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While Harry is away at his third year Vernon gets into massive gambling debt. Not knowing what else to do he puts Harry up for sale… on a popular wizarding slave trade site. And who is ready and willing to pay the price for our golden boy?


Vernon Dursley paced in his office, biting at his finger nails and thinking hard. He knew that he had a problem, a BIG one that would put his family at risk if he didn't figure out how to solve it. Vernon Dursley was in big debt to the worst loan shark in Britain and if he didn't pay him by the month's end the shark would come after his family.

He looked around at all the pictures of his family and got an evil nasty idea. What if he could sell that evil brat that was always eating up his food and doing evil magic on his son? He was sure on the black market Harry would fetch a hefty sum. Harry was slim and beautiful in his own freakish way. And black hair with green eyes was a very uncommon match.

Rushing to his computer Vernon went to the only place he knew where to look for a secret black market slave trade: GOOGLE.

Typing in "w slave trade" on accident, one site came up. Vernon gulped and clicked it, hoping it wasn't some police trap. A normal looking website came up, with only two options: BUY or SELL. Vernon clicked on the SELL button taking him to another normal screen. MALE or FEMALE appeared in two large buttons. Vernon clicked MALE feeling more confident.

A huge page of questions appeared next and Vernon started answering them to the best of his ability.

"Virgin?" Yes

"Scars? If yes please explain" Lightning bolt scar on forehead. And so the questions continued. Vernon froze at the last question.

"Wizard, squib, or muggle?" Wizard

Vernon looked around for where to put his price but there was none. Just finding a submit button he pressed it. A window popped up making Vernon jump.

"We have determined your slave to be worth 200,000 gallons in wizard money and 500,000 pounds in muggle money. Which would you prefer?" Vernon clicked muggle money, almost drooling. The box disappeared popping up another one.

"Thank you for using "W Slave Trade". Your slave has been put on the market." showed up before the whole computer shut down. Vernon clapped with glee and ran out of his office to hug his wife.


Harry waved good bye to all his friends and sighed. Dragging his trunk to his uncle's car he put it in the trunk before climbing in. Vernon was alone and he was tapping his fingers nervously.

"You're clothes are awful. We're going out and getting you new ones." Vernon griped. Harry just blinked at him dumbly while Vernon peeled out of the parking lot.

Harry's head was swimming with questions as his uncle kept handing him too tight clothes and pushing him into a dressing room. After picking out two new jeans and three button down shirts Vernon dragged him to a hair salon that gave him a do that made him look even sexier with his new clothes. Vernon wasn't done there. He dragged Harry to a nail salon and made them fix and polish up his nails. By the time Harry finally got back to the Dursley house he looked and felt new. Harry jumped out and hugged his uncle around his huge middle.

"Thank you uncle Vernon" Harry said softly and ran upstairs to his room to put his new clothes away. Vernon felt a tiny amount of guilt tug at his heart but he pushed it away and headed inside. Harry went to sleep that night thinking his uncle and aunt were finally starting to accept him. How wrong little Harry was.


Lucius Malfoy was always on the hunt for a new slave. A boy with wild black hair and forest green eyes. He was tired of being by himself when Draco went to school. Narcissa wasn't one for hanging out with her husband from an arranged marriage.

Whenever Lucius thought of what he liked Harry Potter always popped into his mind, the messy bed hair, the fiery green eyes, and of course the snappish personality. He needed someone like that to keep him on his toes and to make him not lonely in the long school months.

Lucius looked up when his computer started beeping, showing that a match and come up on W Slave Trade. Clicking it Lucius read the description and grinned. Sending an email to the master, Lucius put on his traveling cloak and floo'ed to the bank to get some money.


Vernon tapped his foot nervously sitting on the couth while his wife paced.

"Vernon what if the other wizards find out? We'll be in so much trouble!" Petunia whined. Vernon glared at her and told her to hush. Right as the clock chimed that it was midnight a soft knock was heard at the door making the two muggles jump. Vernon stood and straightened his suit opening the door.

Lucius stood there in all his glory, expensive looking business robes hugged his body nicely and he radiated with power. He did look mighty peeved that the muggles wanted to meet at midnight. Didn't they know that slavery was legal in the wizard world? Obviously not!

"I am to assume that you are Vernon Dursley?" Lucius asked in a tired gruff voice. Vernon nodded and moved to let the wizard in. Lucius wrinkled his nose at the Dursley's home but got right down to business.

"Is the slave broken?" Lucius asked and sat down stiffly on the couch when Petunia offered it to him. Vernon looked a little confused but straightened up fast.

