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Izaya let his red hues glance out the window, watching Mikado run off. Annoying, annoying, annoying! The stupid kid was bothersome. There was no way he was going to let some kid walk into his apartment and then tell him that Kida was going to be taken away from him. PSHHH

He was about to turn away in annoyance, but his eyes caught sight of a familiar blond. That made his eyes snap back over to the window. Kida. It's been probably a month now that he hadn't seen the small blond, yet everything seemed so familiar even in a distance.

"Kida-kun what are you doing here?" Mikado asked, looking over his panting friend who was trying to catch hold of his breath.

"I got done with the cake, so I thought you might want help." He flashed his friend a grin, placing his hands on the Mikado's back as he gave a gentle push. "Oh come on, it isn't that shocking that I'm here."

Izaya's eyes watched the two with envy. His precious Kida was with Mikado, they seemed pretty close now. His jaw tightened, hating the idea of those two friends together. He spun around, closing his eyes tightly. No, he had to resist in going out there. There was no way he was going to let some blond kid into his life; he never had someone close to him before. He didn't understand these feelings. What would it be like to have someone by his side? Of course he had Namie, but she was just an assistant. If he could have anyone by his side…someone special…there was only one choice in Izaya's mind and that was Kida. Except Izaya was…well stubborn so he fought against all his urges to go down and take Kida back. So he let weeks go by.

School was such a drag and Kida was excited that it was finally the weekend. Stretching his arms out with a grin he waited outside of the school to wait for Mikado. It was a Friday and the two of them were going over to head to the sushi shop for a snack.

"Mikadooo~!" Kida called with a large grin, waving his arm around as his friend came up to him. "Let's go, I barely had lunch so I'm starving." He patted his stomach before letting out a small laugh.

Mikado smiled, "Alright come on." He took his friends hand and started to lead the other to the place. Kida glanced down at their interlocked hands. Even if they weren't dating, Mikado always had a habit of holding his hand. It's been a couple of weeks since Mikado had went to Izaya's place, he was sure that the older male would come get Kida. Maybe the male needed one last push, if that didn't work then he would truly go after Kida again. After all he loved his best friend, but if Kida didn't love him back…there was no point in being together. As long as Kida was happy then he would somehow manage to support his friend.

Once they ordered their food and sat down, Kida was discussing how he had almost beaten the last boss in a video game. Mikado laughed softly, "I'm sure you'll beat it soon."

When their food was done cooking, Mikado grabbed it and placed it on the table. Kida took his chop sticks, picking up one of the sushis and munching on it. "Mm~ I always love the food here." The blond grinned in delight, eating another piece.

Out of the corner of Mikado's eyes he caught Izaya entering inside the shop. It seemed like the older male didn't notice Kida was here. This was Mikado's one and only chance, he knew that if he hid Kida then that would mean Izaya lost and Kida would be his. Though the moment Mikado's and Izaya's eyes caught sight of each other, Mikado acted from what he thought was right.

Quickly Mikado leaned across the table, taking hold of Kida's chin. He blinked in confusion when his head was turned to face Mikado. Before he could open his mouth to say something he felt their lips press together.

His eyebrows wrinkled from the feeling of Mikado's lips on his, he had thought they went back to the 'friends' status. Just as he was about to pull away there was a loud bang against the table. It made the two friends separate quickly. Other people close around them had also jumped, while turning their heads to look over at the commotion. Honey hues looked down to see a familiar flick blade stabbed in the middle of the table. Quickly he turned his head to the side to see an angry Izaya standing beside him. His eyes went wide with surprise. It's been months since he had last seen the Informant.

"I-Izaya!" Kida gasped, feeling uncomfortable. He hadn't forgotten what had happened on Christmas day of course. The images of everything that had happened stabbed through his heart again, making him quickly stand up with head down. "I…need to go." If he stayed any longer, his heart was going to get broken badly again.

Before he could even move an inch, the older male gripped onto his arm. Kida flinched, closing his eyes tightly. If only he could leave right now, that was all he wished for. Izaya picked up his flick blade, placing it back into his pocket with a smirk. "I thought I showed you before Mikado, Kida isn't yours." He shot the boy a look before tugging the blond outside with him.

Why was Izaya talking about this? He could see this turning out to be a whole joke again to humiliate him. His honey hues glanced back at Mikado for a second, to see his blank face before arriving outside. It felt strange to be with Izaya again, he didn't know what to say.

"Umm I should get back to Mikado…" Kida tried to tug his arm away from the male, but that only ended up with the older male gripping tighter.

"No, you're mine so you do as I say."

"I told you before, I don't belong to you!" Kida snapped loudly, blinking back tears. All this was bringing back unwanted memoires and he didn't want to be thinking of any of that.

Izaya sighed, going into one of the alley ways, shoving Kida up against the wall. They were close and it made the blond more uncomfortable, needing to somehow find a way out. Izaya still held onto one of the boy's wrist, his red hues looking into the honey ones.

