Sorry, it took so long! I had exams to study for plus I had a huge writers block in a certain Kira and Mozenrath scene. I tried to make Mozenrath mostly in character but it's kind of difficult in his calm and calculating manner. Well… enjoy!

I opened my eyes, slightly wincing at the glow of the fire. The sun wasn't even up yet, but I couldn't go back to sleep. The nightmares of the captured genies haunted in my head. A shiver went down my spine, all those genies forever trapped. The genies voices echoed into my head screaming out for help, but it faded. Briefly I remembered seeing Mozenrath face but I'm not sure if it was a dream or really happening. After I saw Mozenrath face the voices stopped screaming. Glancing down at my hands I thought of what I should do with my last wish. Free Sabir or send my father back to his time period. I wasn't even supposed to remain in this time period. My second wish was to be sent back home after this adventure. I sighed, I will never get back home. I stretched and my bones popped, it wasn't even sunrise and the sky was a dark color. By the time of the moon I would guess it to be at least 5:30 in morning. I would never wake up at this time, another trait I got from here.

"Can't sleep?" A low silky voice asked me. I glanced to see Mozenrath rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I slept long enough." I answered, it was a complete lie. Another thought appeared in my head if I'm going to live here might as well know the language.

"Mozenrath, can you teach me the language everybody knows?" I asked him, knowing already he would answer with a witty remark.

"Yes, if you are willing enough to learn." Mozenrath got up and sat next to me Indian style.

"Thank you" I said in shock and smiled at the not so menacing man. We started with the basic of the alphabet and he explained to me the letters were different than the English. He wrote down the letters and I sounded them out, he had to correct me plenty of times. Sunrise came and the group rise up. The heat was already rising. It's like the sun was saying I want to bake all the humans today. Even though my skin was already dry, I was concentrating on my work. Pieces of paper scattered around me and Mozenrath. At this point we were sitting down next to each other, leaning over a paper.

"Good morning!" Genie shouted in hyped up manner and floated next to me. "And how is lovely lady today?"

I looked up from my paper and smiled at Genie "The lovely lady is fine." His blue face grinned, another vision entered my eyes.

A red crystal was half way covered by sand in watery depths. Long blue reed like plants was next to it, and the bottom of the plant was a red color.

This vision stopped, that was it? I thought to myself in anger. Well, it's close to water.

"You okay, girly?" Genie asked in a worried expression. I nodded and grabbed the stencil/chalk thing Mozenrath was writing on and the parchment. With quick precision I drew the plant and showed it to Genie.

"Do you know where this plant is?" He grabbed the paper from my hands and a pair of glasses appeared on his eyes. He adjusted the oversized eyeglasses.

"Hmm looks like the Twilight Papyrus or Nightshade." Genie muttered underneath his breath. Mozenrath rolled his eyes.

"They are completely different, Nightshade is deeper in color." He grabbed the paper from Genie's hand.

"Of course he would know what poison looks like." Genie whispered to me. The others gathered around waiting to hear the results, which didn't take long at all. Mozenrath tsked and looked over to genie.

"It's the Twilight Papyrus, potion making will come very naturally to you." Mozenrath mocked Genie and handed the parchment back to me. And I thought he was becoming nice, I was wrong.

"So we have to look for a plant in a desert." I confirmed. "Well that would be easy." I sarcastically said.

"Actually it would be, there are only two places where the Twilight Papyrus plant grows." Genie stated and went into thought "One is near the end of the Nile River, a peaceful and beautiful spot really. Nice and quiet with lots of fruit trees. The other is in the deathly Marshes of Mesopotamia, filled with bugs and crocodiles, let's not forget the…" he continue to draw on. He didn't notice the terror which crossed Abu's, Iago, chicken or my own. "And the pure smell of the place reeks!" He concluded and put a clothes pin on his nose. "The smell can kill a monkey!" Abu fainted on the ground and Carpet was shaking in fear.

"Well, looks like we are going to the Nile." Iago recovered and headed south-east, but Scruffy grabbed his tail preventing any movement. The Nile… the Nile sounds good I concluded.

"The Twilight Papyrus grows more abundant at the marshes." Mozenrath said.

