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The Rebellious Wizard book 2

Chapter 5

Madam Bones had felt like a little child as Harry Potter yelled at her and the other adults that were in Dumbledore's office. While they had shown fear of the basilisk which was far bigger than any of them expected, the young man had stayed to save his friend and had indeed saved her, killing the giant snake and the evil that set it free in doing so. She removed the basilisk fang from the diary and wrapped it in her handkerchief, she intended to have it cleaned and then mounted in a frame to hang from her office wall as a reminder that with the right attitude even the seemingly impossible could be done.

Looking at the old man who was sat at his desk as though what had just happened was a normal daily occurrence and he showed no interest at all in the welfare of the young woman who had been with them as they looked for the snake, nor did he ask young Potter what had happened. Instead he sat there mumbling to him self about getting the boy isolated for the summer, wondering how he could separate the boy and his witch's influence. Madam Bones was overcome with a sense of disgust toward the self proclaimed leader of the light, it was quite apparent that he did not care at all about his students or what they had been through.

Taking a deep breath she gave her Aurors orders to arrest the senile old fool and have him taken to the secure ward at St Mungo's where he could under go tests to find out if he was sane enough to be put on trial. She informed the old man as he was led at wand point from the office that even though she did not know how he had got out of being tried for the charges she had placed against him last summer, she would make sure he stood trial for them this summer, along with charges of child neglect and placing his students in danger. "One way or another Dumbledore I will prevent you interfering in the lives of that young couple." She promised as he went through the door.

McGonagall as the deputy head was temporarily appointed as head mistress, the first thing she did was to send out notices to the students that the danger was over and it would never return. She then gave her staff notice that they were to do nothing to prevent Mr Potter spending what ever amount of time he wished in the hospital ward with Miss Granger. She found it rather difficult trying to recruit replacements for Lockhart who it seemed had simply up and vanished as soon as it was known there was a basilisk roaming around, and Snape who single handed had practically destroyed the potion making profession in Britain. She also needed to find away for the ghost of Binns to be replaced whether he wanted it or not. She did not how ever mind firing the 'odd ball' that taught Divination, which she did not think should even be on the curriculum at all.

The students had returned and continued their classes; almost all of them had worked hard and had caught up with what they had missed during the evacuation period as she termed it. Miss Granger had recovered apparently unharmed and from the welcome she received in the great hall on her release from the hospital ward McGonagall knew that Mr Potter had already found his Mrs Potter.

Standing in her office with Professor Flitwick McGonagall watched as her students climbed aboard the carriages that would take them to Hogsmeade and the waiting express to London, she wondered out loud if Mr Potter would return next term. She was surprised when professor Flitwick spoke up and said quite seriously "I doubt it, he has been here fighting bullying and bigotry for two full years and he has found no help from us the staff. I can't help but think that he must be feeling really let down by the entire staff since Dumbledore left. I believe he actually expected you to do something to put an end to the suffering the muggle born have to go through."

McGonagall gave a short gasp "I can not believe I forgot, I honestly forgot all about the whole thing, to busy trying to find replacements for the staff we lost this past year. You can be sure that I will take steps to put an end to such things next year, though I fear you might be right about Mr Potter Filius. By the end of the day the castle was filled with a silence that was only heard during the summer.

Harry and Hermione climbed from the train at Kings Cross and together holding hands they headed for the barrier to the rest of the station. Before they got there they were intercepted by the Malfoys. Lucius Malfoy was threatening Harry and saying that he would take the mudblood and make her a servant for his son for what he had done.

As Harry's temper was about to explode the older Malfoy swore at him and pulled off one of his gloves. "You interfering little half-blood mongrel ruined my plans with that diary." He then threw the glove at Harry announcing rather pompously that he was throwing down the gauntlet for Harry, challenging him to a duel.

Before the glove hit either Harry or the ground the small odd little fellow that had been giving Harry warnings and trying to get him to stay away from Hogwarts suddenly appeared in front of Harry and the glove landed on his head, coming to rest between his ears. Reaching up and looking amazed the small guy began to jump up and down. "Dobby is free, Dobby has been given clothes, look Harry Potter sir, Dobby has clothes, I is free."

