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The Rebellious Wizard book 2

The chamber and the snake.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter boy wizard and his girlfriend Hermione Granger a rather remarkably clever witch had spent the first few weeks of their summer holiday relaxing and getting to know each other far better than they had at the school they attended the previous year. They, having grown up in the normal world where people did not have Victorian values when it came to how they dressed had none of the rather ridicules shyness about their bodies that existed in the Wizarding world. They were quite used to seeing people in rather skimpy swim wear and even naked, either on bill boards or on the TV. Harry and Hermione had become so close that they even shopped for under wear together, and were out shopping for swimwear for their upcoming trip to France.

Hermione had tried on so many bikini's she was convinced that Harry was having her change so often, not to pick the best costume but to simply see her in the small bikini's. She was thinking of telling him off as she left the changing room once again, this time she was wearing a rather modest black bikini that was nowhere near as revealing as most of the others she had tried had been. "That's the one!" he declared as he looked at her with a look of joy in his eyes. After giving him a quick kiss she went back into the changing room and quickly put on her street clothes so they could pay for the clothes they had, and then move on to the next store.

While the two young ones were out visiting the shopping centre the Granger house was visited by two police officers who accompanied a woman from the social services. Helen who was the only one home at the time was asked to provide the proof that Harry was now the legal charge of her and Richard. Once that small formality was over the social worker seemed to become a little nervous as she asked about how Harry had settled into his new home, and if he was missing his cousin at all.

Helen had almost laughed at that idea but she kept quiet and listened to the woman from the social services as she tried to relay the benefits of having family around, people who you had grown up with. Helen actually did laugh when the woman told her that both of the adult Dursleys had been arrested and thanks to the evidence provided by their own son were sentenced to five years imprisonment for their treatment of Harry, the woman then said how Mr Dursleys sister had refused to take in her nephew, and asked would the Grangers be willing to take him.

After trying to convince Helen for quite some time to take in the boy the part that made Helen lose control again and laugh out loud was when the words "I'm sure that Harry would be very happy to have Dudley to grow up with," were said.

Helen managing to bring her laughter under control looked at the woman with the same sort of look that Harry gave to Dumbledore. "I don't know when or where you got your training from, but I can assure you the very last person on this earth that Harry would want in his life would be a Dursley, which ever one it was. Dudley was as bad as if not worse than his parents where Harry was concerned. I find myself a little worried that someone in your position would fail to investigate the bullying properly before you try to talk me into accepting the boy. I tell you now were I stupid enough to accept the boy; my husband most definitely would not. Richard would never allow someone who is a risk to our daughter into this house and that bully is a real risk."

As the woman started to once again talk about the benefits of taking in Dudley Helen had had enough, angrily she walked to the front door and opened it, before she could turn back and demand her visitors leave she heard three separate yet almost simultaneous thuds against the far wall.

Harry and Hermione arrived home and entered the house through the back door. Hermione went to get two drinks from the fridge while Harry went through to let Mrs Granger know they were home. What he saw caused an instant release of his magic. Helen was walking to the front door while behind her some woman was pointing a wand at her, while two men held wands at the ready.

'Don't you dare,' was all Harry thought raising his hand toward the strangers. All three strangers were then hurled into the wall and were knocked out. Harry felt the surge of an electric like flash of his magic as it shot from his hand spreading out toward each of the strangers so he was not surprised when they were flung bodily through the air into the wall.

Though startled Helen was not slow in reacting, shutting the door she rushed over to the three fallen bodies and after removing their wands she went through their pockets and removed everything they had on them. Hermione came rushing in and very quickly worked out what was happening. "Mum, if any of them have a necklace or similar remove that as well. It might be one of those port key things."

Not knowing anyone outside Hogwarts except Mr Sharpaxe at the bank Harry and the two Granger ladies decided he was the only one they could call on for help so they sent Hedwig off with a note asking for his help.

Using a little of his anger fuelled magic Harry chose to tie the captives up with ropes just as professor Quirrell had used. He chuckled when his magic seemed to be a little over powered and the three people still lying out cold on the floor were wrapped from toes to nose in tight rope bindings.

Forty minutes later Harry and Hermione were having a little fun with their prisoners. The two male prisoners were ranting and raging while trying to tear themselves loose from their bindings, with the ropes covering the faces of the prisoners neither Harry nor the Grangers could make out a single word from the muffled ranting. The female kept trying to say something and then screaming in a rather high loud pitch. Harry chuckling looked at Hermione and asked "You have any idea what she's going on about, it all sounds muffled to me, wonder if I forgot to wash my ears this morning?"

Hermione laughed for quite a few seconds before she answered him with "No Harry, I don't think it's your ears. I reckon it's with her chewing on your rope while she's talking. Do you think I should point out to her that it is rude to talk with your mouth full?"

Harry was about to answer when there was a knock on the front door. Harry followed Helen ready to use his magic should it be needed. Helen opened the door to see a rather stern looking woman who had a monocle shoved in front of one of her eyes. Harry thought she looked rather comical but held back on his smile, she was accompanied by several men in blue uniform like robes.