"It must be at the Nile." I said my voice a bit shaky.

"You are the ruler of this voyage so," Mozenrath mockingly bowed with a flourish, "you must know everything about the Seven Deserts." He got back up with a sneer. Aladdin and the others were looking back and forth between us.

"I'm sure it's at the Nile," I defended my suggestion and crossed my arms.

"I agree with the girl for once." Iago said and raised his hand. "All in favor say I." Couple of 'I' sounded of from Scruffy, Abu who just raised his hand, and myself.

"Fine, but you are leading us at a dead end." He glowered at me and walked past me, brushing my shoulder. I glared at his retreating back. We quickly packed up. I smiled to myself, we are half way done. A sudden thought appeared in my head. "Genie, what was the other thing about the sorceress?"

"What?" The blue man looked up confused. "Oh yeah, we didn't figure anything about the sorceress only on the necklace." A book named" The Genie Bottle" appeared in his hands and he flipped a couple of pages. "Let's see here… Kira appearing… going to temple….getting kidnapped…first crystal… haHA sorceress. The user of the necklace was banished to the Underworld for trying to enslave all living creatures. The only way if she got out was if she can swap the soul of another person and to be in contact with the necklace. Well, I better go and help the others! See ya guys real soon!" Genie yelled and disappeared. At least it solved my speculations about the witch. All of us loaded up on Carpet soon afterwards. We actually talked in this trip! Accidently the paper of my awful Arabic showed and Aladdin asked me about it. He decided to help me out with the language. Aladdin knows both of the language because he wanted to know what the travelers were saying when they came to Agrabah. Unfortunately, Aladdin didn't know how to read or write in English. Mozenrath got involved with the conversation and he took over with the teaching. It was almost evening when we finally spotted the Nile.

"Look there is the river!" Iago yelled and pointed toward the horizon. The river was resting at the edge of our vision, taunting us with the blue line. Carpet sped up a bit, enthusiastic about finishing the journey. This was our longest journey so far. Palm trees and papyrus plants loomed near the bank, casting a nice shade from high sun. My legs felt like jello when I got off of Carpet. I stumbled over to the river bank, kneeled over and washed my burning skin. The water was cool.

"Guess we better start searching." Aladdin said, moving his head back and forth. The river bed was really wide and long so we need to split in more than two groups. I got up slowly and faced toward the group. "Abu and Iago are going to search on this side to the right, Mozenrath you will…" Aladdin trailed off in thought, he bit his lip nervously. "Kira, you, Scruffy and Mozenrath will go on this side and to the left. Me and Carpet are going to search on the other side of the river." I glance over to Aladdin, why did he change his mind about Mozenrath going by himself? Oh well, I'll talk to him later.

"K, see you later." I lazily waved good bye as I walked along the river, my feet were only ankle deep in the water. Scruffy followed me happily on the shallower end of the river. We became separated very fast, leaving only Mozenrath to walk by my side. Unlike me he was walking along the dry land near the refreshing water. We wandered for a while, neither of us finding a crystal. Mozenrath remained quiet, leaving the sound of nature to fill the space. Birds were chirping, the water gurgling and my feet swishing in the water were the only noise. My anxiety rose up every step we took and the silence only aggravated me more.

"Don't you think looking for the crystal will be easier in the water?" I glanced at the imposing sorcerer.

"Unlike you I can see a red crystal from here." He replied nonchalantly. It was the wrong approach.

"I just thought since it's a hot day you would like to be in the water." Scruffy hopped forward using his wings to glide a bit in the air before he went forward again. He was a couple paces ahead of us, enjoying the water.

"What gives you the idea?" He took a quick glance over my way.

"Well it's hotter than normal and you are wearing dark colors. I just thought it was uncomfortable for you."

"I rather not ruin my clothes with water."

"Then why won't you just take some of the layers off?" I asked and slightly cocked my head to the side.

"Oh I see now, you just want to see me shirtless." He replied coolly and stopped where he was. If I was in anime I would have fell on my face, but I wasn't. Instead I stopped where I was. My face was warm and it wasn't from the heat.

