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The months of August and September went by quickly and finally October rolled around. The champions of the tournament would be chosen on October 1st and the first task would be on All Hollows Eve, Halloween for all you uneducated. Harry was just starting to show and it was freaking Ron out to the extreme. Harry swore that if Ron poked him one more time he was going to stab him in the eye with the blunt end of his wand. After much begging and pleading Lucius finally allowed him to sit with his friends at the Gryffindor table, Harry was starting to regret it.

Once again Ron poked his stomach with wide eyes.

"So there is really a baby in there?" Harry rolled his eyes, barely resisting a growl.

"YES Ron there is a baby in there and I don't think they appreciate you poking them every five bloody seconds. Now stop it before I hurt you." Harry snarled, gripping his fork in a weapon like stance. Ron thankfully took the hint and scooted just a few inches from his angry pregnant friend.

"So who do you think will be the champion for Hogwarts?" Hermione asked, trying to clear the tense air. Harry looked at her and shrugged, taking a large bite of pancake.

"Don't think it will be a Hufflepuff do you?" Ron asked his mouth full of food. Harry stood and left his friends, walking up to his smug looking master.

"Oh shut up." Harry hissed.

"Told you that you wouldn't last 20 minutes with your friends" Lucius said. Harry punched his arm good naturally and sat next to him, getting a new plate of food.

"I don't remember them being so annoying and childlike." Harry mumbled. Lucius smiled and kissed his cheek softly.

"They are acting their age; you just grew up really fast because of this little guy." Lucius placed a well-polished hand on Harry's growing stomach.

"How do you know it is a boy?" Harry shot back, feeling difficult. Lucius just smiled, not even going to try to take that bait.


Hermione looked around the corner in the hall, making sure no teacher was around before she walked quickly down the hall. The marauders' map was clutched tightly in her hand and she double checked it to make sure she was headed the right way.

When she came to the large painting she checked the map again before whispering it away and shoving it into her pocket. Knocking on the door she stepped back, waiting for someone to get the door. Remus answered the door and stared and the girl in shock.

"Hermione? What are you doing out of bed?" Remus asked, putting a hand on his large belly.

"I need your help with a plan of mine." Hermione said "I already got Harry and even Lucius to agree now I just need you and Severus." Remus looked at her suspiciously.

"What plan?"

"Plan "Get Ron A Boyfriend" or operation GRAB." Hermione said with a happy grin. Remus laughed and allowed his strange student into his chambers.

"And what is operation GRAB?" Remus asked with laughter still in his voice. Hermione brought out a book and opened it.

"I know that Viktor runs every day after classes, to stay in shape for Quidditch. Ron and I sit on these stumps that he passes by every day and if I can get Ron to run into him or even to start crying Viktor will notice him and might even act on his feelings." Remus looked at her with surprised eyes.

"You think Viktor Krum is in love with Ron Weasley, OUR Ron Weasley? How would you know?" Remus asked with suspicion. Hermione just rolled her eyes at him.

"I asked Viktor face to face. No tricks or anything I just got him alone and asked him if he liked Ron. He said yes and" Hermione made a strange face and gulped "Viktor said Ron was the most beautiful and loud thing he had ever seen."

Remus couldn't hold it back much longer and fell off the couch with laughter. Severus came from the back room and scowled.

"Remus what is a student doing in our chambers after curfew?" he hissed. Remus stood and hugged the grouchy man tight.

"She was telling me about operation GRAB." Remus said, giggling madly. Severus glared at him.

"And what pray tell is operation GRAB and what does it involve grabbing?" Severus growled. Hermione shook her head at the jealous man and came to Remus's rescue.

"Operation GRAB means "Get Ron A Boyfriend". We're setting him up with Viktor Krum and your part of the plan is simple."

"I didn't agree to any plan." Severus said with a sneer.

"All you have to do is make Ron more miserable than normal." Hermione said as the man turned away to go back to bed. Severus stopped and thought about it with an evil grin.

