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Kurt Hummel was jolted out of his Oscar acceptance speech by the sound of his cell phone going off and "Sweet Caroline" ringing out into the darkness at 3am. Rubbing his eyes after a quick glance at the clock Kurt flipped the lock off of his iPhone and brought it to his ear.

"….'lo?" he mumbled into the cell as he rolled over to get comfortable. At first he thought maybe Puck had just pocket dialed him by accident when a small whimper brought him from half asleep to fully alert faster than Superman.

"Hello? Puck?" he said a bit more clearly now that all his attention was on the device at his ear.

"K-Kurtie?" came the half sob that nearly broke his heart into pieces. Sarah, Puck's seven year old sister sounded absolutely terrified and Kurt felt his muscles tense.

"Sarah? Hun what's wrong? Why are you using your big brother's cell phone?" he asked her, sitting up as the fear that something was horribly wrong in the universe formed a lead ball in the pit of his stomach.

"Kurtie, c-can you come ta my house? Pretty please?" Sarah cried with a few sniffles. A look of confusion passed over Kurt's face as he tried to figure out why on this green Earth would his bully-turned-friend's little sister, whom he had met only a handful of times, was practically begging for him to come over at 3 in the morning.

"Sarah, why are you crying? Where is your brother?" he asked as the feeling of dread clamped icily around his heart.

"Moma was yellin at Noah again. I heard her sayin all kinds of mean things and then big heavy stuff fallin." She sobbed and Kurt got up to tug on some sweats.

"Moma ran away an I came outta my room where Noah tells me to stay until he comes an gets me but he never did. Kurtie, Noah won't wake up…..all this icky red stuff is around him an he w-won't wake up! Please come now, I'm scared…." She all but wailed as Kurt grabbed his keys and barreled down the halway toward the door.

"Sweetie, I'll be there in a few minutes." He cooed to her as he jumped into his car and zoomed at practically 100 mph toward the Puckerman house.


Kurt stared with his mouth open at the utter destruction that greeted him as he pushed Puck's front door open with his hand.

Broken glass and what remained of an end-table littered the floor. Old pictures of a younger Puck with his mom and who Kurt assumed was his dad were strewn around the room, some whole and some with the man's half ripped off. A big bottle of strong liquor was still on the kitchen counter with the cup smashed on the floor across the room. As Kurt passed by a stain on the wall he saw the cup had been thrown by someone.

"Sarah?" he called softly and the sound of crying pulled him into the den. Sarah Puckerman was laying across the big shoulders of her big brother and crying her little heart out. Kurt ran to her and pulled her into a comforting hug and stared with wide eyes at the boy before him. Puck was sprawled on the floor on his side with his eyes closed and a deep gash still oozing a bit of blood was across the right side of his face. He was dressed in frayed jeans and a dark grey V neck shirt that was covered in rips, a bit of blood and as Kurt could smell, some of the alcohol he found on his way in. A plit lip as well as a rapidly forming bruise by the side of his mouth filled Kurt with horror.

"Sarah, I'm gonna check on Noah OK?" He whispered as she gripped Kurt as if she were terrified he'd disappear and she'd be alone again. Kurt placed his trembling fingers against Puck's neck and almost wept with joy at the pulse he found even if it was quite sluggish. Besides the nasty gash on his head, Puck had old bruises and a few faded scars here and there on his arms and what Kurt could see on his back from the skin that peeked under the hem of his shirt. He felt his heart swell with joy as Puck's greenish hazel eyes slowly cracked open and he let out a small moan.

"Noah?" Sarah cried as she clutched at his hand and fresh tears fell down her cheeks.

"S'ra…K-Kurt?" he mumbled as he tried to focus on their faces. With a grunt, he tried to pull himself into more of a sitting position only to cry out and clutch his left forearm to his chest when he tried to put his weight on it. Settling to just rolling onto his back a bit painfully Puck heard as Kurt gave his address to the 911 operator on his cell and he felt Sarah latch onto his right shoulder to sniffle into his neck.

