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The Roronoas Daily Life

By: BonneyQ

Chapter One: The Announcement

6 years ago…

There's something wrong with Robin. I know it. She's strange, avoiding me like she's hiding something. Since last week she's not normal. Maybe she wants to break up with me.

Woah. Hold on, buddy.

She doesn't want to break up with me. Must be something else. We're together for a year now; she wouldn't just become strange and break things up with me.


As I walk into my house, I played the messages on my voice mail. Luffy left one asking if I wanted to go try out a new restaurant, Nami threaten me to go to the freaking restaurant, Ero-Cook saying he would kick my ass if I didn't come to the restaurant (Yeah, right), but all of them was meaningless when I heard Robin's voice.

"Hi, Zoro. I need to speak with you as soon as possible. Call me, right?"

Oh, great. Now I know she wants to break up with me. What should I do?

Crap, crap, crap. What did I do? I must've done something for her to break up with me. Is she still upset about our fight a few months ago? Man, I thought we were over that, I even apologize, which is a pretty big deal to me.

I barely heard Chopper's message, while thinking.

Goddamit! I didn't want to break up with Robin. It's not like I love her or anything, but we do fine. The sex's amazing, the talking is good. I wouldn't find a woman half as good as her anywhere. And come on! We just got together! Did I bore her already? She's been acting weird for a week now and didn't even come over last night.

I pick the phone and dialed her number. Hell if I'm gonna sit here asking myself what I did. I'll fucking ask her.

She answered at the third ring.

"Nico Robin." She answered with a cheerful voice. She must've done some good research for her to be this happy.

"Robin, it's me." I heard the breath she took. Oh, shit.

"Hi." Her voice was hard now. Man, I screwed up.

"Hey." We were in silence for some time. "So, you wanted to talk to me."

"Oh, yeah." Now she sounded nervous. "Hm… I'm busy right now, but I'll be free at six. Is it fine with you?"

"Yeah, it's fine. My place?" As always.

"Sure. Bye."

I stared at the phone. She was so not fine. Usually she would say a joke, provoke me or even ask about college. I looked at the clock. 4pm. I wouldn't be beating my mind on this during another two hours. Hell no. I will train. Screw the rest.

It was 5:45 when I stopped training. My weights were surprisingly light today. Or it was my mind that was so unfocused that I didn't even feel.

After a shower, I called the Chinese Restaurant two blocks down and asked for the usual and to my surprise, Robin again. Robin, Robin, Robin. When did I let that woman take so much space on my life? Now, when I ask for my usual, it's for me and her. Yes, she spends most of the nights here but that doesn't mean she can just take over my food.

What am I thinking? I'm going crazy. If that woman doesn't break up with me today, I'll break up with her myself for driving me crazy like that. Then we'll have make up sex.

A knock on the door makes me snap out of all the things I would do to punish Robin, and I began feel nervous. Usually she uses her key. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I am so going down today.

"C'mon in." I said loud enough for her to listen. She has the freaking key. She could just enter.

"Hi." She said stepping inside.

"Hey." I approach her and took her jacket. Note to self: Do not kiss her, if she break up with me, it'll be really awkward. "You were out late today."

"No, today was the usual. I left at 4." So where the hell were you for the last 2 hours? No, I won't say a thing.


I left her jacket on the counter that divided the kitchen and the living room, where she was, looking nervous. And believe me; it takes some to make Nico Robin look remotely uncomfortable.

"So…?" I asked from the counter, where I was lean on. "You wanted to talk to me about something."

"Yes, I do." She didn't move a muscle.

That was becoming ridiculous.

"Look, if you want to break up with me, just say the word. I know I lost some of my credit a while back, but this is just crazy!"

"What?" She looked confused.

"You came here to break up with me, right?" I didn't understand a thing. And apparently, neither did she.

"What? No!" She laughed. "Why would you ever think that?"

"You were strange this last week, and today that 'We need to talk' bull on my phone. I thought…" She laughed even louder. "Oh, shut up."

"I'm sorry, but that was just adorable."

"Adora…? I'm gonna kill you, woman." I tried to come closer to her, but she moved as fast as I did and ran away from me.

"No you won't."

"Don't get cocky. If I wouldn't have to clean all afterwards, you would be fucking dead." That woman one day will kill me with all the crap she pulls me thought. "'Adorable'." I said as I dropped myself on the couch. She giggled all her way to my side on it.

"Don't worry. I'll tell none how much of a softie you are." She said as she kissed me full on the lips and I could finally relax. She wasn't going to break up with me. Somehow I felt a hundred times relaxed. Not that was such a big deal or anything.

"Stop it." She said a little breathless when I started to kiss her neck. "I do have to talk to you."