"Don't be so conceited, your nothing but skin and" Mayday, don't say bones, abort, abort!"twigs." It was an awful save. Quickly I turned around to see if I angered him, don't want an evil sorcerer after me. Unfortunately I slip and grabbed onto Mozenrath. He grabbed onto my upper arms, trying to keep our balance. I got hold of my composure and relaxed. Then I realized I was still holding onto Mozenrath, with his arms on me. Instead of backing away I stayed rooted to the ground. Surprisingly Mozenrath didn't move away. Mozenrath, however, moved his hand from my arms to my waist. Finally gathering enough courage I looked up. I blushed even more how close our faces were. Our lips were mere inches apart. The sorcerer eyes showed he was conflicting himself, from what I did not know. We were motionless. Then he leaned down and placed his cool lips against mine. Not sure if it was the hormones but I responded back with vigor. He tangled his gloved hand in my hair and I encircled my arms around his neck, bringing us even closer. Bawka sliced through our world, making the both of us stop. His lips hovered above mine, breathing softly. His arms lingered on my waist as he slowly removed them. Chicken was jumping up and down pointing behind me. A small dot was coming closer and closer… Aladdin. Quickly I backed away from Mozenrath and fell on my behind in the now cold water. A familiar whoosh sounded next to me and Aladdin dropped in the water with a splash.

"Kira why are you on the ground?" A concerned Aladdin asked me." Mozenrath what did you do to her?" He yelled at him and got in front of me.

"Are you going to blame me every time she trips? We both know I could much worse." Mozenrath said as if the kiss never happened. Did the kiss mean something to him or was he just trying to get something from it? Carpet helped me up with his tassels and brushed me off gently.

"Aladdin you know me, a klutz and all." I chuckled nervously, he didn't see what happened. He nodded but then he looked toward Mozenrath and glared. "I think we should make camp!" I clapped my hands in hope of a distraction before a fight occurred. "The sun is already setting and I rather not get sick." They didn't say anything but went their separate ways. Abu and Iago appeared from their journey. Abu scampered toward Aladdin and Iago flew on my shoulder.

"I know what happened." Iago stated and crossed his wings.

"What are you talking about?" I asked the parrot.

"You and Mozenrath kissed, I saw it with my own two eyes."

"Well your eyes must be broken because I would never kiss him." I said snootily and held my face void of any emotion.

"I know what I saw." Iago flew up to my face." I won't tell Aladdin for a price." He smirked and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Of course what do you want?" I asked the bird.

"Not sure…yet, " Iago face showed concerned, "but ya gotta be careful around him. Who knows, he might be trying to gain your trust so he can use ya in some way." He then flew toward where Aladdin was making the small fire. Carpet and Abu brought a load of firewood to keep the fire from going out in the cold night. I shivered when a small gust of wind blew against my wet clothes.

"You should try getting into a different outfit before you get sick." Aladdin glanced over to me and advises me before he went back to work. Mozenrath looked cold as well he folded his arms across his chest and brought his legs closer to his body. I grabbed my pajamas and tossed a blanket at Mozenrath trying my best not to seem like I care about him. If he is trying to use me than I must not let him see me getting too attached or it will fall in disaster. I changed in a bush and by the time I came out, a fire was already roaring and keeping the cold away. Aladdin was looking uncomfortable in the fire. Carpet was doodling on the sand with a stick. Abu was on his back looking at the stars and Iago leaned against a rock. Mozenrath wrapped himself in the blanket staring into the fire. I put my clothes on a nearby rock to dry and got a blanket from the bag. I walked toward the sleeping chicken. Without a word to anyone I laid down with my back to the fire, facing the river. I fell asleep thinking about the kiss. Was he just trying to gain my trust to use me or does he want a relationship?

Again, I was the first one awake for some reason. First I dressed in the clothes last night. Then I decided to put all the useless stuff back in the bag while I wait for the others to wake up. Scruffy was the first one to wake up as the sun was rising. I kept cleaning the camp with him following me around. The others rose up in no particular order. Iago was the last one to wake up.

"I spotted a lot of Twilight Papyrus on my side of the river. I couldn't search for the crystal because it was already dark." Aladdin said as we cleaned up our quick meal of bread, dried beef and cheese. I just nodded and smiled gently at Aladdin. We loaded up on Carpet, my mood was increasing as we zoomed along the river. The sun was out but not as hot as yesterday and the birds were singing. The atmosphere was just cheerful and relaxing.