"Well I guess if it is for a good cause…"


Viktor ran down the bank of the lake, hoping to catch a glimpse of his red haired beauty. He wasn't even sure his Ron and that girl Hermione were even out this early, but that didn't crush his hope. He ran faster when he heard crying and saw his Ron sitting on a stump by himself, crying. Viktor walked over to him and sat down on the stump that evil girl Hermione normally sat.

"Vat is vrong?" Viktor asked, cursing his thick accent. Ron looked at him amazed and sniffled.

"I… I just had a really bad day yesterday and Hermione was too busy studying and Harry has a baby to plan for not to mention his evil prick of a master… so I've had no one to talk too… I like coming out here early on Saturdays because you run by and when the sun rise hits your sweaty back just right my life feels better." Ron said. With a gasp he realized what he said and smacked his hand over his mouth. He looked at Viktor and tried to run in the horror of what he just confessed.

Viktor stood and brought Ron close to his chest. Ron shut his eyes tight; sure that Viktor was going to punch him for daring to profess his love to him. Soft fingers on his chin made him look up and before he could register what was happening hard, rough lips covered his own soft ones.

Ron wrapped his arms around Viktor's neck and begged with his body to be held closer. Viktor wasn't one to let him suffer and wrapped his strong arms around his middle, pulling Ron as close as he could without crushing his new love.


Harry, Hermione, Remus, Sirius, and Hagrid "awed" as they watched the new couple kiss. The unfortunate Lucius and Severus just wrinkled their noses in disgust at the new couple.

"Oh come on Severus don't do that" Remus whined, kissing the man's nose "They are cute together. What if we have a son and he likes men? Or a daughter?" Remus pouted.

"I will lock them in a tower and cut their hair." Severus said with no emotion. Remus glared and put his hands on his hips. Harry smiled and curled up into Lucius's arms, shivering lightly from the cold.

"I told you to wear a warmer jacket." Lucius whispered to him. Harry shrugged and snuggled closer to his warm chest.

"I knew you would keep me warm." Harry whispered back. Hermione glared at Harry and Lucius and got out her book. Time to make a new operation: Get Lucius To Marry Harry. Hermione rubbed her chin. It would need a better name but she would work on that later.


The whole school buzzed with excitement as the school got ready to hear who got to be champions of each school. Everyone was surprised that Viktor had chosen to sit at the Gryffindor table instead at the Slytherin table with his other school mates but no one made a big deal about it… to Viktor's face. The glare the older boy gave each person who tried to say something was enough to silence them. But back at the table Slytherins and Durmstrang students alike complained quietly to each other until Dumbledore stood.

"It is time to choose our champions!" He waved his wand over the goblet of fire, making it come to life. Harry shivered with excitement when the candles lowered and he took Lucius's hand tight. Lucius looked at him with a smile and rubbed his thumb over Harry's fingers, relaxing to the softness.

Harry grinned and dipped under the table, making Lucius look at him with curiosity. Everyone was looking at Dumbledore, waiting for the champions to be chosen so they didn't notice when Lucius tensed up. Harry was licking and sucking Lucius's sensitive cock, making him grip the chair hard in pleasure.

"Harry" Lucius hissed in warning when Harry started bobbing and sucking on Lucius's now hard cock "May I remind you that we are in front of the entire school?"

"Makes it exciting don't you think?" Harry asked his voice thick with lust. Lucius couldn't take it and zipped himself up quickly, dragging Harry from his knees and lead him quickly from the great hall. Luckily no one noticed their departure.

Lucius pinned Harry to a hall wall, careful of the boy's round stomach and ripped his pants down. Harry moaned with how rough Lucius was being and pushed his ass into Lucius's crotch. Lucius growled low and pulled his own pants down, pushing into Harry's well stretched ass.

Harry let out a pleasured moan as Lucius started thrusting into him from behind, holding Harry's slim hips tight.

"You need to eat more." Lucius snarled out. Harry could only moan in agreement as Lucius's hot cock thrusted into him over and over again.