"Later." Still kissing. Just a little more and I reach the hem of her shirt a little bit and...

"It's important and… Oh, god." After a year of this, I knew exactly what and where she liked to be touched, and usually I could've make her forget where she was but today she was with her mind made. "No. It's important." She took my hand out of her shirt.

"Fine." I said with a bad mood. She tried to get away from my lap, but I didn't let go. If this thing was fast, I could still get laid. "What is it?"

"It's…" She sighed. Oh, boy. I am not going to like that. She looked at me and started talking. "Zoro, do you remember when we fought, about three months ago?"

"Yeah." I made a face. I didn't like to remember that. It was really, really ugly. I got a little… uncomfortable with Robin's fans. She's so damn sexy that she gets everyone's attention, so at the bar close to my place, she already have a fan club. They go there and get all flirty with her and she's always too nice, making them believe that they have a shot on her.

"So, did you enjoy being the center of every male attention of that bar?" I asked her with rage.

"Excuse me?" She asked turning herself to me.

"Oh, you're not gonna tell me that you didn't pay attention that every guy on the place had his eyes on you?" I threw my jacket on the couch, while she still had hers, but she put her purse on my couch.

"Where's this coming from? Are you jealous?" I didn't believe of what I was hearing. I don't get jealous.

"That's non-sense and you know it. I have no reason to be jealous of you. I just don't like people thinking that you're on the market. You already mine."

"I'm yours?" I knew I touched a nerve there, but at that point I was so angry that I was saying whatever I thought might hurt her for her to be at the same state I was in. "Are you referring me as your merchandise?" With her past, that's the thing she hated the most: to be owned like an object. "I'm just your sex toy? You get a boner and come to me to relief the tension?"

"What you thought it was this whole time? We had a great time, Robin, but you used me too! Don't give me that look! You're the one that always left afterwards!" At this point, I was screaming with anger. "How many guys like me you have out there? How many more booty call buddies? Two more? Why stop there? A woman like you should have a man for each day of the week." I felt my left cheek burn and a slap sound. Coldly, I looked back to her. She was flushed and was breathing hard, to contain her anger, I suppose. "Well, Robin. If you want to play rough you should've said so."

Low, I know. But hell, I was already on the shit.

"Say nothing more." She spoke in a low and dangerous tone. It didn't impress me.

"Or what? You're gonna slap me again? You're gonna slap me until I say that I can be your sex toy too?"

"Just shut up!" She screamed and it startled me. She never screams in anger. Ever. "Don't say another word, or I won't be able to forgive you ever in my life! Right now, I don't know it's the alcohol talking, or the hormones, but say another word and you'll never see me again. I can take those words from anyone but you!"

We both stay quietly, anger still flamed in me, but I knew she meant it when she said that she would leave. I wanted to scream: 'I don't want you to leave; I just want you to…' Even I didn't know what I meant anymore. I just wanted to scream at her, to make her understand she was mine and if any other man looked at her, he was dead; but somehow, it turn out like that.

"I'm going home now." She grabbed her purse, passed through me and headed to the door, opening it. "It's already been a year, Zoro. I spent most of my nights in here. I was ready for some time to let people know about us. I'm betting that now, you're finally ready; you chose very poor words to say it to me. When you come into senses, let me know." Some seconds of silence later, I heard my door been shut.

I finally understood what I have been saying, but hell; I was already on the shit, so what else I would do? I just screwed myself completely.

I never turned around to see her leave. I knew that after today's argue, I would have a lot to fix to be ever allowed to even glance at her direction.

"Well," Robin said snapping me back from my thoughts. "Do you remember when we settled things?"

"Oh, yeah." This time I grinned.

"Robin, just answer the damn phone, already." It's already been 3 weeks since we fought on my place and she was still avoiding my calls, and it was driving me insane. Yeah, I saw her with the rest of our friends but I couldn't sneak out and grab her to talk in any of those. Nami was on her apartment, so I couldn't come over either. "If you don't call me back in 24 hours, I'm breaking into your place, with Nami or without!" I throw my cell on the couch. That woman was really pushing it.

Every time we were together with the rest of the guys, she would give other men looks, and once I actually sat beside her, she made some freaking sexy noises that I very well recognized after sleeping with her for one year. Then, when I tried to talk to her, she would put her hand on my thigh and, well… It was really uncomfortable to be leave hanging with a boner. Then, she would put just her underwear and walk through her room. Since we live in front of each other, I could see her walking around half naked, picking something that she 'accidently dropped' on the floor. It was 3 weeks of freaking torture. And I just couldn't take anymore. I was going to talk to her.

I looked outside my window and to my surprise, she was going out alone. Nami must've stay at the apartment or got out earlier. That was my chance.

