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Warning: BoyxBoy...fluff, perhaps? Maybe cussing here and there, but for...nice...purposes.

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The first time I saw him, I thought I was going to die. This kid. This petite, blond bundle of cuteness. Packed into one convenient package. Not to mention, an added bonus of blue eyes. They were just beautiful. The most deep, royal shade of blue I've ever seen in my days. All for only $19.99. Yeah, I wish. If only I could take this kid home with me and give him what he really deserves. For nineteen bucks, three quarters, two dimes, and four pennies. If only.

Anyway, before I faint from cute-overload, I should tell you who I am. Who I really am. My name's Axel, got it memorized? My age is but a number, though most people think I'm at least 20. But to be honest, I'm only 17. I think it's my height that throws people off. I'm 6' 2", probably going to get taller though. I'm mistaken for a delinquent. Yup, piercing green eyes, spiky, fire truck red (natural, the spikes too) hair, and to top it all off, teardrop tattoos under my eyes. Sort of a lavender shade, but maybe a little darker. I'm really really really skinny. But my lack of weight definitely helps out for cross country. Track, as well. I can do a 4:59 mile, jogging. It's pretty funny. For every 2 strides I take, a little freshman takes at least 6. Poor them. But I just can't help laughing at them the whole way, sweat flying behind them, heavier-than-Jupiter panting, oh boy. Hilarious. Did I forget to mention that I'm gay? Yup, people say that other gay people can "gay-dar" each other from a mile away, but at first glance, I seem as straight as a pencil. No...some pencils are bendy...straight as a...nail? Or a screw? Ah...that kid is definitely someone I wanna sc- never mind.

Back to this kid. There's a lot to say. Like, a list longer than a 5 year old's list to Santa Claus. But I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. He's smart, athletic, and super adorable. His eyes are his best feature. I could stare into them forever, just wondering how my reflection comes out so clearly and deep. They sparkle, like pixie dust. But at the same time, there's a dull sadness to them. If I could ever figure out his back-story, I would do all I can to make him feel better. And happier. His blond hair is tousled, like a bed head, but he can totally pull it off. It's all….swirly (?) I guess on one side. And then it goes up into this loopy thing. But….hm, it's hard to describe. Perfection is horrible to mimic, I guess. His skin is fair, and without a blemish in sight. He walks with such confidence, such personality. Back straight, chin up. That's how I like my boys. He's always wearing black though..same for me though,, maybe one day we can be all matchy-matchy like those outfits you see at the stores, y'know, the dress for the girl and another one for her doll? Like that. Sigh, off topic. Once again, back to my angel. It's so tempting to just hug the life outta him, he's that cute, y'know? His cheeks aren't chubby, but they aren't bony either, if you know what I mean. Like you could pinch his cheeks, but it might hurt him in the end. What a perfectionist. Anyway, his name is enough to make me swoon.


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