Ron held Viktor's hand, feeling his throat squeeze up in worry when Viktor's name was picked to be Durmstrang's champion. Viktor turned and hugged him tight in celebration, holding his cheeks to look into Ron's eyes.

"Vat iz vrong Ron?" Viktor asked when he saw the worry swimming in Ron's eyes. Ron just smiled meekly and kissed Viktor softly. The great hall suddenly became quiet and Ron was violently reminded that they were not by themselves. Viktor didn't seem to share Ron's fear of kissing in front of others and pulled the tall boy close, kissing him deeper. Hermione looked proudly at the new couple and looked at the great hall, noticing that Lucius and Harry were gone.

Ginny looked at Hermione and grinned. Hermione pulled her close and kissed the red headed girl deeply.


Harry screamed and gripped Lucius's hand tight. Two beautiful matching diamond rings graced their fingers that showed Harry Potter was now Harry Malfoy. Harry's face was red with pain as he tried to push their baby from his small body.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU LUCIUS MALFOY! YOU EVER BRING YOUR DICK NEAR ME AGAIN AND I'LL CUT IT OFF!" Harry screamed, tightening his grip on Lucius's hand. Lucius could only rub Harry's hair back and kiss his sweaty forehead.

"You're doing really good Harry…" Lucius whispered.

"Don't tell me what I'm doing!" Harry cried, tears running down his face. Lucius wiped the tears from Harry's face and kissed him lovingly. With one more scream two cries ripped through the air. Harry fell back limply against the pillows and panted. Lucius took his children from the healer, staring at them with aw.

"They are beautiful Harry." Lucius whispered. Harry smiled softly as the healer closed him up and laid a clean blanket over his weak body.

"The girl I want to be Lucia… Lucia Lily Malfoy…" Harry wheezed out. Lucius smiled and nodded.

"And the boy will be Halen James Malfoy…" Lucius said. Harry smiled one last time before he fell asleep. The healer took the children to go clean them and weigh them. Lucius bit his lip and headed to the next bed where Draco was in labor with his and George's baby. He wasn't that far into labor so he just sat groaning in pain and rubbing his stomach until he was dilated enough to push.

"So how are you feeling?" Lucius asked. Draco glared at him, shaking as a contraction rocked his thin frame.

"Fuck you old man." Draco hissed.

"You should have used protection or at least a spell." Lucius said. Draco moaned when George took his hand and Draco gripped his hand tight.

"I don't need this from you. Leave me alone." Draco sobbed out. Lucius sighed and rubbed his sweaty hair out of his face.

"I'm sorry. I'm very happy to be getting a grandchild." Lucius said, kissing Draco's forehead. George looked at Lucius and cleared his throat.

"Um… I would like to ask for your permission to marry Draco." George said quickly. Lucius smiled and nodded. He snapped his fingers and suddenly a fat ministry official with small glasses and a brush over hair cut appeared.

"I refuse to let any Malfoy child be born out of wed lock so you two will be getting married now." Lucius said. George and Draco sweat dropped but agreed.

"Do you George take Draco to be your wedded husband?" the official asked.

"I do."

"Do you Draco take George to be your wedded husband?"

"I guess."

"Than by the power vested in me by the ministry of magic you are now Mr. and Mr. Malfoy-Weasley. You may now kiss." George and Draco shared a soft kiss before a contraction ripped through Draco and he let out a scream.

"Ok get this fucking baby out of me NOW!" Draco screamed, making the healers start fussing over him.

Two painful screaming hours later Georgia Draxa Malfoy-Weasley came screaming her protests into the world. With strawberry blond hair, navy blue eyes, and an adorable scowl that would send even Snape running to do her bidding Draco could admit with a smile that she was worth the 6 hour labor.

Lucius was rocking his two children when Severus came into the room and sat next to him.

"Going to be able to handle being a dad again?" Severus asked.

"Going to handle being a dad for the first time?" Lucius asked back.

"What were you thinking taking Harry as a slave?" Severus asked. Lucius leaned back, looking into the innocent faces of his children.

"I don't know. Maybe he put me under the Slave Spell first."


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