We got to Aladdin side of the river. The tall reed like plants was bursting from the water. They were in multiple colors. A bright red from the stem and a deep blue at the top, the plants were everywhere. We separated and wander not very far from each other. Aladdin and I ended up in the deeper water where the plants grew. The water was a clear bluish color, so it was easy to see the ground. However, the search became more desperate. Every minute of searching just proves Mozenrath was correct. It wasn't long before he noticed.

"Looks like the crystal isn't here! If only somebody listened to me then we wouldn't have wasted a day out here" Mozenrath called out from the dry sand. I glanced over my shoulder to see him smirking at me. Maybe he was right. Even Aladdin was heading back to the sorcerer. I lowered my eyes to the slow moving river. With heavy footsteps I shuffled to the gang. However, a glimmer of red caught my peripheral vision in the dense brush of reeds. I waded over to stalk of Twilight Papyrus, a smooth red color was glittering in the noon sun!

"I found it!" I yelled over to the gang. Everybody, except a certain sorcerer, ran over to me. Mozenrath cocky faced instantly fell in defeat. I smirked inwardly guess who is right now? I dug the crystal from the mud when I notice it was slightly different than the others. The crystal was bulkier in width and more round than the sharp edged crystal.

"It's a ruby" I murmured sadly, Abu and Iago instantly brightened at my statement. "Just a stupid ruby!" I said in frustration and threw the large stone away into a brush of plants. Iago and Abu jaw dropped to the ground in shock. They recovered quickly.

Iago got on his knees and yelled to the sky "WHY!" Abu quickly ran over to the water's edge and peered over, but the ruby was already gone.

"Looks like I was right all along." Mozenrath said in a singing manner. I stomped toward the group. Mozenrath was smiling in my predicament. "Looks like it's to the marshes." He yelled in a spontaneous voice. I restrained myself from slapping the arrogant man. Aladdin glanced over to the over confident man and looked in my direction.

"Hey it's okay Kira anybody else would have made that mistake." He comforted me, I nodded without a word. We all loaded up on Carpet and headed toward the Marshes of Mesopotamia.

The trip was silent this time around. Except the occasional comment from Mozenrath saying that he was right the whole time and we should of went with his idea first. Every time he opens his mouth it was another brutal hit to my already bruised ego. The jerk, he leaves me seething with anger. Even Iago and Abu noticed my dilemma and backed a safe distance from me. However that man continues to mock me. A green tint blur appeared from the horizon… already I was getting a sense of forbidding. The skies darken around the area to a dim grey color.

"Well, there are the marshes." Aladdin gulped when he noticed it. The air was getting heavier and stickier as we drew near the death trap. Finally we entered the marsh. Immediately, the sky darkened as a low, never disappearing, cloud hung among us. Hundreds of flies and mosquitoes floated in the air and Carpet had to slow down to prevent running into any of them. It wasn't a bother because we were all tired and we needed a… well we need a place to crash. Unfortunately it was difficult in finding an area. Large and small pools of water scattered all around the area, making land difficult to find. The ground that we did find was soggy looking and unstable to hold our weight. Surprisingly noise echoed from all directions but not the cheerful type like in the Nile. Weird thing called out to us 'neerbriik' and 'thrulk' were the ones that stood out. Couple of familiar cricket chirping was the only comfort we had.

Carpet swooped down quickly. A large area looked stable and dried enough for us to sleep in. We slowly got off of Carpet, not wanting to leave the safety of the rug. Mozenrath even hesitate in descending and grimaced as he touched the ground. I understand the feeling as well. Even though the land looked suitable to sleep on it was... bendy. Yeah, bendy is the only word I can come up with. It was squished down slightly but it wasn't wet.

"Let's hope that Genie packed some dry logs" I muttered underneath my breath. Abu dragged the bag off of Carpet and begin searching through it. He tossed couple of things and tried to go deeper inside the bag. Only when his feet were gripping onto the rim of the bag did he find a stack of logs. He brought them up and pronounced it proudly. I grabbed it from his hands and turned to the group that was peering out into the marsh.

