And now for something completely different from happy tree friends for once

Just needed a little break from writing for that show for a while so I am trying out some Sam and max fan fiction this is going to be a regular series of one shot in which the duo tackle various series.

For reference this takes place right after the end of the last season in the ending where they enter the elevator.

Chapter 1 After the End

The two stepped into the elevator for the second time since Sam forgot his hat. Max hit every single button on the elevator and they began traveling through time.

"It's great to have you back little buddy." Said Sam

"You too, so lemme get this straight in this universe I get telepathic powers and get blown up by my robots"

Sam nodded.

"Cool! Though it's good thing I remembered this thing" Max knocked the side of the elevator

"Funny thing though we lost the elevator on one of the many adventures we had with it and then it came back good as new just like a..a."

"Dues Ex machina"

"Don't say that again Sam"

"Eh" Sam shrugged

The elevator stopped inside the duos office the two walked out slightly confused.

"Hmm I of all the places we could end up… ah well we can just try again right Max"

"Right" replied Max

Sam looked around the office

"Hey now that I think about it. The office seems to be a lot more in order since we left don't you think Max?"

Something got Sam's attention

"Hmm, maybe where in the past Sam or maybe the future."

"I don't think the future, or the past for that matter looks like the inside of a lava lamp little buddy."

They both looked out the windows, the landscape was a disgusting yet strangely lovely mix of green and orange anything in the distance could not be seen due to a pea soup colored fog obscuring the sky.

"Uhh Max I think we should go back in the…"

Predictably just as he said that the elevator disappeared and strangely with no one inside.

"Uh oh" The two said.

Just then the door way flew open, smoke bellowing out and with a slightly humanoid shadowy standing in front of them, obscured in the smoke.

"Hello" Said the Stranger the voice low as a smoking tuba player.

The two drawled there weapons to face the apparition in the door way.

"This is gonna be fun Sam!"