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The Roronoas Daily Life

"I'm home." I yelled from the front door of my house.

"Welcome home." I heard my wife's voice from the living room and I followed, and there she was, sitting on a chair, with notes and books of history all over the table. Her hair was a mess; she was wearing glasses and a loose T-shirt with no matching socks. But I swear that I never saw a woman that beautiful anywhere. And she was mine. Damn, I'm lucky. "How was on the dojo?"

"Boring." I kissed her on the lips as she smiled at me. "I just wanted to come home and sleep."

"Everyday's like this." She giggled a little.

"Yeah, yeah. My day was so boring, that the bigger event was Usopp passing by. I almost begged for him to stay or take one or two kids with him." She laughed. "So, what happened in here during those…" I looked at the watch on the wall "8 hours I was gone?"

"Chopper passed by to give my vitamins. Franky sent a letter saying that he'll be visiting all of us in about a week, Nami and Luffy came here and he played with the kids before lunch, so, they're running out of energy. That means they'll sleep earlier today."

"Luffy can be stupid, but I just love when he comes and tire the kids for us. It is just heaven." I looked over her shoulders and saw that she was writing something. "How's everything with the history stuff?"

"Fine. Except I have to review it all again before even think about giving it to the publisher." After Robin found out about the true history, she decided to write it down with all her discoveries and theories. It's been a long time since it all started, but with all that happened, I understand why it's not ready.

That and she's a perfectionist: won't deliver a half-assed book, or with a single misspelling.

"So, where's the brat?" I asked searching the room with my eyes and she gave an answer without looking away from her notes.

"Which one?"

"The annoying one."

"You think that both of them are annoying." She looked at me and smiled.

"Well, they are annoying." I said accommodating myself on the sofa. "Wanna bet that in the moment I close my eyes, he'll appear?"

"Not on the mood of losing a bet today." She returned to the book and while I was lying down, there was silence. Closing my eyes, I sighed, since I knew the shrimp was coming. Then, I heard little feet echoing through the house.

"Told ya." I heard her giggle, but stayed with my eyes closed.

"Is daddy home?" My son, asked on a cheerful voice that I have no idea where he got, since his mother and I are… normal.

"Yes, honey. But he's asleep." Robin said with a sigh to add some drama.

"But he promised that he would special train me today!"

"Baby, he's tired. He worked so hard today as a good husband and father to bring us food." Oh, the sarcasm. Who should she be without it?

"Mom! Dad's the strongestest man in the whole world! Bring food wouldn't tire him!" I have a good kid or what? He's almost pleasant while saying things like this.

"True. So, how about waking him up with a kiss?" Wait, what?

"A kiss?" I can almost see the confusion face the shrimp's doing.

"Yes, like a princess." So, that's one of the moments that have to ask myself this question: why the hell I married this woman?

"Hm… Princesses are girls." He said with a 'you are so stupid' tone.

"My point exactly." Yes, very funny. Haha. I'll show the girl later on the bedroom, you witch.


"Nothing, baby. Go wake him up. I'll go get cookies. How about it?" I heard the sound of a chair being pulled and steps walking away from the living room.

"Ok!" Then silence. And silence when you have a 5 year old in the house only mean two things: the kid's asleep or doing something that'll break the silence. I had that feeling that someone was looking at me. That was worrisome. Usually by now he would've jump on me already. Then, when I last expected, there was a shout on my ear. "Dad!"

The little demon scared the shit out of me.

"What the…?" I said while sitting, just to look to the boy, who was wearing a big smile.

"It worked!"

"Hell, yeah it worked! I guess you could wake a dead person up with a scream like that." Of course the kid just had to start laughing. I guess I have a suicidal child. "What are you laughing about, brat?"

"Uncle Sanji said that were the bestest way to wake you up." That son of a bitch! He was corrupting my child. "And he said that you would have a funny re…reac… shon?" He stopped for a moment and seemed to think. "Reaction! Yes!"

"Is that so? The Ero-Cook said that, eh?"

"You said a bad word." He said to me with a serious face and I had to laugh. A 5 year old giving me a lecture. "I'll tell Mommy." Oh, crap. One thing was he talking to me about saying bad words. Another way different was Robin giving me a hard time. I still remember the worse month of my life: no sex while I didn't apologize to her.

The problem was not having sex. The problem was she teasing me walking around half naked or making sexy noises while eating. She even flirted with a guy at the supermarket while I was a few meters away. Yes, I scared the shit out of the man with a look. After a month of hell, I am ashamed to say that I apologized to her. Four times if I'm not mistaken.

