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"I-I think we should take it slow Puck." Kurt said softly as he stared into Puck's hazel green eyes.

"Kurt, I said you can call me by my actual name. Puck is who I am for everyone else. The people at school, the others in GLEE, even my Mom and Finn. But you and Sarah are the only ones I trust so, only you two can know Noah. Please?" Puck replied with a frown as he noted Kurt calling him by his nickname.

"You just got out of your cast and still have to deal with all this drama with your Mom. I just want to make sure you know what you're getting into. I don't go halfway and I don't want to be another one of your flings or your "in the closet secret". As long as you're comfortable and know this is what you want, I don't mind going slowly. Kurt said with conviction and placed his hands on either side of Pucks face. With a huge grin, Puck let Kurt pull their lips together in another soft kiss. Puck flipped them so that Kurt was straddling the jock's hips and ran his hands softly down his back to cup his cute bottom thru the skinny jeans he had on and deepened the kiss.

Kurt's breath hitched and he ground his hips into Puck's as his large hands squeezed his bottom and the back of his thighs. He ran his hands thru the short hair of Puck's mowhawk and sighed with pleasure when he felt him nibble on his bottom lip before licking softly it with his tongue.

"You are not gonna make this easy, are you?" Kurt chuckled as he pulled away slightly to rest their foreheads together.

"Nope, I'm a stud remember?" he laughed as Kurt slid off of him and fixed his clothes.

"Well, let's go feed your studly-self and get that arm better. You're gonna need all your strength to handle my fabulocity…..Noah." Kurt said with a smile.


By the end of the month everything seemed to be going well for the new little couple, their fellow GLEEks were privy to their relationship and saw how good of an influence Kurt was on Puck. Puck was calmer and nicer to be around, he hadn't been a jerk at all and even managed to stay out of trouble. All in all it seemed like everything was looking up for him and Kurt until Karofsky caught wind of the situation while eavesdropping on some teacher's talking about it.

"So I hear you're shacking up with the Lima Fairy, huh Puckerman?" he laughed as he and a couple of other jocks cornered Puck and Kurt after school while on their way to GLEE. Kurt felt Puck tense dangerously as he turned to Karofsky with a death glare.

"Lay off, dumbass. You don't know what you're talking about." He growled in barely checked fury and the sly grin on Karofsky's ugly face.

"So how do you pay him? Do you suck him off or does he like you to ba-" Karofsky was suddenly interrupted as Puck's newly healed fist made contact with his face mid-sentence. He fell to the floor with a yowl and the other jocks pulled Puck off of him and held him by the arms.

"KURT, GET OUTTA HERE!" Puck yelled as Karofsky lumbered to his feel and advanced toward him. Kurt dropped his bag and took off like a bat out of hell, his slim dancer's physique making him faster than the larger jocks.

"How noble of you Puckerman, I guess we'll just hafta wail on you instead of the Fag. Maybe we can beat the gay outta you and get the REAL Puck back." Karofsky laughed menacingly as he drew back his fist and drove into Puck's stomach. The other jocks held Puck in a standing position as Karofsky landed hit after hit until he was out of breath.

"I-is that all K-karofsky? U h-hit like a g-girl." Puck laughed after he spit out some blood, hoping Kurt returned soon with help. As he braced himself for the new barrage of fists Coach Sylvester's horrified voice rang out and Karofsky froze in surprise.

"What the HELL is going on!"


"MR. SHUE!" Kurt screamed as he ran into the choir room. All the GLEEks froze in horror at the terrified look on Kurt's face as he interrupted their practice.

"Kurt what on Earth is-" Mr. Shue started but was interrupted by Kurt's cry.

"You have to come with me, THEY'RE GONNA KILL HIM!" he yelled and he grabbed him by his arm and desperately tried to drag him out. Kurt managed to get the rest of the GLEE Club and their teacher running with him back to Puck and when they rounded the corner, even Kurt had to stop and stare in horror. Puck was sitting against the wall of the hallway with a bloody towel against his nose. Coach Sylvester and Principal Figgins were yelling at the Karofsky and his henchmen a little further down the hallway and the GLEEks could catch the words "Hate-crime" and "expulsion".

"N-noah?" Kurt sobbed as he launched himself into Puck's lap, clasping his arms around the bigger boy's shoulders and burying his face into the crook of his neck.

"You did good Princess." Puck wheezed out as he petted Kurt's hair with his free hand his voice slightly muffled by the bloody towel. After a bit, Kurt was allowed to take Puck home and with some help from their fellow GLEEks they got Puck back on his feet. Santana held him by one shoulder and Kurt held his other hand and they steered him back to the choir room.