The grey haired stern looking woman looked at Helen and drew herself to her full height. "Mrs Helen Granger? My name is Amelia Bones, director of the magical law enforcement. I received a note from a Mr Sharpaxe asking that I pay a personal visit, I understand that it concerns a young man by the name of Potter."

After having a short chat to Madam Bones, Harry Hermione and Helen walked with their new guest to the place they had their prisoners tied up. Madam Bones dispelled the ropes and heard three gasps of disbelief behind her and then the two children started laughing almost hysterically.

Standing in front of them were not a social worker and two police officers. Standing there looking far from comfortable was Albus Dumbledore in a police uniform that was way to small and tight for him, and a still completely hairless Severus Snape in a similar uniform that had to be ten sizes to big for him, with them was a red haired woman that Madam bones identified as a Mrs Molly Weasley.

Harry managed to stop laughing until Hermione commented "Well no wonder Weasley eats like a pig, his mother seems to be the same but seems to like chewing rope," both of them then lost it again and burst out laughing.

The only thing that the three miscreants would say was what Dumbledore kept repeatedly saying "Harry needs the protection of his mother's blood from his family, and the boy Dudley is family."

Amelia Bones looked at Dumbledore quizzically and after an exasperated shake of her head she said "I can't believe an adult could believe in such fairy tale nonsense. Dumbledore if there was any truth in that stupid myth almost every house in the magical world would be protected you old fool." Amelia looked sideways at the old headmaster for a few seconds before commenting "I suppose any idiot that believes in the blood wards myth would think it ok to use polyjuice to gain entry into someone's house, which will be something for the Wizengamot to debate when your trial for attempting to use magic on Muggles comes up."

Showing Dumbledore and company to the door Amelia gave the old headmaster a warning "Dumbledore, I shall be reporting all of your behaviour toward Mr Potter over the past year to the Wizengamot, they can then decide if you are too senile to continue in your public appointments. I'm sorry to say after they have seen pensieve evidence from me and others you will probably be looking at retirement at the end of the week and possibly a stay in Azkaban or the permanent damage ward of St Mungo's. Now go and do not disturb, visit, or otherwise annoy the Grangers or Mr Potter again or you will find your self in one of my more rarely visited holding cells on the lowest levels."

Badly bruised from his contact with the wall and limping in an odd fashion due to his overly tight trousers Dumbledore and his accomplices slowly made their way away from the Granger house with Amelia right behind them. She could not help but chuckle as Snape tripped over his extra long trousers, and fell flat on his face while Dumbledore kept pulling at the crotch of his trousers to try and make a little more room.

Dumbledore's next visit to the Granger house took place in the middle of the night just three nights after his first visit. He was still walking rather gingerly as he searched the empty house. No sign of the Grangers having been at home that day convinced him that he was wasting his time and that the Grangers must have been moved by director Bones. Returning to Hogwarts he began to plan how to avoid a trial and what he would do when Potter arrived for the next school term.

While Dumbledore was wasting his time searching the empty house Harry and his new family were enjoying their birthday gift to Harry a weeks vacation in the south of France. On his birthday, the 31st of July Harry was particularly enjoying seeing Hermione in her bikini, which it seemed had shrunk a little after their first swim in the warm clear blue water, where Hermione taught him to swim. On their first day on the beach Hermione was a little annoyed at how Harry seemed to spend most of the time simply looking at her. It was not until near the end of the day that she realised that Harry was looking at her and ignoring the fact that there were quite a number of girls and women walking on or sunbathing on the beach with them, many of them were topless though Harry seemed not to notice them. As soon as she realised this her face turned red due to the thought she had that maybe she should have bought one of the really skimpy bikini's they had looked at.

Harry enjoyed trying out the French cuisine and he even tried to pick up a little of the French language. As far as he was concerned their week in France was the best week he had ever had in summer and by the time it was over he had made his mind up that he was the happiest wizard alive.

During the rest of the summer break Hermione and her parents were repeatedly surprised at how much Harry seemed to enjoy simple things, like having a meal at McDonalds or visiting the local cinema. They knew all about his life with the Dursleys but it still caught them off guard to see the huge grin on Harry's face when he was allowed to do something, or go somewhere. Quite a number of day trips were organised by the adult Grangers simply so that they could see Harry and Hermione truly enjoy them selves.

All too soon for the young couple the summer came to an end and it was decided they would need to return to Hogwarts because the Grangers had not yet managed to sort out a magical guardian for Harry. Hermione being a Muggle born and still having her parents, for some reason did not need a magical guardian. It had not taken the family long to find out that it was just another way the purebloods had of keeping the Muggle born's in their place, with no one to look out for their interest in the magical world they were easily kept out of ministry and politics.