And that's when the first kid was conceived.

"Stop, Brat." I said as he started to move away from me. "Don't tell your mother."

"But you said…" He stopped. "..that word Mommy said you shouldn't."

"Look, if you don't tell your mother about me calling Sanji that way, I will grant you a wish." The kid wouldn't want something weird. Right?

"Can you get me a dragon?" Ok, he would.

"No." I sighed. "Something I can do."

"A dog, then!" He was cheerful again.

"A dog?" Oh, crap. I was getting out of one problem to get into another? I mean, our house is full enough with all of us, and now… a dog? Another living thing that I needed to take care of?


"I'll talk to your mother about it." He jumped. "I'm not promising anything! I'll talk to her first. She can say no."

"If she does, I'll tell her about you cursing." The little son of… He was blackmailing me! ME! His father! People tremble only of hearing about Roronoa Zoro and a kid's… And he's smiling like a little sociopath.

I have to admit, the brat has guts.

"Fine, you little devil." He returned to smile innocently. "You are the son of your mother."

"What about me?" I heard Robin's voice behind me and I stiffed on place and lanced a glare to my older son.


"Actually Dad was telling me how much he would love to have a dog." The kid said looking at me with a grin of satisfaction.

"Really?" Robin asked. I knew she knew I knew she knew that something was happening under the table, but she chose to ignore. "If you two promise to take care of it, yes we can have one. The house's big enough."

"Yay!" He jumped to hug me. As if I did a thing. "Thanks Mommy, thanks Daddy! I'll take reeeeeeeeally good care of him! I'm gonna see where dad and I will make a house for him and tomorrow we can go choose a puppy!" Then he was out to the backyard like a hurricane.

"Like hell I will make a house for a dog. When Franky come next week, I will ask him."

"Look who's up." I turned around and I saw Robin with our 3 year old daughter on her arms. She probably was there all the time. Her blue eyes, like her mother's, were sleepy so I assumed she was taking her afternoon nap. She had a pacifier on her mouth and her forehead rested on the crook of her mother's neck. When she spotted me, she smiled and buried her whole face on Robin.

"What? Don't wanna see your own father, ungrateful child?" I took her from behind and thrown her up and then picking her, turning her over to face me. "I gave you life! I can take it back!" As I started tickling her, she laughed even harder, throwing her head back messing her dark green hair.

"Actually, I gave life to her. You were there only for the fun part." Robin said looking at me with that smirk I love. "I'm the one that need to pass through all the rest." She put the cookies she went to get on the first place on the table, but the older brat was too excited about having a dog that he didn't even care about it.

"Complain with nature. I'm not the responsible for women carry the children. Am I, little monster?" I asked to my daughter. She looked at me for guidance and I said into her ear: "No." And she shook her head, smiling. "See? You're out numbered."

"I don't think so. This one's still on my side." She said putting a hand on her stomach. With the loosen shirt, people can hardly notice, but there it is: the baby bump. In less than 5 months, we'll have another one to test my patience.

I like the way she looks like when she's pregnant. I know it's just cliché, but she glows all the nine freaking months. Even after passing a night throwing up, or after become so huge she can't see her feet, she still glow like she was born to be a mother. And with the way she acts with our children, it's obvious she loves them more than anything. I understand that, because I feel the same way. They're both a pain in the ass, they're loud and smell, but they are a half me. And more important: they're half Robin.

And after nine months with a moody pregnant wife, waking on the middle of the night while she was throwing up everything she ever ate, or to get some weird food for her weird cravings while raining, I'd love anything that would come out of her to bring my pain to an end.

"Enjoy while it lasts. After he's born, the kids and I will take over the house and take away your dominance, you tyrant."

"Tyant!" My little girl said and I laugh. She's actually very shy so she doesn't speak much, unless you want to talk about princesses and fairies, then she just can't stop. Not that we can understand much of what she's saying, but with the context, we can realize that she's talking about unicorns and shit. It creeps me out. No idea where she got that from.

Although, her skills with a sword made me forgive her for all the pink talk. The first time she held a wooden one, she was only eighteen months, and she just had the posture to be a swordswoman instinctively. It was one afternoon I took the kids to the dojo on a Sunday while Robin was with Nami spending money on clothes, or something. When I told her about me training our daughter, she prohibited. 'Only when she turns 5, like her brother!' She said. So, here we are, losing important time for me to train the most badass girl ever, because my wife didn't give me permission. The joys of being married.