"N-Noah, why d-did Moma say th-those things t-to you? Why i-is she s-so mad a-at you?" she cried as Puck brought his uninjured hand up to pat her on the back. Kurt blushed as he saw a few heated tears slide down Puck's face as he struggled to find an answer. A quick glance to him and Kurt found himself thinking up a weak but effective answer to her tearful question.

"Sarah, your Moma just drank a little too much. Everything is going OK after we get your big brother to the hospital so he can get fixed up." He said quietly and he put his hand over Puck's as he had his on her tiny back. Kurt looked up into Puck's anguished eyes and blushed again when his got a wheezy thanks from the larger teen.


"So Mr. Puckerman, you have a concussion, some stitches, a broken arm, fractured clavicle, and a wide array of cuts and bruises but you will make a full recovery in a couple of weeks. Is there anyone that can take care of your sister until you are discharged and then yourself as you heal? Any family members or family friends, someone you trust?" Dr. Pinto said as she looked over his chart again. Puck mumbled a no and lowered his eyes to the sleeping form of his little sister that refused to be parted from his side the minute the doctors allowed her to see him. He gave a bit of a half smile as she snuggled closer to his side and continued to suck on her thumb, a baby trait that only resurfaced whenever she was upset.

"That friend of yours is still here you know. The one that called the paramedics, do you want me to let him in?" she asked as she replaced the chart in the bin by the door and paused with her hand on the knob.

"He is? Uh…sure, he can come in. I guess he'll want some answers at least." Puck replied. After a few moments, Kurt came timidly into the room and sat down awkwardly on the chair by the bed.

"So, I….uh bet you wanna know what happened?" He said quietly after Kurt began to fiddle with the hem of his shirt, confused as to why they were all here.

"My Mom…..hasn't been the same since my Dad left a couple of years back. Sarah was just a couple of months old so she never knew him but I was already ten and I remember the day he just never came home. At first she began to drink and cry all the time when she thought I was asleep. As I grew up I began looking more and more like…him that she started taking out her pain and sadness on me. Usually she'd just smack me a bit and then get all weepy, sayin how sorry she was and how she missed him." Puck shifted his glance to Kurt and saw that he had a few tears falling down his face but his bright blue eyes were filled with compassion. The need to finally be able to tell someone after all the years of bottling it up deep into his heart proved to be the push he needed and Puck continued.

"I usually get smacked around but after she gets it out of her system she seems better. I never fight back and it goes quick but today she really was pissed. The smacks became punches and shoves, she's a small woman but she sure can hit. A punch to my face pushed me off balance and I crashed into the end table. I landed on my arm and remember hearing in crack as I landed but she just kept yelling at how much she hated me and kept hitting me. I tried to get up again but she grabbed a piece of the table and clocked me across the head and I passed out. Next thing I know, you and Sarah are over me with terrified looks on your faces." He finished with a sigh. Puck felt as if a ton weight was finally lifted from his heart and he could breathe better.

"Puck, why didn't you fight back? Why didn't you defend yourself or find some help?" Kurt burst out after a few moments of loaded silence. Puck was a big guy, he could have easily overpowered whomever was trying to hurt him. Kurt couldn't figure out why in the world he would voluntarily subject himself to this abuse for so long.

"She's my Mom. It made me feel like I was helping her in a twisted way, I guess." Puck said sadly as he ran his big hand through Sarah's long curls.

"Nobody deserves that Noah. You're not supposed to feel terrified in your own house or scared of when the next beat down will come." Kurt said sadly as he placed a comforting hand on Puck's knee from his place beside the bed. He looked at him with such compassion that Puck finally broke down and let the tears fall freely. Kurt got up and wrapped his arms around his neck pulling the larger teen into a hug that had Puck wrap his good arm tightly around his thin waist and sobbing away almost eight years of sadness into his chest, the walls around his heart finally crumbling.


Abuse is wrong no matter who is doing it and why. No one can hurt you without your consent. STOP THE VIOLENCE.

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