"You don't belong to me?" Izaya mumbled, his free hand sneaked against the collar of the blond's shirt before pulling out the dog tag. "Then why do you still have this on?"

His eyes widened, before tilting his head away from the Informant. "I-I forgot it was there."

"You're still really a bad liar." Izaya let out a small laugh, dropping the chain before placing his fingers against the boy's chin so he could take a look at Kida. It's been so long since he had the boy so close to him, he felt calmer this way. He didn't have to worry about that annoying Mikado. No matter how much he wanted to get rid of that stupid good for nothing boy, he couldn't; only because Kida would be very angry with him. It seemed like hours passed by from just looking each other in the eyes. Like they were both studying each other.

"W-what?" Kida finally broke the silence, his heart beating faster.

Before any other words exchanged, Izaya leaned in and did the most unexpected thing. A kiss, their lips met while Izaya pushed himself against the blond. Kida's eyes were wide with shock as his free hand went to shove the male away before the kiss heated up.

He panted deeply, giving the other a harsh look. "D-don't fuck with me! You have Aoba to do these things with…leave me alone..before…before.."

Before you break my heart again.

Izaya rolled his eyes, taking a step back. He never was good at explaining things, hell, he hated it. "You know me and Aoba barely did anything…it was all in your imagination." He then moved back to the blond, placing a hand near Kida's head against the wall. "I was trying to forget you, so I made Aoba come in."

"Eh?" Kida's honey hues blinked a few times. Why would Izaya try to forget him? Though relief rushed in when he figured out they really didn't do anything. "Why would you try to do that?"

"Because I thought I didn't need a toy anymore. Then I noticed I hated seeing my toy being used by others." Izaya made a face, thinking about Mikado and even Aoba.

Kida blushed lightly. He didn't want to say it out loud, but this was jealousy wasn't it? Though he didn't have to say anymore, because Izaya placed his lips against the blonds again. This time Kida kissed back, letting his mouth move in sync with the older male's warm lips. The kiss wasn't harsh, it was soft and warm while it made Kida's legs go numb.

"Why didn't you kiss me before?" Kida asked once his lips departed the males.

"Because I don't feel the need to kiss people." Izaya looked away, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. Because I would want you beside me more if I had kissed you.

"Does that mean I'm special?" His face lit up with a smile.

"Tch." Izaya pulled the boy out of the alleyway and started to tug him along the street, walking to his apartment. "Shut up and just follow me."

This time for sure, Izaya wasn't going to let the blond disappear from his sight. He pulled Kida over to his apartment, closing the door and then heading to the bedroom. He pushed the blond onto the bed while he shrugged off his jacket and tossed it to the side. "Promise me you won't let Mikado's lips ever go near yours."

Kida blushed darkly, looking up at the male as he sat up on the bed, but to only be pushed back down when the older male crawled on top of him; straddling the other. "Promise me." The Informant cooed against the others ear.

"I-I promise."

Izaya gave a smirk, pressing his lips against the blond's again. Loving everything about the feeling of their lips being pressed together, sliding his tongue into Kida's mouth while letting his tongue explore while his hands were working on the others pants.

"Say that you'll stay in my apartment with me." Izaya whispered, biting the boys ear while he nibbled on it, slipping a hand into Kida's shirt as he teased the others nipple.

"Nn~" He shivered from the feeling of the males hand pinched his nipple. "I-I don't know if I can do that."

"I'll kidnap you then~" He placed kisses along Kida's jawline as he tugged the boy's pants down. While his hand went to grip the male's member and gave it a squeeze. The blond wiggled around, letting a groan out.

Izaya's hand continued to tease him slowly, by moving his hand lightly against the boy's harden member. "Masaomi, you're so cute." He whispered softly, giving his lips a quick peak, before placing a trail of kisses down to the others chest while he sucked on one of the harden nipples. Kida's stomach tensed up from the light kisses, letting out moans of delight.

Izaya then positioned himself by the boy's entrance and without warning he thrusted inside. A loud surprised cry escaped Kida's lips as his arms wrapped around the male's neck. The Informant always enjoyed the blond's facial expressions. It made him even more excited with each moan that passed Kida's lips.

Izaya started to thrust faster and harder, while the moans of the boy filled his ears. Kida gripped the dark locks of hair tightly as he shivered with delight. Kida looked into the red hues, thinking how he fell for the same trap again. The male was to memorizing and he loved the older male after all. Though he didn't know that Izaya also loved him too. As long as Izaya wanted him to stay he would be more then happy to.

"I'm going to cum." Kida whimpered out as precum dripped out.

Izaya placed a hand on the boys member, starting to jerk him off at the same he thrusted inside. "Mm cum then."

With that said, Kida couldn't control himself anymore. After letting out a loud moan he released himself and after a few seconds Izaya also released himself inside the boy. They were both panting deeply; Kida still had his arms around the male.

Izaya leaned over to the boy's ear, lightly nibbling on it before he whispered softly, "You're my toy."

Which was Izaya's way of saying Kida was his and his alone.