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A/note, to those readers who reviewed to say that the basilisk would not have turned Snape to stone. I took the next stage from petrification. If those who like Hermione had seen only a reflection of its eyes and were petrified as described in the book then it seems obvious to me that they only received a small amount of the basilisks magic, and if a small amount froze them like statues then the full amount of that magic would complete the process and make them into true statues.

The Rebellious Wizard book 2

Chapter 4

As Albus Dumbledore sat at the head table trying to work out where his plans for the Potter boy had gone awry, students were leaving the great hall as fast as they could, fully intending to do the same thing that Harry Potter was doing. They were getting out of the castle while they were still alive.

Madam Rosemerta at the Three Broomsticks had never seen her floo so busy as student after student paid her the two knuts for the floo powder and vanished in green flames just a few seconds later. Even the first years were in the exodus from the school, Muggle born's were all flooing to the ministry atrium and from there going out into London where they could contact their parents. If she had had the time she would have reported the odd happening to the DMLE. It was almost four hours after it all started that Rosemerta said farewell to the last of the students using her floo. They had used up a complete years supply of floo powder in those few short hours and she still had no idea what had caused the rapid exodus from Hogwarts. The fact that there were no members of the faculty around made everything even more alarming for the 35 year old owner of the popular pub.

Using a little of her dwindling supply of floo powder Rosemerta gave her friend Amelia Bones head of the law enforcement office, a floo call and informed her of the chaos of the past four hours. It was less than five minutes after the end of her call that Rosemerta was welcoming Amelia and ten Aurors into her establishment.

Albus Dumbledore sat and looked around the empty great hall and bowed his head in a dejected manner his idea of keeping what was happening in the school quiet was well and truly scuppered. He knew there was no way what so ever that there would be no questions asked about why his students had all fled.

Staff and teachers all turned toward the doors of the great hall when Harry and Hermione entered carrying the stunned Ginny Weasley with them. It took them mere seconds to relay their story about seeing Ginny along with a huge snake enter a toilet. Minerva McGonagall enervated the young red head, but after waking up all Ginny would do or say was to ask repeatedly for her diary. Hermione trying to calm the young girl felt through Ginny's pockets and found a black diary. As she held it she felt an odd magic in it that she did not recognise, not intending to be nosey but interested in what the strange magic might be she opened the diary.

There on the first page writing kept appearing and then vanishing, Hermione read out loud 'Hello Ginny, what is happening, did we manage to kill Potter yet?'

"Harry I think this diary is somehow possessing Ginny, see, look at the writing," Hermione said handing the diary to Harry. As Harry reached to take it he felt the same pain in his scar that he had felt when he was around Quirrell, Harry dropped it to the floor and tried to destroy it with a fire spell.

Dumbledore and the staff stopped the rather angry Harry who had tried several things to destroy the diary before any of them had moved. Ginny had recovered somewhat and she was quite adamant in saying she had not been in the girls toilet with a snake. "Where on earth would I get a snake from?" she had asked to all those around them.

Both Harry and Hermione noticed the obvious doubt that came on the faces of the staff as they looked at them, and at first they thought that the doubt was aimed at Ginny, it was not long after that that they realised it was they who were doubted. While Harry and Hermione were in a disagreement with the professors Ginny simply picked up the diary walked out of the hall and went up to the Gryffindor dorm, where she soon discovered that every one was gone, acting as if nothing was wrong she lay down and fell to sleep.

Down in the great hall both Harry and Hermione were getting angry with the staff and Dumbledore when professor McGonagall suggested they all go and take a look at the ladies bathroom that the two young ones supposedly saw the snake enter. Having agreed the two young ones watched as the staff members looked at the walls of the room with an obvious look that told them there was not one iota of belief in any of the adults.

Harry and Hermione had almost given up and were sitting on the steps of the castle discussing whether they should do as the other students had and go home. They were interrupted when Madam Bones and her troop of Aurors arrived. The curious head of the Aurors asked why the two young ones had not left like everyone else had.

Harry could see the possibility of being believed if he told the woman in front of him before that fool Dumbledore had chance to spout his condescending rubbish with that slick persuasive tongue of his. Standing up he introduced himself and Hermione and went on to explain what they had seen.

Madam Bones was intrigued with his tale and knew better than to disregard what they boy was saying no matter how unbelievable what he said was. Something in the boys voice, and the look of conviction in his eyes help her to decide to investigate his story as fully as possible. Using the headmasters office Madam Bones sent for Arthur Weasley from the ministry, when he arrived she sent one of her officers to fetch Ginny Weasley from the Gryffindor tower.

Ginny Weasley sat in a comfy chair and repeatedly tried to talk Madam Bones out of doing a Veritaserum test on her claiming she was to young. Madam Bones however had sent to the ministry for an expert and Ginny found her self being forced to take the dose of the truth serum that the expert advised.

Under the serums affects she was able to reveal how she had been using the diary of a boy named Tom Riddle and it always wrote back to her, she then revealed often finding herself somewhere without knowing how she got there, how she had found herself in Hagrid's chicken pen standing among his dead chickens. When asked why she had entered the toilet she had no idea, that part of her memory seemed to be completely blank.

After Ginny's questioning Madam Bones noticed the lack of colour in Dumbledore's face and asked him what he knew but the old man refused to say anything, that helped convince Madam Bones that Harry and Hermione had been telling the truth. The question now was how could they find out where the huge snake had vanished to. It was Hermione who came up with the idea of placing cockerels all around the school and to then obliviate Ginny removing the memory of the interview in the headmasters' office.

