"Alec, darling, I'm beginning to question whether or not you understand the basic laws of gravity," Jace chided jokingly as Alec tripped over his feet again.

"It would be much easier to walk, darling, if I could take off this stupid blindfold," Alec growled through his teeth. Jace had been dragging him God only knows where for the last half an hour. If Jace had expected him to be enthusiastic past the first fifteen minutes of walking (or, in his case, tripping) then he was sorely mistaken.

Jace made a clicking noise with his tongue, and Alec could tell he'd hurt his Parabatai's feelings with his seething tone. His own insides clenched at the thought. It was clear that Jace had put a lot of thought into whatever he had planned.

"We're almost there," Jace informed him, his tone a little less cheerful than it had been. Alec didn't reply.

About two minutes later, Alec let out a surprised yelp when he felt Jace scoop him up. "Jace! What the hell?"

"It's a lot easier to carry you," he said, his cheerful tone restored. "We're going through the woods, and I don't want you to stray and fall into a ravine."

"Woods? Jace, where the hell are we?"

"That's for me to know and you to dot, dot, dot," Jace quoted with a snicker.

Alec groaned. "I can't believe Isabelle told you I watch that…"

"I can. Isabelle's got a big mouth," Jace replied happily. "On a side note, I never expected you'd be one to get turned on by vampires."

"I'm not!" Alec insisted, blushing. "Just, Ian Somerhalder is really hot."

Jace was silent for a moment, and Alec desperately wished he could see his face. Was he laughing at him? Texting Clary about how much of a fangirl he was? Jealous?

Alec honestly didn't know why that last one popped into his mind. Why would Jace be jealous of someone he thought was cute? He was so hopelessly, sickeningly in love with Clary. It would be so much better if Alec could fall in love with someone the same way. Well, someone who wasn't Jace...

"We're here!" Jace announced, setting Alec on his feet.

"Fantastic. Can I take off the blindfold now?"

"Not yet. You have to lay down."

Alec stopped, hesitant. "This isn't going to be like one of those Lifetime movies Izzy watches where you leave me to die and/or get raped mercilessly by a thug, is it?"

Jace laughed. "Silly Alec. If anyone was going to rape you, it would be me. And it's not rape if you like it."

Alec turned his head towards where Jace's voice was, trying to figure out if he was kidding or not. Jace had been acting strangely for the past few days, saying things like that him. He had to know how awkward and tingly it made Alec feel.

"Come on, Parabatai. Don't you trust me?" Jace asked, and Alec shivered at his tone. Jace could be very persuasive when he wanted to be. So Alec laid down, feeling a soft blanket underneath him. He let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding as Jace gently removed his blindfold. He stared upward, mesmerized by what was in front of him.

It looked like thousands of stars were falling out of the sky, but Alec knew what he was seeing was a meteor shower. However, that wasn't exactly what he was mesmerized by.

He'd seen Jace in the moonlight dozens of times. Maybe even hundreds. But the way he was looking at Alec now made the dark-haired boy catch his breath. He looked like a warm and friendly god who'd come down to Earth just to consort with Alec. A feeling that often came about when he was around Jace suddenly filled him stronger than ever: the feeling that he was the luckiest person in the world just to be near this perfect creature.

God, he was such a sap.

Jace smiled down at him sheepishly. "You told me you wanted to see it, remember? In the library that one day."

Alec looked at him in shock. "Jace... that was eleven years ago. How can you possibly remember that?"

Jace shrugged, laying down next to Alec. "I remember everything you tell me."

Alec was thankful for the lack of light, which managed to hide his blush. "Why?"

"Because you're important to me," Jace admitted quietly. This was not news to Alec, of course. They were Parabatai, so of course they were important to each other. But the tone of Jace's voice implied that there was another layer to what he was saying.

"You're important to me too, Jace," Alec told him, staring intently at his best friend.

Jace stared right back, and suddenly he blurted, "Clary and I broke up."

Alec looked slightly alarmed for two reasons: one, he hadn't even known Clary and Jace were having trouble, and two, Jace had just screamed this right in his face.

He blinked and regained his composure. "Um, okay. Why?"

Jace pursed his lips and averted his eyes. "Because she found out I was in love with someone else."

Alec flinched. Every time Jace admitted to be in love with someone new, it was another stab to his heart. So he went with a safer question. "How did she find out?"

"Remember when I was really sick a few days ago?" Jace asked, and Alec nodded. He'd accidentally ingested some demon blood and it took a few days to get it out of his system. "Well, I called out... that person's name in my sleep and said I loved them. When I woke up, Clary asked me if it was true. I told her it was, and she broke up with me."

Alec just nodded. He didn't want to ask the obvious question. It would hurt too much to hear the answer.

Jace looked at him expectantly. "Aren't you going to ask me who it is?"

I'd rather eat glass, Alec thought, but instead just shook his head. "I really could care less."

Jace looked perturbed. Alec wondered if he was really that desperate to gossip about the newest flame in his love life.

"Alec. Ask me who it is," Jace ordered, a pleading note in his voice.

Alec shook his head. "No. I really don't want to know."

"Alec! Please! Ask who it is!" Jace was full on pleading now, and Alec sighed. Fine. He would take the heartbreak if it made Jace happy. Isn't that what he'd been doing for the past five years?

"Fine, Jace. Who are you in love with?"

Jace gave a tiny little smile. "I'll give you one hint. He's tall, dark, handsome, and he happens to be lying next to me at the moment."

Alec's eyes widened as he processed what Jace had just said. After a few long moments, he finally replied, brilliantly, with, "That was four hints. Not one."