"Are you OK Puck?" Mr. Shue asked once they got him in a chair. Rachel held his head back and Finn handed her some clean tissues while she wiped all the blood from his face. Kurt remained latched onto his hand and laid his head softly on his shoulder. Mercedes patted his arm in sympathy and the rest of the GLEEks sat around them.

"No worries Mr. Shue, that asshole just got in a few good punches. I don't think anything's broken but I'm gonna be sore as hell for the next couple of days." Puck replied as Rachel finished wiping the blood from his chin and nose.

"What happened Puckerman?" Santana asked in a surprisingly soft and sad voice. Her and Brittany were sitting behind him holding hands.

"Karofsky was just giving us crap about my staying at Kurt's and our newly developed….relationship. I told Kurt to run for help while I kept them busy." Puck said nonchalantly while he gripped a little harder on Kurt's hand. The others asked a few more questions before Puck managed to deflect them and asked to be taken home. Finn drove him and Kurt to the house before saying he had a date with Rachel and let them in. A note from Burt on the dinning table said that he and Finn's mom were at dinner and a movie till late had Puck realizing they'd be alone for most of the night.

Walking into Kurt's room, Puck found himself pushed against the door as Kurt furiously kissed him with tears running down his face. He managed to break away for air after a moment and gaped at Kurt as he sobbed into his chest.

"I thought I was going to come back to a dead man." Kurt hiccupped as the sobs finally died down enough for words to be coherent. Puck hugged him closer and let his hands run up and down his back comfortingly.

"This makes it TWO times you've saved my life Kurt. Don't be sad, I wasn't worried and do you know why?" He cooed as he pulled Kurt's face up to stare into his baby blues.

"I knew you'd be back with help. I knew you'd be one of the ONLY people who could NEVER let me down. I feel stronger thanks to you Kurt. Being with you has made me realize not everyone is out to take advantage of me. That I don't always have to wait for the day they use me and then leave like my Dad did and how my Mom kinda did. I love you and I thank God for the day Sarah called you." Kurt gave him a watery smile and Puck sealed their lips together in a loving kiss.


"Kurt, are you sure you're ready for this?" Puck asked as he slid off his tank top. Kurt took his big hand and placed a kiss on each of his fingertips before settling on Puck's lap.

"I've never been more sure, Noah." He said with a smile and placed his hands on his chest.

Puck pulled him into a fiery kiss as he slid his hands under his shirt. Kurt shivered as he felt one of Puck's long fingers ghost over a pink nipple before his shirt was softly pulled over his head. His warm mouth latched onto his neck and Kurt ground his bottom into Puck's growing hardness. Puck pulled Kurt's pants down slowly and ran his large hands down his back to squeeze his exposed bottom while Kurt kissed him passionately. Their tongues danced in an erotic dance as Puck managed to pull off his own pants and lay back with Kurt on top of him. He feared his larger frame would be too heavy and let Kurt take the lead so he'd be comfortable.

"N-noah…..please….ah" Kurt gasped as he felt one of Puck's fingers tease him. Puck latched onto one of Kurt's nipples as he let his finger enter him slowly, timing his nibbles and sucks with his thrusting finger. After a few moments, Puck added a second and finally a third finger while swallowing Kurts breathy moans and gasps with passionate kisses.

"If you want me to stop, I will Kurt." Puck reassured him as he poured some lotion into his hand and covered himself generously.

"I-it's OK, Noah. I know you'd never hurt me. Just…..please?" Kurt moaned as he felt Puck's length slide against his bottom. Kurt lowered himself slowly onto Puck and sighed with lust when he was fully in him. He started a slow rocking that had Puck groaning with pleasure at the feeling of sliding in and out of Kurt. After a few more rocks, Puck gripped his hips and turned them so he was over Kurt. He rolled his hips back and thrust into him a little harder repeating the motion when he felt Kurt wind his long legs around his waist, pulling him closer. Soon Puck was pounding into Kurt while the smaller boy moaned and cried out in pleasure and was arching his back as he felt Puck hit that spot in him over and over. Puck wrapped his long fingers around Kurt's straining length and pumped his hand up and down in time with his thrusts until he felt Kurt clench around him and he came in his hand. A few more hard thrusts later and Puck came while still inside of Kurt and laid on top of him carefully both boys floating on their after glows.

"Th-that was amazing" Kurt panted after a bit as he felt Puck pull out and lay on his side next to him.

"Yeah, same for me Princess. That was mind-blowing." Puck said softly as he laid his head on Kurt's shoulder and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Noah?" Kurt whispered as he noticed Puck was falling asleep.


"Next time you won't have to tell me to run. I'll protect you like you protect me and I'll kick their asses." Kurt said with a kiss on Puck's forehead. The silence that followed made Kurt think Puck had indeed fallen asleep when his soft reply brought a smile to his face.

"My hero."


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