Too Close,yet too Far

by Sessrin Koshimae (Shunrei Ryuzaki)

Disclaimer: The characters of Prince of Tennis isn't mine. I only own Ryuuzaki Seiran, Echizen Sakura and the children of the Seigaku Regulars.

Chapter 1: The Next Prince of Tennis

The sun hits his bare skin as he rolled up to his bed and slowly opens his eyes. Amber colored eyes stares around the place his in. The room's ambiance is cooling and relaxing his mood. This day would be fine,he thought. Slowly,he reaches the sides of his bed to get up. The fine silk of his blanket entangled to his well formed and muscular legs. He sits at the edges and starts putting away the blanket from his body. An audible footsteps are heard outside the room. It seems the other person at the house is in hurry.

"Seiran, hurry we're going to be late." the voice echoed within the house.

What time is it? Is it already late? Oh, it's the day that he's going back to Japan without his mother. They have been at the downtown of London for nearly all his twelve years of his life. Of course, they seldom to go to Japan for vacation. His mother's grandmother acts as their host every time they spent a vacation there. But now, he's staying to Japan to pursue his studies there. He has to. His mom's grandmother needs someone to be with. He doesn't have to worry about culture shock or anything else. The language, their people,the place... they didn't really bother him. He spent a lot of time being with his mother's friends. They taught him tennis which made him a good player. This friends are the Seigaku Regulars at the time that his mother is in her first year at junior high.

"Hai,kaa-san. I'll be there." he finally said.

He stands up and make his way to the bathroom. He yawns in front of the mirror and starts brushing his teeth. Staring at his reflection, he saw his disheveled brown locks of his hair. He likes his hair. Well, why won't he? That's the one of the physical traits that he inherited from his beloved mother. A faint smirk passes through his face. Staring back, his amber cat like eyes pronounces his cool attitude. Mostly, people who knows his mother keep on stating how much he resembles his father. The retrospect of these statements make his mood bad. Such statements make his mother uncomfortable and uneasy. Sometimes he wonders if seeing him makes his mother sad.

Being an illegitimate child, he has nothing to care about more but his mother. Ryuuzaki Seiran, son of a well known chef at London, Ryuuzaki Sakuno has been striving to make his name known in Tennis World. His goal is to defeat the man who hurt his mother.

Going back to reality, Seiran takes a bath, rushes to wear his white shirt with red collar, his dark blue shorts that reaches above his knees and put on his red jacket. The door of his room opens revealing his beloved mother. He looked at her with inquiring eyes but still remains his stoic face.

"kaa-san,what is it?" he asked.

Sakuno smiled back at him. Seiran approaches his mother and touches her long brown curly tresses. She touches his cheek and places a kiss on it.

"Don't get lost at Tokyo,Seiran. Mother would be there in a month so you should take care of yourself." said Sakuno.

Seiran smirked. His mother saying again the exact opposite of the reality. Both of them knew that his mother is very bad at directions. He's the one who always saves and taking care of her most of the time.

"Ne, kaa-san,you're joking again." he said.

"I am not," Sakuno pouted. Seiran laughs. Really, only his mother can make him laugh like that. He really likes to tease and to see his mother pouts like a child. Sakuno smiles. She rarely see her son poses an emotion like that. Suddenly, Seiran ceases his laugh and seems disturbed. Sakuno noticed the sudden change in Seiran's face and got worried.

"What is it,my dear Seiran?" she asked touching his brown locks.

Seiran slightly bow his head in front of her not wanting to show his eyes on her.

"Kaa-san, i forgot to tell you that i registered at the Juniour Tokyo Mix Tennis Tournament." he finally said.

He looks worried. He knows how his mother reacts every time he's on a match. She always their on the sidelines with the other audience,silently cheering and praying for him. He doesn't really want to bother his mother with his match but her presence on the court makes his every muscles active and reactive with each sways of his racquet.

"Hmm... Why do you have such face? You don't have to worry. You'll win right? As long as you won't let yourself get injured,it would be fine with this Sakuno." she winked.

Seiran look up at her. She seems fine with it but it would be the first time that he will be separated for a long time to his beloved mother. Something's telling him to not disappoint and worry her while she's not around. Well, a month without his beloved mother can be unencumbered to him.

"Come, let's go. You might get late to your flight. Hurry,Seiran." she said sweetly while putting his favorite blue cap at his head. Sakuno seems to be in daze. The look of his Seiran resembles Ryoma the first time she met him.

Seiran take his Racquet bag and his luggage at his study table and heads to their living room. Sakuno handed him his passport and ticket as he puts on his favorite tennis shoes.

"Obaa-san would take you at the airport so just wait for her. Don't get around by yourself." Sakuno said.

"Hai,kaa-san. Seiran would behave and take care of himself while you aren't with him."

They went to the airport and bids goodbye to each other. Going back to Japan, Seiran takes the first step to crush the man he wanted to defeat. The man who hurted his dearest. The man who has known as the reigning prince of tennis. His own father, Echizen Ryoma.

After knowing that Echizen Ryoma is going back to Japan in two weeks time. He decided to go to Japan to take the first step towards his goal.

"Echizen Ryoma, just wait. Ryuuzaki Seiran will crush you into pieces." Seiran thought.