The day they spent in Diagon Alley was not exactly a good one for either Harry or the Granger parents. Harry was practically mobbed by the Weasleys as they entered the Leaky Cauldron; it took them almost fifteen minutes to cross the room to the rear exit and get onto the Alley. As they left the Leaky Cauldron they found them selves surrounded by the red headed clan of Weasley. The mother of the large family kept trying to part Harry and Hermione and to get Harry to walk with her daughter.

Hermione glared at the over bearing woman and under her breath she threatened what she would do to the little red haired bitch who was staring wide eyed at her Harry.

Harry after the third attempt by the strange woman to get him to walk with her daughter was getting rather annoyed. "Look Mrs, I don't know you, I don't wish to know you and I most definitely do not wish to walk with your daughter so would you please leave us alone." Harry said as he took a firmer grip on Hermione's hand. It was quite obvious to him that the younger Weasleys had not mentioned to their mother that he did not like them.

After finally getting rid of the Weasleys the three Grangers and Harry entered the book shop to collect their books for the coming year, there was a rather large crowd gathered in the shop and it took a while for them to find out that there was a book signing going on. Some famous wizard was there to promote his newest book, which happened to be on their book list. When Hermione discovered that it was the famous Gilderoy Lockhart she quickly got her books together and then joined the queue to get the great wizards autograph.

Harry looked at the book list and then simply refused to buy the obvious frauds entire collection. The fact that the man had all his books as required text books for the year made Harry rather angry, it seemed to him that it was simply a way for the man to sell his books and make money from children, which for Harry meant the guy was a fraud who could not sell his books any other way.

When Lockhart saw Harry he was reminded of what Dumbledore had asked him to do if he got the chance, and tried to pull the young boy to the front to get a photograph taken with him. Lockhart ended up doing some hopping around as Harry stamped on his toes hard and shouted at him "You some kind of paedophile? bugger off and leave me alone."

Hermione gave Harry an angry look for treating the famous and popular Lockhart the way he did, and then she turned her back to him while angrily tapping her foot. Harry was about to say something to her in reply but did not get the chance as Draco Malfoy decided to announce his presence "Seems like you should have chosen something better than a mudblood Potter," Draco said before laughing.

Draco's father then put in his two pence worth "Come Draco, it doesn't become you associating with trash like them."

Harry looked at the older Malfoy and spoke quietly, just a trace of anger in his tone "Mr Malfoy, it would seem your son takes after you don't you think? After all he's totally stupid and doesn't know when to keep his big mouth shut, like they say like father like son."

Lucius Malfoy was about to retort when Richard Granger spoke up rather sternly "Harry! Now what have I told you about picking on the mentally handicapped."

Harry couldn't hide the chuckle as Mr Malfoy's face turned pale, with a nasty sneer he started to swear at Richard only to find himself hoisted off his feet by Richard grabbing his robe front with one hand and then thumping the blond fool sending him tumbling from the shop.

Hermione was so busy trying to get a look at Lockhart she never even noticed the altercation taking place. Harry minus his Lockhart books told Richard he would wait outside for them, and maybe take a walk over to buy some treats for Hedwig. With a knowing nod from Richard and a sad look from Helen Harry made his way out of the crowded shop and back onto the Alley.

The slight discussion held by the two elder Grangers came to the conclusion they would not interfere between the two children unless it got to be something serious, even though Helen wanted to yell at her daughter for being such a silly girl. The ride home was made in silence. Hermione was sitting with her nose stuck in one of her Lockhart books, occasionally saying what a great and famous wizard he was who had done some amazing things and Harry simply stared out of the window never saying a word all the way back.

It was three days later before Hermione actually noticed that Harry was not speaking to her. She shrugged it off for now, deciding she would talk to him about it later, for now she had more of the Lockhart books to read through before they left for Hogwarts, however the later did not happen.

Reaching Kings Cross had been no problem for the small family but after the Grangers had entered through the barrier Harry found it closed to him. Twice he tried to enter with other people but each time he was stopped. After pacing up and down for several minutes waiting to see if anyone else would be going on to the platform he began to worry about Hermione being alone on the same train as Malfoy, he was pulled from his thoughts by a pretty seventh year prefect who recognised him and walked over to tell him to get a move on or he would miss the train.

Harry explained what had been happening and the problem was quickly demonstrated , without another word being needed the seventh year prefect wrapped him in a fairly tight hug and with a swirl of light and the feeling of being dragged through a small hole Harry found him self standing on the platform next to the express.

Harry happily thanked the prefect who told him her name was Tonks and she would be happy to help him at any time he ever needed it. It did not take Harry long to find Hermione who was in the last carriage with a book open and a very studious look on her face. He wondered if she had even noticed he had not boarded the train with her, but then shrugged it off and sat by the window.

After the ride to Kings Cross and the journey on the express to Hogwarts Harry was talking to Hermione again, but only as far as was needed to be polite. Richard had explained to him that Hermione seemed to have a 'crush' on Lockhart. Richard then had to explain what a crush was. Though Harry was disappointed in Hermione he partially understood what was happening and thought everything would return to normal once they reached Hogwarts. He would simply have to wait and seeā€¦