*_* I always wanted to do a Kizaya fanfiction! They probably are my favorite couple...sooo here it is ]

Of course there will be lemons later on! OH and possibly cross-dressing too~ ;D

The dark raven haired male skipped across the sidewalk, humming softly to himself. The male seemed rather graceful as he made light steps on the ground, before moving onto another step. He may seem innocent with that soft smile spread across his face or the elegant movement of his body. But everyone knew Izaya Orihara, was not a gentle person. The dark aura around him gave that off completely, with the evil glint in his smile. Despite of people knowing how dangerous he was they still came begging to his feet for help.

Humans are pathetic.


Humans are amusing...interesting...fun to watch!

He couldn't help, but shiver in delight, just from thinking about humans. Many of them were predictable to read and easy to manipulate. Oh, how much fun it is to see their stressful faces! Silly humans could never see that they been used, deceived, and thrown to the curve once he was bored and ready to move on. Lately, he could feel trembling eyes on him, which made him want to burst out into a huge laughing fit. But, he held that urge in so he could look presentable for his next victims.

Victims that humbly walk into his cage.

Except today was an unusual day. Not one person came to the informant for what they think is 'getting help'. Which made the day go by extremely slow; he really wanted to mess with someone's mind. It was like a home-made movie. Without a client to work with, he simply observed what was going around the town. He snickered silently inside his head at the scenes that unfolded in front of him. One was a girl was accusing a guy that he cheated on her. Typical. Humans and love mixed together was always pure entertainment. Izaya honestly didn't see why one person devoted their life to just one single person.

In his mind, he loved ALL humans.

It was a Sunday so maybe that was why no one was really bothered to come seek out the informant. For some reason humans were very lazy on that day, deciding to stay at home. He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, feeling his stomach growl from the sight of the famous sushi shop across the street. Even the young manipulative informant got hungry, and was craving some sushi to fill his empty stomach.

Once at the outside doors of the place, he was greeted by the tall black guy. He never paid much attention to Simon, mostly because it was obvious what was going to be said. And sushi would most certainly be mentioned somewhere in the sentence.

The small bell chimed as he entered inside the place. The first thing he was going to do was scan the area, see what humans were also here. A voice saying his name distracted himself from his first priorities. An older man than himself was sitting alone in a booth, waving for Izaya to come sit by him. Deep down, he was annoyed that one of his former clients was trying to talk to him. The guy wasn't that fun anyway. He hid his emotions very well, sliding into the booth with a fake smile plastered on his face.

His red eyes were focus on the older male in front of him, but that didn't mean he didn't catch a glimpse of brown eyes watching him. Very slowly, a smirk started to spread across his face as he pretended not to see the eyes that watched him. He gave a few uncaring nods to the male, faking he was interested in whatever the guy was talking about. Right now his mind was focus on much more entertaining things.

He let his eyes travel across the room, passing the boring people till his eyes locked dead on with the brown eyes. Though their eye contact only lasted for about one second till the brown eyes quickly darted away. He wanted to laugh, amused by what he had found.

Those brown, honey tinted eyes belonged to a former client of his from a long time ago. One that he enjoyed breaking, watching the young client shatter in front of his face. He shivered in delight, his eyes gazing at the small slender body. He had to admit, the brown eyed male did make a good attempt to stay away from him. Izaya had to give the other some credit for making him almost forget about the blonde haired male. But then again, how can he forget about his exciting client known as Kida Masaomi?

His eyes were still focused on the back of the boy's body. His fingers tapped against the table, uncaring if the older male he was with was trying to get his attention. Kida was with one of his friends at the moment. Ah yes, Izaya knew exactly who Kida's friend was. He also knew the two of them were best friends. He knew the way the blonde's shoulders moved were because he was laughing with his friend from whatever joke he was saying. Kida was actually laughing? The last time he saw the young male was when it seemed like he completely lost his soul.

