NOF FanFiction

Chapter One:

Pacific Bay High School. That was the name of my new school. It was new because my dad got a job transfer from Calgary, Alberta Canada to Los Angeles, USA. I was nervous. Not only was this a new city but a new country. Neither of which I had ever been to. New people to meet and new friends to make. All my old friends and the rest of my family were back home. But I guess you could say this was home now. So I was going to make the best of it. I was optimistic that things were going to be okay. Hopefully by the end of the first day of school I'd have some assurance.

I entered the school and walked down the hall to the main office to get my timetable. I was in grade 12 so this would be my last year of high school. Then it would be off to University. I walked into the office. "Hey my name is Christian Cage. I'm here to pick up my timetable." I said to the receptionist. "Okay. One moment." she replied. "Here you go Mr. Cage." said the receptionist and handed me my timetable. "Thank you." I replied. "I'll just get you a lock and show you to your locker." she said. We walked down the busy hallway together and around the corner. First class hadn't started yet so all the students were just hanging out and talking with their friends. I was a bit nervous so I didn't say too much. "Ah here it is." she said and pointed to my locker. "Just put your stuff in here and I'll show you your first class which will start in a few minutes. "Which class is it?" chimed in a sweet voice a couple lockers down.

I peered around my locker door and noticed a petite brunette rummaging through her locker. She must have been no more then five foot tall and I'm 5'8'' but I admit I was taken by her incredible beauty. She turned to face us. "Hey my name is Daphne. What's yours?" she asked with hand outstretched. I shook her hand nervously. "My name is Christian."I replied. "Nice to meet you!" she replied with a radiant smile. I took note of her gorgeous eyes as I showed her my timetable. "Hmm World History. You're a senior." she noticed. Daphne looked at the receptionist. "I can show him where this class is. It's right across from mine." she said. "Okay I'll leave you to it then." replied the receptionist before going back to the office. The warning bell rang and we headed off to class.

We arrived at our destination. "It's right here." Daphne said pointing toward the class door. "Maybe I'll see you around." she said with what seemed to be a hint of flirtiness. We each turned towards our respective class door. I looked back and was sure I caught her checking me out but she turned away and into her class before I could know for sure. Either way I likely just made a friend on the first day. I headed in to class and took my seat.

For the entire morning I couldn't stop thinking about Daphne. Her beauty was radiant and that adorably cute face was amazing. "Should I asked her out?" I thought to myself. "Nah! I am senior and she's only in grade 10. She'd think I was weird or something." the thought continued. Nonetheless I tried to concentrate on my work.

Lunch time rolled around and I was back at my locker. "Hey newbie!" said a now familiar voice with a giggle. I looked around my locker door. "Hey Daphne." I replied. "So how was your morning?" she asked. "It was alright. Classes seem pretty decent." I replied. "That's good to hear." Daphne replied. She closed the door of her locker and approached mine. "So what are we doing for lunch?" she asked with a smile. "We?" I replied with a smile of my own. "Sure, unless you like eating by yourself." she said still smiling. "Well if you'd like to join me you may do so." I replied. "Cool!" Daphne said trying to hide her excitement. I closed my locker door and we made our way to the cafeteria.

We stood in line and waited to grab our food. "So where are you from?" Daphne asked. "I'm from Calgary, Canada. My dad got a job transfer down here so that's why we moved here." I replied. "That's cool. Any brothers or sisters?" inquired Daphne. "Nope just me and my dad. My mother passed away when I was younger." I replied. "Oh. I'm really sorry to hear that. I have one brother." Daphne replied with a look of sorrow. "It's okay." I replied softly. We grabbed our food and found ourselves a table. We spent the rest of the lunch hour just talking, laughing and getting to know each other. Daphne was real easy to talk to and seemed really fun yet mature at the same time. She was adorable and really pretty. The bell rang to signal the end of lunch so we made our way to our lockers and then our respective next classes.

End of the school day was now here and we were back at our lockers. "So how was your first day?" Daphne asked. Her friend Megan was there with her as they were going to chill after school. "It was pretty good. If most days are like this I just might be okay." I said with a smile. I closed my locker door and was about to walk away but turned to Daphne. "Besides, I'll be able to see your pretty face every day so it's all good." I added. Daphne just looked at me with a smile and blushed. "See you tomorrow ladies." I said before walking away. Megan looked at Daphne. "He's cute!" she said. "Indeed he is but I saw him first!" Daphne said jokingly. "I think he likes you." Megan suggested. "Yeah maybe but if he does I'm gonna make him work for it." Daphne smile flirtatiously as her and Megan headed home.