"That's my girl."

"Well, your girl needs a diaper change, and since she's on your side, take care of it." I knew that the smell coming out of her wasn't normal.

"Is that true, little monster?" I had hope that Robin was messing with me.

"Yes, daddy." The brat smiled at me. I guess that only children can wet a diaper and be happy about it.

"Great." And to think about that we'll have another one that not only will do everything on a diaper, but cries a lot too all the time… If there's a god, he just hates me. "Isn't she supposed to not wear those things anymore, Robin?"

"Yes. But she wears it to sleep to prevent accidents."

"Just for you to know, enjoy being pregnant, because it's the last time." Well, first we had decided to never have kids. We had the boy. Then, we said: one is enough. The girl came. Since we had one boy and one girl, was good enough. So, she's pregnant again.

We are so firm on our decisions that surprises me.

"Thank God! I thought I would have to threaten you to take the sex away." She said sitting again on the chair she was on when I arrived.

"What's sex?" I froze when I heard the male brat asking from behind me. Of course he needed to arrive when that was the topic of conversation.

"Ask your father." The Devil. That's who I married.

"Daddy?" He asked staring at me. Then I looked to my daughter and she had the same curious eyes of her brother. Damn, they were just like their mother about want to understand things.

"Sex is a…" Think, Roronoa. "…game."

"A game?" There was doubt on the older brat's voice. Damn those kids are just too smart.

"Yes." I said it with confidence. That's the trick to success: even when you lie, say it like you mean it and people will buy it.

"Can I play?" See? He believed me.

"Only grow ups can play it and since you don't have the right equipment developed yet, not until you're sixteen." I point a finger at him, and then to the girl I was holding. "And you little monster, are never allowed to play it. Ever." I have no idea why, but I just can't stand the thought of some horny adolescent grabbing her. Suddenly I felt my blood thirst arise for the imaginary guy. "And no laughing!" I said to Robin, who was giggling on the table.

She just waved at me and returned to the notes.

"So, who wants to eat ice cream?" And there were arms up, screams of joy and giggling.

"Really? Really? Really?" Man, that kid never runs out of energy.

"If your mother says yes…" Then the boy were right beside Robin, saying 'Please, please, please!' so, I put the younger one on the floor so she could do the pleading as well. And so she did.

"Please, Mommy. I love you." The little monster knew that with those words, her possibility of her getting what she wanted increased. On that aspect, she was just like her mother.

"Just one spoon for each." She sighed. I knew she wouldn't say no to those pleading eyes. Then she looked to me. "After the diaper change, of course."

Damn, I had forgotten about that already.

"Sure. Come on, kids. To the refrigerator!" The two of them started jump around while Robin laughed and I could only think that no matter that those children were born to annoy me, that that woman had me wrapped on her little finger, a baby that would come in a few months with the sole objective of making me deaf with screaming (and apparently a dog would come as well) or that my house had more noise and more kids than I ever wished for; they were mine. And I wouldn't trade it for nothing.

N/A: Yeah, I didn't name the kids. In my head, I have specific ones for them, but I chose not to put it in here for the readers to have more freedom to imagine. I don't know, I'm strange like that. o/

The Little girl, I imagine her as an always happy child when she's older. I'm tired of the cliché of just because she knows how to handle a sword or two; she needs to be a tomboy. Zoro's and Robin's daughter will be a girly girl. Tough as nails, but as girly as a person can be. With a pink room, doting her I's with hearts and making her father dress himself as a king. Sorry.

The Older Boy, well… He's like his mother, as we all can see. He's smarter than kids his age. He likes books like Robin does, but that's not what he does all the time. He's learning with Zoro the way of sword. He's talented enough to be a good swordsman, and he likes to learn it, as many boys do, to spend more time with his father.

The unborn kid is a mystery to me either. I don't know if it'll be a boy or a girl, twins or even a magic blue panda. Maybe, if I decided to write another chapter or something, we all will know.

Anyway, I posted this because I need inspiration to write the fanfic that's been a project for a long time and have a few chapters ready and the story's on my mind.

I'll write about all the relationship Robin and Zoro build since the first time they saw each other on Merry, until Kuma appear and disperse all the crew. The story will have their POV. I'm not going to rewrite it. I'm just gonna show what could've happen at some points the manga left open.

I love this pair and I want to help it grow, that's why I write it. I hope you all enjoyed. Please, review. If you find any misspelling or error of any kind, please, point it to me. English's not my mother language, but I try my best to write as correct as I can.

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