In the past Kida had willing came to him for help. He even thought they became friends, till of course Izaya ripped that into shreds and let the poor young blonde go into despair. Thinking back to those days, made him excited. He enjoyed seeing the usually happy blonde male cringe on the floor. Now that was a client he couldn't get bored off.

It was easy to read the younger males mind. Right now he was thinking: Please don't let him come over here. Izaya smirked at those thoughts, obviously that made him want to go over there even more. He simply slide away from the older male without warning and headed over to the other booth.

"My, my Kida Masaomi~ Long time, hasn't it?" Izaya said with a fake smile across his face. "You didn't even say hi. How rude."

Kida cringed at the males words, poking the sushi with his chop-sticks. He obviously did not like the whole situation. He didn't even bother to give the raven hair male a responds or a glance of acknowledgement.

That only made Izaya grin wider. "Well Masaomi, don't be rude and introduce me to your friend!" Kida hated the way Izaya's voice sounded. It was so fake, that it made him cringe.

Without warning Izaya shoved himself in the booth with Kida, causing the poor blonde to quickly move all the way to the other side so there was space between them. Izaya gave the boy a pretend hurt face, before looking over to Mikado, who sat awkwardly alone on the other side of the booth. His red eyes then glanced back over to Kida. "So?"


Kida let out a loud sigh before mumbling very softly, "M-mikado." Obviously Kida didn't want Izaya to know his friend. Not even his name. Since he probably thought he was protecting his friend, from the devil who he had made a deal with long ago.

Izaya leaned in closer. "Hmm? What was that?"

"Mikado Ryugamine." Kida grumbled out, his brown eyes focused on the sushi in front of him.

Izaya grinned, extending his hand across the table. "A friend of Masaomi's is a friend of mine~" He cooed, knowing Kida was giving him a deathly glare.

Mikado nervously lifted his arm over the table, and the both of them did a quick firm handshake. Once their hands were released Izaya let his back rest against the cushions of the booth seat. "So Masaomi tell me about what you have been up to~" He focused all his attention back on the smaller boy, inching somewhat closer. Obviously Kida noticed that motion and quickly retreated more to the end of the booth.

Smoothly, his finger trailed over the blonde's plate of food, and took hold of a sushi in his two fingers before plopping it in his mouth. "Mm~ The sushi here is great."

Kida's bottom lip was twitching with annoyance. That made Izaya grin with excitement. It seemed that the young male still had his bad temper from when they first met. Though he was trying to hold it in for his friend Mikado. Oh how interesting~!

"Still have that crazy temper I see." Izaya mumbled close to the blonde's ear, wanting to see the other frustrated in anger. "Visit the hospital recently?" He smirked wildly, seeing the flare of anger shoot in Kida's face, which he already calculated the male would do. Brown eyes with hate glared at Izaya's pretend innocent red eyes. They had a few moments of just glaring each other down before one of them spoke up.

"I think it's about time you left." Kida growled lowly. Not wasting another second, he quickly gave the male a harsh shove on the shoulder.

Luckily Izaya followed Kida's orders and got out of the booth, stretching his arms out. "We will have to catch up soon, okay?" He said in that fake happy voice again, just to piss off Kida even more. Since the blonde knew how Izaya truly was, and evil bastard. Kida snorted, rolling his eyes as the older male started to make his way across the shop.

Kida glanced back over to his friend, placing a serious face on. "Mikado, don't get close to that guy if you don't want your life fucked up.."

Izaya happily left the sushi place. Even though he got nothing to eat besides the one sushi he stole from Masaomi's plate, he seemed full. Full from thoughts of Kida Masaomi. The boy finally became stable again. He wondered how long it took for him to laugh and smile again. That's when he knew he wanted to mess with the blonde again.

I want to shatter him into tiny pieces again.

To break the poor boy, till he begs me to stop.

This time he didn't bother to hold back his loud crazy fit of laughter as he walked down the street, smirking like a wild man. This is going to be fun~