"Guys we got dry wood!" I yelled and held the logs up.

"Nice…" Aladdin said and grabbed them out of my arms. He placed it on the ground and started making a tent out of them. It wasn't long before the logs were lite and roaring in flames. All of us huddled together by the fire. The marshes didn't seem that threating anymore around the glow of the flame. However, the mosquitos were attracted to the light. Truthfully, I think they were gossiping among themselves about human blood. I slapped the back of my neck for the eighth time and shook the dead bug from my hand. I pulled my legs to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. I kept my eyes directed on the burning logs, not wanting to see the sorcerer that was across from me.

"We should have come in the morning." I muttered against my knee.

"Why?" Aladdin heard my comment and looked toward me.

"So we can have some light." I buried my head in my knees.

"If only we went with my plan…" Mozenrath sighed out dramatically," then we wouldn't be sleeping in the marsh."

"At least Kira only made one mistake and not the hundreds of mistakes that you made Mozenrath." Aladdin smugly retorted back.

"Yeah how many times have you failed at taking over Agrabah?" Iago taunted. Without a word I got up and walked away.

"Where are you going?" Aladdin asked and situated himself to face me.

"I need a moment." I said in a cold voice and walked to the dark marsh. Slightly dry dirt made a small and twisted trail leading away from the camp. I made sure to keep my eyes on the ground to avoid falling into a puddle. It was slightly cold but it wasn't something that I can handle. I crossed my arms. The crickets echoed and another unfamiliar sound echoed into the night. It actually wasn't so bad.

"Genie probably exaggerated." I mumbled to myself. Something splashed next to me. I was startled and fell backwards. Another splash and a creature landed at my feet. It was literally a cricket the sized of my head. It large bug like eyes stared at me in puzzlement. Without warning it jumped on my face. Rapidly I swatted the bug off and I ran away from it. After a minute or two I realize the bug wasn't following me anymore. I began jogging slowly. Then my jog began a slow stumble as I took in my surroundings. Tall and graceful blue reed like plants rose to my waist. The area around here was drier and open. The small amount of puddles didn't hold murky brown water. The water was clear and the moon reflected from the surface. This was probably the only spot that didn't seem frightening or disgusting. I walked over to one of the plants and held it between my fingers.

"Twilight Papyrus," I mumbled underneath my breath and smiled. "Looks like Mozenrath was right."

"I usually am." I quick jumped and turned around startled. Mozenrath was there with his hands on his hips.

"Were you following me?" I retorted defensively.

Mozenrath smirked and walked over to me. "No, Aladdin and I stormed away from camp and I ended up here."

"What do you want?" I backed away from him a bit but he stopped arm distance away from me.

"I want only a few things at this current time."

"Agrabah is at the top of the list, right?" I asked with an impish grin on my face.

"Not currently." He didn't even hesitate on his answer.

"Really?" I asked in surprise. Is he trying to lead me in a trap?

He smirked evilly at me. "Yes, Agrabah and Aladdin can wait but my gauntlet can't." At that moment I felt like a small creature about to be captured. Then I realized Mozenrath was an evil sorcerer. A sorcerer that likes to make people suffer, especially the people of Agrabah.

"I think you should back off." I replied in an even voice.

"What's with the change?"

"Never mind," I growled to him, and quick uncertainty flash in his eyes. "You know what forget it." I walked away from him into the tall reeds. Rapid movement came behind me and a gloved hand grabbed my arm. He gently pulled me to him. I kept my eyes downcast the whole time.

"What did I say that made you so upset?" He brushed my hair gently from my face. Is he showing feelings?

"Why don't you think about it? You're smart." I replied with venom in my voice. I brushed him away from me. Not thinking about anything else I stormed off. Me being me I tripped in a small hole and notice something amazing. Right next to a stalk of Twilight Papyrus was a red crystal! It was in the shallow part of a large and deep puddle. Ignoring everything that Mozenrath have said, I ran toward it. The water came to my waist by the time I reached the crystal. Without a thought I went underneath the water and grabbed the crystal. I surface and held the crystal above my head.

"I got it!" I yelled and showed the crystal to Mozenrath.