Lucius Malfoy almost turned the same purple colour that Harry's uncle very often displayed. "Now look what you have done you mongrel son of a no good bitch. You have cost me my servant." Lucius was pulling out his wand as he spoke.

Before Harry or Hermione reacted to this latest insult Lucius Malfoy found himself hurtling across the platform and crashing into the door to the waiting room. Dobby the house elf had done some sort of magic to protect Harry and a blue bolt of light had hit Lucius in the chest. Dobby glared at the prostrate form of Lucius and growled "You's not hurt Harry Potter sir, Harry Potter sir be a great wizard."

Harry was blazing furious and seeing Malfoy fly through the air did nothing at all to cool his anger. Storming over to the blond slimy jerk, he reached out and ripped the wand out of the rather limp hand. While stepping forward to look for any other wands Harry accidentally stepped on to Malfoys cane snapping it in two, as it snapped a rather long thin bladed knife fell out of the top half. The still slightly dazed Malfoy reached hastily for the knife and having picked it up he swung it wildly at Harry. The knife missed Harry completely and only stopped when it hit the door, Malfoy's hand slid down the blade and then as he looked at the blood that began pouring from his palm Malfoy looked up and said quite calmly to his wife "Shit, I just killed myself my dear." He then toppled over and froth began to bubble from his mouth.

Several gasps were heard from the crowd that stood around Harry and the Malfoy senior. "Stupid death eater bloody carrying a poisoned blade, it's about time your evil came to an end." Harry heard a rich deep voice say. Looking up he found himself looking into the eyes of a large dark skinned man in an Auror uniform and cloak.

All this happened in just a few seconds, and as Harry looked around for Hermione he was almost dazzled as a spell hit the wall beside him to be followed by at least a dozen other flashes of bright lights. As he was blinking he suddenly found himself in Hermione's arms.

Lying on the concrete of the platform was the 'body' of Draco Malfoy who had been hit by quite a number of different spells and the only way Harry and Hermione could tell it was Draco was by the white blonde hair. A loud voice was heard complaining about the paper work that would be involved because the fool Malfoys simply could not keep their mouths shut. Harry heard the same voice ask who had fired a spell at Draco and he was shocked when almost every student there, including several Slytherins stuck their hand up.

Hermione did a quick hand count and whispered that there had to be around forty hands showing. The tall dark skinned Auror who was checking the body of Malfoy senior stood up and in his deep warm voice he ordered that their report was to read injured by accidental magic while attempting to murder a fellow student.

The eldest Malfoy was noted to have admitted to being the cause of the release of a basilisk in Hogwarts, it was also noted that he died using a lethal and illegal poison on his own knife blade.

As the two still slightly shocked young ones with their arms around each other stepped out into the muggle area of the station to be welcomed by Richard and Helen, who both looked a little relieved to actually see that the two young ones were really together. Despite the letters and Harry not leaving the school to return home they were still a little worried that their friendship had not been repaired.

It took the two relieved adults a moment or two to register the shock on the faces of their two charges. Before they had a chance to ask Hermione told them that Mr Malfoy had tried to kill Harry but had ended up killing himself, and his son Draco would be spending time at the hospital while someone tried to figure out what spells he had been hit by.

The drive home was quiet apart from Hermione telling her parents about their term at school, and then giving a clearer version of what had happened on the platform. By the time they got home the shock was worn off but as they pulled up outside the house Harry said "I will not return to that mad crazy asylum that calls itself the Wizarding world."

No sooner had he spoken when a dozen Goblins became visible around the garden and house. The tallest stepped up to the car as every one climbed out and gave a small stretch. "Good evening Mr Potter, Mr and Mrs Granger, and of course your beautiful daughter." Sharpaxe said as he bowed to them.

