Forbidden Love

By Edward Simons.

Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny and characters property of Sunrise, Inc. This story written 2009 by Edward Simons.


I'm a fool. I have so much - power, possessions, prestige - yet I lost what mattered most, the only thing I really cared about. I should have shouted to the world that I loved him no matter who said it was wrong and that was all that mattered.

Instead, I let another man put a ring on my finger, agreed to marry someone I never really loved. It was for the good of the country, the land I was supposed to rule. I weighed that against the scandal of pursuing the one I loved, and how can one woman's happiness outweigh a nation's?

And yet I'm selfish. We had so little time together, duties and obligations made sure of that. And then he was gone and all the tears I shed would not make him return. Another was there to tend his wounds and to bring him back.

But not back to me.

He fought for me, for my homeland, the land which would not let me marry him. Yet another woman stood at his side. I hope he's happy and that's not just empty words. I know she has the time to help him, to heal the wounds of soul and body as much as they can be healed. She can do the things I no longer can. I want to push her aside, but that would be fair to neither her nor him. I made my choice; I did what society said was right. I deserve to pay the price for that.

But how dare they limit who you can love? Yet like a fool I listened. Hanumea is the god of our island, the one who's supposed to protect us. I used to believe, I used to pray, but if our god is real how could this have happened?

There's no one else that I love as much. No one else can take his place. I curse the god I no longer believe in for such a cruel joke - why did Kira have to be my brother?