Everything was setup and Ginny was left seemingly alone in the toilet, Harry stood in a corner under his invisibility cloak and watched as she wrote in the diary and her eyes became glazed over, he was really surprised when she whispered open to a sink and then whispered stairs. The sink sank down into the floor and a huge hole appeared followed by a flight of narrow stairs. Ginny was about to step in to the hole when Harry stunned her and pulled her away from the hole. A quick shout and Madam Bones along with several Aurors entered the toilet, Harry holding tight to Hermione's hand and armed with a cockerel in a cage led the way down the steps into the depth of the castle's foundations.

At the bottom of the steps they found a long bone strewn tunnel, half way along the tunnel they found the shed skin of a large skin, that one of the Aurors said had to be at least twenty five feet long. Leaving the skin to be sorted later they continued on along the tunnel eventually they came across a large set of doors that seemed to have no way of opening.

Harry studied the door for a while and then decided that maybe the same words Ginny had used would open this door too. Without knowing it Harry did not speak in English, staring at the snakes carved onto the door he hissed "Open." Moments later the grinding of ancient bolts was heard and then the door slid to the side opening onto a huge pillar lined cavern.

Entering the cavern they small team walked toward the far end where there was a massive statue that reached from the floor to the roof, everyone there knew it was a statue of Salazar Slytherin, the supposed bad member of the founders of the school. The team of Aurors began to split up and look around the cavern. Harry let go of Hermione's hand to release the cockerel, if Hermione was correct they should have found a Basilisk but there was no sign of any kind of snake that was not carved from stone.

As every one decided to leave they all heard as Hermione said "look." Harry turned to see Hermione petrified, her hand pointing at a small pool of stagnant water. A quick look around him let him know that everyone with him was running for the exit. The cockerel they had brought with them was standing near Hermione and was also petrified, the slithering sound coming from his left let him know that the Basilisk was coming closer. Unlike the Aurors Harry had no intention of running and leaving Hermione behind to join the collection of bones on the floor.

Frustrated as everyone else ran for their lives Harry yelled out loud for some help from the gods, just a minute later Dumbledore's phoenix appeared and dropped something at his feet, looking down he saw the sorting hat, something metallic sticking out of it. Reaching down he pulled out a gem encrusted sword.

Harry was afraid to look up as he heard Fawkes screeching and the Basilisk hissing in pain, that is until he saw the dark blood that fell from above him, daring to take a glance he saw that Fawkes had destroyed the snakes lethal eyes. As he stood there in surprise the snake suddenly turned in his direction, hissing to it self that it could smell the scent of the one who was responsible for its pain and darkness. Hissing loudly the basilisk attacked the spot where it thought Harry was.

Harry was terrified that the huge snake might harm Hermione further as it thrashed around trying to find him so he led it away from her as fast as he could. As the snake launched yet another attack on him Harry managed to lift the heavy sword to his full arms length and as the huge mouth of the snake reared above him Harry held firm and as the head of the basilisk descended the sword entered it mouth and pierced it through the brain.

Harry did not escape uninjured as one of the snakes' fangs pushed though his arm and painfully pulled Harry to the floor as it died. As the great head hit the floor the fang in Harry's arm snapped off at its base. Harry pulled the fang from his arm, his anger about Hermione ending up petrified and those who were supposed to protect them running off was burning through his blood. Calling Fawkes down from the top of a pillar he asked the phoenix to take them to the hospital wing, Fawkes seeing the pain Harry was in from the basilisk venom leaned over the wounded arm and cried his healing tears into the wound before he took them both out of the chamber.

After leaving Hermione with Madam Pomfrey Harry stormed up to the headmaster's office, entering without bothering to knock he found Madam Bones and her Aurors along with Dumbledore all trying to work out a way to destroy the basilisk before it could kill anyone else. Furious Harry watched for a few seconds as Dumbledore absentmindedly turned the diary around and around on the top of his desk, his anger at the old man boiled inside him, if the idiot had listened then Hermione would not have been petrified. Looking down at his hand he saw the fang still there gripped tightly, suddenly his anger erupted and he slammed the fang into the diary.

Everyone was shocked as a ghost like figure appeared out of the pierced book and began to scream and writhe in agony, it only lasted for a few seconds before the ghost burst into white flame like light and then vanished. "THE DAMN SNAKE IS DEAD," Harry yelled at them, tears of fury fell down his face as he looked around the room "And you ruddy adults ran away, left us there to defend our selves. If my Hermione does not recover I will leave this stupid world and never return, what kind of people are you that you are so afraid of things."

It had been a full month since Hermione had been petrified, a month where Harry spent as much time as he could in the hospital wing holding her hand while talking to her. He missed several classes but only those that he thought unimportant, in other classes he took copious notes so that he could pass them on to her when she was restored to him. Through the month he had seen the students return and the school settle back into it's normal routine as though nothing had happened. He felt an anger about the way every one seemed to forget about those who were still lying in the hospital wing awaiting a potion that seemed to be taking forever to be ready.

Harry sat eating in the great hall unaware that madam Pomfrey had finally administered the potion to those who had been petrified. Suddenly he felt a strong compulsion to turn and look at the entrance. What he saw brought a sudden overwhelming rush of feelings and his eyes filled with tears. Hermione was running toward him with her arms open.

Harry had spun Hermione around in a circle in a tight hug and as he settled her on her feet he could not resist placing a gentle kiss on her lips. Hand in hand they left the great hall and went for a walk to the black lake, as they walked Harry told her what had happened while she had been in the hospital ward.

One week later the two young ones were among the students who boarded the Hogwarts express for the journey home and summer with their families. Sitting together in their compartment both Harry and Hermione knew they would always be there for each other for the rest of their lives.