"No he is not… well… he really isn't a slave yet…" Vernon tried to explain. Lucius raised a well-polished eyebrow.

"He has not been through the slave spell?" Lucius asked, looking even more annoyed than ever. Vernon shook his head, trying not to look like a child being scolded. Lucius stood, turning down the tea Petunia offered with a stiff glare.

"Show me the boy. And if I deem him worthy enough then I will do the spell myself!" Lucius all but growled to them. Vernon led Lucius to the smallest room in the house and opened the door. Lucius wrinkled his nose in disgust at how tiny and bear the room was. Lucius cast a harmless sleeping spell on the boy in the bed and turned on the light.

Vernon jumped when the man used magic, making Lucius turn and glare. Turning away from the whale man Lucius took three large steps and was at the boy's bed. Sitting down he pulled the covers from his face and had to stop himself from grinning. Harry Potter lay sleeping under his lust filled gaze. Lucius moved the blanket down lower, discovering the boy slept naked in the hot summer months.

Rubbing his smooth hands down Harry's chest he pinched the boy's nice perky nipples, getting a beautiful whine from the sleeping boy. Continuing his hands down the boy's stomach to where the blankets tried to protect Harry he ripped the blanket off and stared down the rest of his body.

Harry was indeed beautiful Lucius could admit; the perfect submissive in his eyes. Lucius ran his fingers over Harry's stomach once more and over the well-toned legs from clutching the broom between his legs during Quidditch. Turning to the uncomfortable Dursleys, Lucius stood and walked over.

"I'll take him but I must perform the slave spell. It will take a few hours because it's very complex." Lucius handed them a check for the full amount and shut the door putting locking and silencing charms all over the room. Lucius stripped his clothes and looked over at the open window and the empty owl cage. Shutting the window tight he put a sealing charm on it and headed over to the bed getting between Harry's legs. Taking the sleeping charm off Lucius put his wand to the right side of Harry's stomach, near where his leg began.

Uttering a long Latin spell a dark shield began forming around the tip of Lucius's wand. Harry began wiggling and gripping the sheets as his cock became hard from the pleasure the spell was giving off. Lucius's lips became a fox like grin as he continued the spell, speaking louder as the magic pulsed into the boy beneath him.

Harry's eyes opened in shock when Lucius's voice got louder, but by then he was immobilized by the spell. Lucius moved his wand when a dark black shield had completely formed and placed his wand on the nightstand, within easy reach. Rubbing his hands all over his secret desire Lucius slowly and gently spread Harry's legs.

Harry glared at Lucius with all his might, but the gaze only make Lucius want him more. Lucius summoned a bottle of lube and rubbed a generous amount onto his throbbing cock. Positioning himself at Harry's entrance he pressed on the shield with his thumb as he pushed into Harry's tight virgin ass.

Harry threw his head back and opened his mouth in a loud gasp as the mixture of intense pleasure and mind numbing pain warred in his body. Lucius held Harry's slim hips tight and started to thrust, slowly at first but picked up his pace until he was slamming into the boy. Harry felt the pain leave his body and practically screamed in pleasure at being filled by the older man. Lucius felt the pressure building in his stomach and grabbed his wand uttering a birth control spell.

With his final strength Lucius grabbed Harry's cock and started pumping with his thrusts, after only three thrusts Harry came with a scream all over their stomachs. Lucius buried himself as deep as he could into Harry and came. Falling to the side Lucius panted with a smile as "LM" appeared within the shield; marking Harry as his, and only his.

"I Lord Lucius Malfoy take Harry Potter as my slave. Do you accept?" Lucius panted into the boy's ear. Harry panted and slowly nodded.

"Yes… I am yours…"


Lucius actually hummed as he kicked his door shut and tried to enter the large manor quietly. Harry lay wrapped up in his arms, with his shrunken chest on his stomach. Lucius made it to his room without running into Narcissa or Draco; laying Harry down on the bed Lucius tucked him in. Lucius sighed with happiness and set Harry's trunk down next to him, enlarging it for when the boy woke up.

Heading down to the kitchens for a nice scotch he stopped when a scowling, cross armed Draco caught his eye.

"What are you doing up Draco?" Lucius asked his son. Draco scowled at him more, looking very cute to his father.

"Why were you out so late?" Draco hissed in jealousy.

"A business partner thought we were doing something illegal." Lucius said nonchalantly, waving his hand.

"So you were meeting with a muggle? Why?" Draco pried.

"That is none of your concern. Now get to bed this instant." Lucius said pointing to his son's door. Draco looked hurt.

"I am not sleeping with you tonight? I just got back from school!"