Harry ran his hand over his hair and thought 'what now?' "Hello Mr Sharpaxe sir," he said rather sadly.

"Mr Potter sir we need to talk, there have been a few developments with regards to your estate. Might we speak inside, I can assure you with your personal guard around the house your entire family are now quite safe," Sharpaxe began pointing at the surrounding Goblins.

Just over twenty minutes later Harry and Hermione had each had a very quick shower, their things put away and were just taking a seat at the kitchen table.

Sharpaxe began telling them why he and the other Goblins were there. "Mr Potter we were dispatched here by our head of state director Ragnok, you see whilst auditing your accounts we discovered that Albus Dumbledore has been financing an illegal militia from your funds, and Ragnok recommends you cease this action immediately as it might be misunderstood by any ministry employee and could be classed as being a dark activity."

"Dumbledore is using my Harry's money. Surely that is illegal?" Hermione declared with thoughts of the ministry coming for Harry and taking him away from her in her mind.

"How on earth has Dumbledore been able to use the Potter accounts?" Harry asked as shocked as Hermione.

"Ahh… I see you knew nothing of this, well the records go back to the year before you started Hogwarts." Sharpaxe said a look of relief on his face.

Richard coughed a little "So that senile old idiot has been stealing from Harry, are there any methods available to get Harry his money back and to get charges filed against the pain in the butt."

Sharpaxe assured them that by the end of the day the Potter name would no longer be connected in any way to the militia called The Order of the Phoenix and restitution of funds would be sought. He then paused for a short time before speaking again, this time he appeared to speak more to Helen than to the others. "Ragnok has offered some of our best fighters and curse breakers to tutor Harry and his young lady in all forms of self defence and magic. To this end we would recommend that use be made of one of two Potter properties. One of these being in Eire and the other on the southern coast of France, if you could let me know sometime in the next week or so what you have decided… yes well it is time for me to go, I have much to do, don't worry about your guard they will not interfere in your lives and they will not be seen. So I will bid you good bye and I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Having shaken everyone's hand Sharpaxe left the completely silent family and simply vanished. Richard broke the silence after some time had passed "Harry son, you are completely right the world of magic is just plain crazy."

Harry looked at Hermione and without a word being spoken he knew that they were going to be going to the south of France to take lessons from the Goblins. Hermione had that look in her eye that appeared when there was new knowledge to be acquired. Helen saw the same look and apart from accurately knowing which of the two choices they were given she knew that Hermione and Harry would be taking new lessons during the summer.

Before either Helen or Hermione spoke Harry spoke up while looking at Hermione "South of France, when ever you want love."

Richard was smiling at how well Harry knew the Granger women, the young lad could read them both like a book now, but it was far more pronounced with Hermione, it was almost as though they had one mind. Clapping his hands together lightly a few times he sighed "Yes well I think this calls for a nice cuppa and a family discussion, don't you?"

In a dingy and silent secure ward of St Mungo's hospital Albus Dumbledore had been informed that although he was not actually senile he did suffer from some form of compulsive disorder. Before he was released however he was visited by Madam Bones who had arrived with a rather long list of offences that Dumbledore was being charged with, starting with harbouring a known death eater by the name of Severus Snape who it seemed had never undergone a trial. The last charge though was the one that had him worried, Harry Potter was having him charged with theft of over a million galleons from the Potter vaults.

Dumbledore knew that even if he called in favours to get out of the other charges he would never be able to get out of being found guilty of stealing Potters money, he now fervently wished that he had left Potters money alone until the boy was under his control and doing as he was told.

Two weeks later Albus Dumbledore was stripped of his final position of power when the board of governors fired him from the school. On the same day Harry and the Grangers set off for the south of France. The Granger business had been left in the hands of two young but very good dentists, a married couple who required a start in their careers outside a hospital environment. And the house was under the very watchful eye of the Goblins.

Travelling with the Grangers and Harry Potter was a little house elf who insisted he was Harry Potter and his Grangy's elf for as long as he lived. All in all it looked like it was going to be a great summer for the small family.

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