"Got what?" He yelled back and walked slowly to me. Abruptly I was pulled back into the water. Something held my left ankle in a vice grip. Letting go of the crystal I dug my nails into the mud and pushed myself to the surface. "Mozenrath, help," I managed to scream before I was dragged down again. Luckily I got a deep breath of air before I plunged downward. The cold black water closed over my head. I opened my eyes and squinted through. There was a large cage of… seaweed? A strand of seaweed had a hold of my ankle and was dragging me toward the cage. Another vine wrapped around my knees pinning them together. Then multiple of them latched onto my legs puling tighter than it already was. Another latched around my waist tightly. I almost gasped at the crushing pain it inflicted. The 'caged' opened up by unfurling all of the seaweeds. The thing brought me close. My lungs were already burning and my head felt light from the lack of oxygen. Black spots clouded over my vision, the thing is bringing me closer. Something hit the creature… a blue blast? The vines loosen its hold around me and somebody managed to untangle me. Pale skin was the only thing I could see… Mozenrath. He cupped my cheek with one hand and pressed his lips against mine. Oxygen flowed into my lungs, my head didn't felt as light. A warm tingling feeling spread across my body. He wrapped the other hand around my waist and started pulling me up to the surface. The creature was burnt and lay dead on the bottom of the lake. We broke through the surface and I started to hack as Mozenrath was breathing heavily. He pulled me to the bank with small difficulty. He deposited me on the ground and put a wet scroll within his robes.

"I thought…you couldn't use magic?" I managed to say even though my lungs burned intensely.

"I can't, not without my gauntlet." He quickly said and looked forward searching through the water for something.

"Then what was the blue blast?" I stifled and turned to my side in a fetal position because of the pain.

"Blue blast…. You were probably seeing things from the lack of oxygen." He said in a confused manner. I wanted to question him more but breathing was a labor on its own. The water was cold to my skin making me shiver. Mozenrath picked something red from the ground and placed it in his pocket. He came over to me and picked me up bridal style. I wanted to complain but I was in no position to. Instead I rested my head on his shoulder. I sighed in contentment against his warm body. With smooth strides he walked toward the direction of the camp. Having no need of being awake I fell in a light slumber. It felt like seconds for me before I heard Aladdin.

"Mozenrath what did you do to her?" Somebody shuffled over to me and a set of stronger arms grabbed me. Aladdin gently pulled me out of Mozenrath arms and into his own. He wasn't as comfortable as Mozenrath. Maybe it was because of my taller frame, either way it didn't felt right.

"Must we go through this every time Aladdin? I mean really… the greeting is getting old." Aladdin placed me down on a soft surface.

"Maybe if you stop bugging her then I will."

"Oh where is the fun in that?" Already bored of the useless fighting, I faced away from them in the fetal position. Something clucked next to my ear and Scruffy pulled the blanket to my chin. Abu cooed softly and placed his paw against my forehead. I opened my eyes to see his worried expression. He walked toward the fire and lifts a kettle as big as him. Scruffy tucks the blanket around me, not letting the cold air get to me. I closed my eyes and try to tune out the argument Aladdin and Mozenrath are still having. Abu tugged on my blanket, I lifted my eyelids. He held out a small cup of hot tea.

"Thank you." I muttered hoarsely, my throat felt as if somebody made me swallow steel wool. He chattered quietly and tipped his hat in a 'you are welcome' gesture. I smiled weakly and took a sip from the bitter tea. The liquid scalded my throat but it gave me a warm sensation throughout my body. I sighed out dreary and went back to my sleep.

"Will you guys be quiet? I'm trying to sleep here!" Iago yelled out at last and the camp fell silent. A calloused hand brushed my hair off my sweaty forehead.

"I won't let Mozenrath go anywhere with you alone again." Aladdin whispered to himself quietly. He left my side without another word. Maybe I want to be with Mozenrath.

Two major writer blocks sprung up on me on both scenes of Mozenrath showing compassion. Who knows what the sorcerer is thinking now? Is he actually starting to care for Kira or is he just trying to use her? Hope I didn't make Mozenrath too much out of character. I posted this story on deviantart as well so if you find it on there, don't freak out. My username is Yermakova. That's about it… review… yup that's all!