"I will lay with you tonight in your bed, but right now I need a drink. So go lay in bed and I will join you in a minute."

"Why can't I sleep in your bed?" Draco asked, looking at his father suspiciously. Lucius narrowed his eyes at his son.

"I can not lay with you at all if you continue to be defiant. Now go to your room and lie in bed and wait for me to come back with my nice stiff drink."

"You bought a slave!" Draco shouted, making Lucius wince at his son's loud voice.

"So what if I did? I am an adult and slavery is still legal in the wizarding world." Lucius said, crossing his arms. Draco looked close to tears and ran over hugging his father tight.

"I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I'll fix it! Don't replace me with a slave!" Draco sobbed into his father's expensive robes. Lucius sighed holding his son close.

"I bought the slave for when you are at school. I get so lonely and this last year your letters weren't enough. He is NOT replacing you my son I promise." Lucius said soothingly and wiped his son's tears softly. Draco nodded and hugged his father tight, feeling a little better.

"Is it someone I know?" Draco asked. Lucius bit his bottom lip, deep in thought at whether to tell his son or keep it a secret as long as he could.

"It is. I will introduce you tomorrow, for now go to bed and I will have breakfast with you tomorrow." Lucius said, turning his son towards his room and patting his nice bottom. Draco pouted cutely at his father but headed to bed without another word.


Harry groaned in discomfort as he rolled over and a sharp pain ran up his spine. Looking around sleepily he noticed that he was in a large lavish room… and that he wasn't wearing his glasses. Pawing his face Harry gasped at the lack of glasses and the ability to see. Looking next to him when he finally noticed the arm around his waist Harry blushed, seeing Lucius Malfoy sleeping next to him.

Lucius gripped Harry tighter when the boy tried to get out of bed and opened his eyes slowly.

"Good morning my pet" Lucius mumbled as he pulled himself from the covers, making Harry blush brighter at the older man's naked body.

"I am no one's pet!" Harry shouted angrily. Lucius chuckled darkly and pressed on the shield on Harry's stomach, making the boy instantly hard.

"You accepted this. Now I have some business to attend to and while I am gone you will stay locked in this room." Getting out of bed Lucius dressed and sent strong locking charms to all the doors. Opening the window Lucius was pleased to see that it was still very early in the morning, the sun not even showing its face over the horizon yet.

Heading into the fireplace Lucius grabbed the familiar green powder from his pocket and threw it down.

"Riddle manor!"


Lucius stepped out calmly, regarding the wands that were pointed at him with disgust.

"It is me you fools." Lucius hissed to Wormtail and Barty Crouch Jr. They lowered their wands slowly, staring at the man before them in amazement.

"W-what are you d-doing here?" Wormtail stuttered to the blonde.

"So it wasn't you who was sending me letters every day at work telling me to come here? I must have gotten the wrong place." Lucius said sarcastically, rolling his eyes at the shaking man. Turning away from both men he bowed respectively to the thing in the large puffy chair.

"My lord, I have come to serve you once more." Lucius said. Voldemort grinned and waved his puny arms.

"Excellent! You will help us with our plans; first I need you to cause unrest at the Quidditch world cup! People must know that they should not forget me so easily!" Voldemort yelled, waving his hands around. Lucius smiled softly and stood, looking around.

"This place is most distasteful for you my lord. Let me make it more suitable to you." Lucius said drawing his wand. Everyone relaxed until Lucius shot the green killing curse to Nagini, killing the large snake instantly. Before Barty and Peter could react Lucius had already bound them and knocked the wand from Voldemort's tiny hands. Lucius stood over the tiny withered body of Voldemort and smiled.

"I'm sorry my lord, but I'm getting a little sick of you, you half-blooded waste of life. And don't worry about your Horcruxs, I already handed the rest of them over to Dumbledore. Nagini was the last one." Lucius said as Voldemort's eyes grew in fear.

"Lucius you can't do this to your lord!" Voldemort screamed. Lucius trained his wand between Voldemort's eyes.

"Let me give you a hint. Malfoy's don't have lords." Lucius said. With one last grin the green flash of life ending light came from Lucius's wand and enveloped Voldemort. Turning to the two cowering men in the corner Lucius knocked them out, levitating them back to the fireplace.


Lucius hummed as he wiped the soot from his shoulder and headed into the dining room for breakfast. Draco was waiting for him, already eating some high end meats, breads, and cheeses for his breakfast.

"You're late." Draco said simply. Lucius sat down leaning his cane against his chair.

"I had some business at the ministry to take care of." Lucius said, grabbing some cheese and bread. They ate in comfortable silence while around the wizarding world people celebrated the innocence of Sirius Black.


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