughing cruelly as Kaoru begged him to stop…

Kyouya's dark thoughts were interrupted by a loud ripping noise. He spun around and saw Hikaru ripping the cursed photography in pieces. The older twin's mouth was set in a stern line, and he continuously rubbed his eyes, angrily brushing away tears.

Something broke in Kyouya. This was all wrong. Kaoru was sacrificing his body for Kyouya's sake, and Hikaru was torturing himself, forcing himself to not run and save Kaoru for Kyouya's sake.

They must really care for me, Kyouya thought overwhelmed. They were suffering and paying for matters that practically only concerned him. Kyouya's grey eyes darkened to an ominous black. And here he was sitting, doing nothing!

He could stop this and alone take the consequences of his actions. Hell, it wasn't like they would be able to keep their relationship a secret forever.

Kyouya straightened himself up and pushed his glasses further up on his nose. He would let that greasy slime ball send the picture to his father. If his father couldn't accept him and love him regardless of his sexuality, then that was the old man's problem and not Kyouya's. And to be honest, when had his father ever loved him anyway?

Kyouya would happily sacrifice his place in his dysfunctional family, if it meant that he could live openly together with the twins. He would start his own companies, and get rich on his own, he didn't need his father's money. Kyouya smirked. He was way more intelligent than his father anyway…

His mind set, Kyouya abruptly rose from the chair and turned to Hikaru. The younger boy stopped his destruction of the photography, and watched him with dull eyes.

"Come Hikaru, let's go get Kaoru."


Hikaru's and Kyouya's car screeched to a stop in front of the Komatsuzawa mansion at a quarter past ten. They hurried out of the limo and walked swiftly to the door.

"Okay, we tell whoever opens the door, that we're friends of Akira and that we want to visit him, alright?" Kyouya said as he rang the doorbell.

Hikaru frowned. "But isn't it a bit late for friends to come visiting?"

Kyouya was just to answer when the door opened. A butler stood in the doorway, looking at them suspiciously. He frowned when he saw Hikaru.

"Excuse me young sir, but didn't I just let you in here?" Hikaru winked discreetly at Kyouya before answering the butler.

"Oh, yes you did sir, but I had to go and meet up with Kyouya here, the poor soul really has no sense of orientation!" Hikaru softened his voice and smiled shyly towards the butler, probably in an attempt to imitate his brother.

The old butler smiled kindly and let them in. Kyouya let out a relieved breath, Hikaru's act had worked. Now they only needed to…

"I suppose that sir can find his own way to mr Komatsuzawa's bedroom this time, it's just down the stairs and then the second door to the right. Young masters have to excuse me but I have some vacuum cleaning to do." The butler bowed slightly and disappeared into a room to the left.

Kyouya and Hikaru wasted no time, but ran down the stairs quickly. The long staircase ended in a dark, stony corridor, which was only lit by torches on the walls.

"Geez, what's wrong with this guy? He's worse than Nekozawa-sempai…" Hikaru muttered and looked around suspiciously.

"Look, there's the second door to the right. Kaoru must be in there." Kyouya nodded towards a door in the middle of the corridor. Hikaru nodded eagerly and they both sneaked closer the door silently. They shared a look and took a deep breath before pushing the door open.

Akira was in the middle of removing Kaoru's underwear when the two boys came tumbling in. The newspaper president jumped in surprise before grinding his teeth together and snarling at the intruders.

"What are you doing in my house? Get out! Our deal was that I could have him for a night, and you're interrupting!" Neither Kyouya nor Hikaru paid him any notice. They were staring at Kaoru, who laid unconscious on the big bed, face down and with his arms tied to the bedpost. He was naked with his briefs around his knees.

Kyouya heard Hikaru give a furious growl and in the next second, the older twin pounced on Akira.

"You fucking asshole, what have you done to him? I'll kill you, you miserable piece of shit!" Kyouya closed the door behind him and went to free Kaoru from the bed. He felt that Hikaru had the task of kicking Akira's ass covered, even though he wouldn't mind beating that idiot himself…

"Waah! Get off me you crazy clone!" Akira and Hikaru was rolling around on the floor, punching and kicking at each other. Soon Akira managed to knock Hikaru over and held him down while smiling sadistically.

"Mm I kind of like you in this position… Maybe I'll take you instead of your whore of a brother. I'm sure you're tighter… Ouh fuck!" Hikaru had head-butted him hard on his nose bone, breaking both his nose and his expensive glasses. Hikaru threw him over and continued to throw punches into the older boy's stomach.

"Don't you dare talk about Kaoru like that! You sick, perverted freak!"

In the meantime, Kyouya had released Kaoru from the scarves holding his wrists. He wrapped his cloak around the younger boy's naked form, and lifted him from the bed.