"There's no time as today." I grabbed my keys and run to catch her. When I was on the street, she already disappeared, so there were only a few possibilities. The coffee shop or the supermarket.

I looked inside the coffee shop, but I didn't see her, so supermarket it is.

Once I got in, I saw her looking for some cookies, or whatever, but when I was going to go after her, I saw a man talk to her. She said something then looked back to the shells. As if she felt my look on her, she looked around with an odd expression on her face, until she spotted me. With a smirk (the little bitch!) she turned back to the man and said something that made his face break into a smile.

I saw red.

"Robin!" She looked around like she only noticed me that moment.

"Yes?" She asked simply.

I looked at her and I remembered why I was so crazy about her. She was freaking breath-taking. I noticed that she wore a very small skirt, a blouse that showed more than covered and boots, which made her slightly taller than me.

"We need to talk." I said simply, grabbing her arm.

"No, we don't." She set herself free of me.

"Yes, we do. We left many things unsaid and…"

"Hey, pal. The lady told you to back off." The man said to me.

He shouldn't have. With a look, he took a step back.

"I am speaking to her, not you." He didn't say a word.

"Why should I listen to you?" She started to walk away from me. "Las time I listened, I was insulted."

"Because I'm sorry, ok?" I shouted and everyone looked at me. Robin stopped and, taking it as a good sign, I continued. "I was a jerk; I shouldn't have told you all that bullshit. I was just angry that you are so fucking beautiful that everyone drools for you." Myself included. "And, as my girlfriend I was a bit pissed that you were always kind with all those guys."

"Your girlfriend?" She turned to face me.

"Yeah. We're gonna tell everybody that we've being screwing each other for a year."

"WHAT?" I heard Ero-Cook's voice behind me, but I was already spilling the beans, so no way I was going to stop. That moment was one in a lifetime thing.

"SHUT UP, ERO-COOK!" I shouted at him, without leaving Robin's eyes. "So, do you forgive me, or you're going to torture me a little longer?"

"I don't know…" She said in a sing-song voice.

"Oh, shut up!" I gave two steps and grabbed her by the waist. "You'll have to stop wearing these clothes."

"No." She smiled at me. "Just think like this: people will see me with these clothes" she put her hands around my neck and got close to my ear to whisper "but only you'll see me without it."

Then we kissed with everyone on the store cheering and clapping. Really freaky. But well. It was worth it for two things. First, it was that now I had Robin back; and second, the look on the Ero-Cook's face was fucking priceless.

We discovered that all of our friends were passing through the supermarket when they saw us. Apparently the only ones that had no clue we were seeing each other were Luffy, Chopper and Sanji (who swore that Robin was being threatened by me somehow). The rest, was all: 'About time, Roronoa' by Franky, Usopp said crying something like 'That was really manly, Zoro!' then Franky started to cry too saying that 'a real man have no fear to reveal his feelings to a woman'. Then he said he wasn't crying (which he clearly was), while Robin was hugged by Nami. The Witch looked at me and said that if I made Robin cry again I was going to have my ass kicked. All Luffy and Chopper wanted to know was if we were going to get married. When I said that no, we just started dating, Luffy looked at Robin and I and asked if we were happy. We said yes, Luffy laughed and told us that everything was fine then.

Sanji was currently having a heart attack. And I was enjoying watch it. Take that, sucker. Robin's mine, she chose to stay with me.

Man, that felt good.

"Yes, I remember when we had make-up sex." I smirked at her. And boy, it was a make-up sex, alright. That was the kind of sex people only heard about. We were like a freaking volcano in eruption. I had no idea she was that flexible.

"Take the grin off your face." She said rolling her eyes. She turned herself serious again. "You remember that you were so horny that…"

"Hey, wait!" I interrupted her. "I was the only one horny? You were very horny yourself. Whatever this is about, you were as horny as I was."

She sighed.

"True." She looked at me, right into my eyes. "Do you remember that one of the times, we run out of condoms?"

"Hm…" I vaguely remember anything between. I was so tired that I had no idea what happened. "I guess."

"Well, we were both so horny that we did it without one." She looked at me pointedly.

"Ok." I nodded. That was the big announcement? We did it without condoms? That happened before. What's the big deal?

"Zoro, what happens when people have sex without condoms?" She asked me patiently.

"Well, it prevents a person to get STD." I opened my eyes in shock. "Please, tell me you don't have any STD."

"I don't." I sighed in relief. But she continued. "What else condoms do?"

What was that? A quiz?

"It prevents preg…" I stopped realizing where she was getting at. I looked at her in horror. "Please, tell me you do have a STD."

"No, I don't have any." She looked at me and said in a low voice. "I am pregnant, Zoro."

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