"Hikaru, that's enough. Let's get out of here." Kyouya spoke calmly. Hikaru punched Akira a final time before scrambling up and joining Kyouya. He immediately took his brother from Kyouya's arms and glared one final time at Akira before kicking the door open and stepping out. Kyouya stood looking at the broken newspaper president coldly. Akira had blood dripping from his nose, and his lip was split in two places. He sneered at Kyouya hatefully.

"You just made your life's worst mistake Ootori." He spat venomously. "I'll send your porn to your father, and then you can just kiss your little whores good bye.." He smiled menacingly. "You should just have let me fuck that slut, I'm sure he would've loved it anyway." Akira finally managed to get up on his knees.

Kyouya smirked darkly at him. "YOU just made your life's worst mistake Akira. I'll keep Hikaru and Kaoru, no matter what. I'll handle my father. But you, you'll be charged for attempted rape on Hitachiin Kaoru. I also believe you should be expelled from Ouran, because of your unhealthy obsession with the Hitachiin twins. You have ruined your future Akira. See you in court." He turned and walked out.


The days that followed the dire night were crazy.

As soon as Kyouya and the twins had left the house, Akira sent the picture to Mr Ootori in blind rage. A little while later his house was invaded by secret agents, working for the Ootori group. The agents terminated the newspaper club chairman's computer, making it impossible for Akira to spread the picture to other people.

The next day Kyouya had a huge fight with his father. Mr Ootori was furious, his son had lied to him, been really irresponsible, almost destroyed the family's reputation and was a homosexual. The older man stood screaming at his son for hours, but Kyouya held his ground. Finally Mr Ootori gave Kyouya an ultimatum. He could choose to stay with his family, but then he of course had to break up with Hikaru and Kaoru and stop acting so irresponsible and childish. If he did not, Mr Ootori never wanted to see his son again.

Kyouya chose the latter, said good bye to his family and left his home.

He stayed at the Hitachiin mansion for some time. They told the twins parents about their relationship, and being already used to Hikaru and Kaoru being together, Mr and Mrs Hitachiin accepted Kyouya without any grudges.

Soon Kyouya used his own not so modest savings to buy a rather large attic story in the inner city. It was a bright and spacious place, but it wasn't near as big as Kyouya's former house. Kyouya planned to share the apartment with Hikaru and Kaoru in a few years, but in the meantime he would happily have the place all to himself. He needed a calm place where he could start to create his own new company. Without his father's money, he needed to build up his own empire.

And then there was the matter with Akira. After some time the twins told their parents about Akira's blackmailing and about what happened to Kaoru. Mr and Mrs Hitachiin were shocked and angry and they immediately charged the newspaper club chairman.

Yuzuha Hitachiin and her husband were not always there for their sons, but they loved them more than anything. If someone hurt one of their precious boys, there would be hell to pay.

The Hitachiin's hired the best prosecutor and lawyer in Japan, and the former club president was done for. Akira Komatsuzawa was sentenced to 18 months in prison, for attempt at rape and blackmail concerning sexual favours.

After this, things finally began to cool down and return to somewhat normal.


Kyouya Ootori was sitting in front of his laptop, studying the profit's the Host club had made during the past week. The club had ended over one hour ago, and by now all their customers and also most of the hosts were gone. Only Kyouya and the Hitachiin twins remained in the third music room.

Kyouya smiled to himself, today's theme had been space and it had been very successful. All the girls had left their astronauts (hosts) with satisfied smiles all over their faces. Oh yes, the money gained from today's Host club were enough to put Kyouya in a very good mood.

But after some minutes Kyouya's satisfied smile changed to a cunning smirk, and he leaned closer to his laptop, eagerly studying the statistics. Then he abruptly rose, and strode over to the twins. The brothers were sitting in a sofa, Hikaru sketching in his drawing pad and Kaoru reading a novel.

"Hikaru! Kaoru!" Kyouya stood in front of the twins, with his arms crossed and a small smile dancing on his lips.

"Yeah?" The twins answered simultaneously and focused curious eyes on their sempai.

"Did you know," Kyouya asked casually, "that by kissing me, you two would increase your designations with approximately 100 %?" He grinned. "I mean, all hosts already knows that we're together anyway, and to display some more affection in front of the girls would only make them happier. The Host club would make much more money if we took our "secret love triangle" to the next level."

The twins exchanged glances, smiled mischievously and slowly got up from the sofa.

Kaoru sneaked up to Kyouya and pressed himself into Kyouya's left side. "Your wish is our law, oh shadow king…"

"We don't mind kissing our sexy boyfriend in front of crazy fangirls." Hikaru leaned on Kyouya's right side, slowly kissing his neck.

"But we're curious Kyouya-sempai…" Kaoru bit his ear teasingly.

"Are you sure money is the only reason you want me and Kaoru to kiss you?" Hikaru purred seductively.

Kyouya could only shake his head and smile as two pairs of smooth lips leaned in to meet his own. If it was something he had learnt in the last couples of adventurous months, it was that not even to him, the shadow king, money could always come first.

Kyouya Ootori had a new priority in his life.


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